Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Wipes!

Do you keep a box of these at home? My youngest son is 4 now but I still buy the case! They are great for everything. There's probably a list somewhere for 101 uses of this awesome product!

I use mine in beauty, as well! When I am removing makeup off my face they are perfect! I usually run them under warm water and squeeze out the excess. Then, I squirt some eye make up remover and gently cleanse from the inner eye to the outer eye to remove mascara, liner and shadow. Works like a dream!

My absolute favourite way to use wipes is to use them as a cleansing cloth! So much cheaper than buying the specialty cloths! Again, I run the wipe under warm water until saturated and then ring it out. I squirt on some of my face wash and work it into a bit of a lather, adding a drop of water. It feels SO good on the face and it's a much better wash than just hands on face!

Do you use baby wipes in your beauty routine? If so, how!?


  1. hey!
    just wondering if u ended up getting the referral link - today's the last day to sign up for the march box so i'm hoping i can get it soon! :)
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