Friday, December 28, 2012

Nail Friday - Revlon & Essie

Nail Friday is here! AKA Get Aleks using her nail polish!  I am not the greatest at applying nail polish, I have little patience.  I love and adore my polish but I wish I had a magically fairy to do it for me! ;)  So, disclaimer...I'm not trying to be a pro nail blogger I'm just trying to motivate me; AND YOU!!! to use my huge nail polish stash!

This is today's look.  I just love the contrast of my skin tone with this colour! The purple base is Revlon's TopSpeed in Cloud.  

The accent nail has one of my favouritest polishes in the world.  It's Essie's Shine of the Times.  It's a flakey multi-dimensional shimmery finish.  It actually looks like fish scales.  I am so scared to use it, that I only use it as an accent.  I think I'll need to grab a backup of two of this!

This is what the bottle of Revlon looks like.  As you can see the colour pretty much matches how it looks in the bottle.  I found this polish at Dollarama for $2.  It took me 3 coats to get that opaque look and it was a bit runny.  Drying time was good.

This is Essie's special Luxe Effects polish Shine of the Times.  I can't believe I almost passed this up.  This is one of the holy grails of my nail polish collection!  It actually does reflect all these colours! As you can see in my pic, it hits the reds nicely as well! This was about $9.00 and I picked it up at Walmart.  I know they're not carrying all the luxe effects in their displays anymore but if you see this one, it's a must have! I used 2 coats of this on my accent nail.

I just love this colour, what do you think? Is this a colour you would wear?  Do you have either?

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, girls!!


Luxe Box - Winter Edition

So, it seemed like this month the beauty subscriptions were reallllly slow to come in.  A lot of them didn't ship until later.  This Luxebox takes the cake, however.  The subscription is a quarterly subscription, meaning the boxes are supposed to come every 3 months.  This time between the fall box and the winter box was 4 months.  As a matter of fact, I am already charged for the Spring Box!  I feel like since they have more time to curate these boxes, they should be able to get with the program.  

That said, I have cancelled my Luxebox with a heavy heart.  It was one of my first subscriptions and while I enjoyed it as a monthly sub, I don't really like getting a quarterly box.  You may argue the price because there are more products, more luxe products but I feel like the boxes vary so much they can be hit and miss. My last months box was terrible!! The quarterly boxes are $26.  I will still be receiving my spring box.  It's really hard for me to quit any beauty box because I'm a super addict and hate to miss out!  

As a matter of fact, I even skipped Julep for January, but that's a whole other topic! ;)

So...onto the box.  I love the boxes Luxe Box (AKA Loose Button) sends their items in.  It's a really nice sturdy box.  It's my second one and I use my first to store loose shadow/mineral shadow...this will also hold my small palettes of shadow.  

I will also mention that I was happier with this months selection as opposed to last months "leftovers."

Last month, everything came tucked into a handkerchief.  This month everything was tucked into this really nice tote bag!  I would say the bag is about 12" wide by 8" high.  It's a nice cream colour with a brown drawstring.

They have the cute Loose Button symbol on the side of the bag!

Here you can see that the inside is very satiny! I actually prefer the outside is not because it would snag easily.  I'm not sure yet what I'll use it for, but I really like it!

This is how the product card comes.  Notice this month's symbol has a snowflake on it...aww!  The back has print images of all the stuff wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Eyeko Skinny Mini Brush Mascara. Full size retails for $23.  I'm not sure how much a full size contains.  This sample is generous at 4mL.  I think that the packaging of this is really unique.  I have never see a mascara in a tube such as this.  I was wondering how it looked as I didn't want to open it until I'm ready to try it.  It does contain a wand just like any other mascara. ;) I am excited to try this product!

 Essie Nail Polish in She's Pampered. Full size retails for $9.00.  I know this is an exciting product because it is the holiday 2012 release...but I had just finished purchasing the whole entire set from Luxe the week before, so I was really bummed to see this in my box... there were girls who received China Glaze, so I wish I had received that.  I don't have a lot of CG.  That said, Essie is my favourite brand of polish.  If anyone out there would like to swap this colour, let me know.

It looks red but it's actually a gorgeous deep shade of pink.  You wouldn't even know this just looking at the bottle, you actually have to see it on your nails!  I'll do a NOTD with this colour soon!

B.Kamins Laboratories Day Lotion with SPF 15. Full size is 50mL retailing for $80. Sample size is 15mL retailing for $24.  This was a super generous sample, don't you think?  B.Kamins is a wonderful Canadian brand.  I am glad to have this as I ran out of moisturiser not too long ago and I'm working on getting through my sample packets before I move on to my little bottles.  The back says that it's also good as a primer.  Interesting!

Keratase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide. Full size is $42 US for 50mL. Sample size is 3mL valued at $2.52.  This was the first of 2 first in line products.  I honestly, had no idea that the product would be SOOO incredibly tiny.  I wish it could have been a little bit bigger because if this sample works as well as some people claim, I will buy the full size.  That said, I really need a good feel for this and I hope this sample will give me that!  I am on the search for the holy grail of hair smoothing/shining product for my super frizzy dry hair!

Donna Karan - Woman Eau De Parfum.  Full size is 3.4oz valued at $115 US.  Sample size is .24 oz (or 7mL!) valued at $8.12.  Now, this is a really nice sample size of perfume.  Too bad, that I don't like these types of scents and I have marked that in my survey.  I prefer floral or light citrusy type scents.  This is a woodsy, musky type scent.  It says it contains creamy notes of orange flower, signature core of Haitian vetiver and sandalwood.  To me, anytime sandalwood is in a perfume it overwhelms every other scent to me.  I have a VERY sensitive sense of smell.  Props to Luxe Box for procuring an perfume sample that is ACTUALLY eau de parfum!

As you can see the bottle is REALLY cool.  The only downfall of it is it's not a sprayer.  You think at this size they'd be able to?  Too bad it's a scent I don't enjoy. :(

Dermalogica Precleanse.  150mL is valued at $50.50.  Sample size is 15mL valued at $5.05.  This is another high end brand, which is nice to receive a decent size sample.  It's Olive and Apricot based cleansing oil that apparently liquefies sebum and oil based debris from the skin.  I think that is super cool and it's a product I can't wait to try out.  I really hope that I don't fall in love with it. ;)  Soo pricey! Then again, Dermalogica is an excellent skin care brand!

Schwarzkopf Professional Dust It.  10g full size valued at  $22US.  This was my selection for the second round of first in line products.  I didn't really know what it was.  I originally thought it was a dry shampoo. It's actually a mattifying powder.  It's a light control product that is supposed to provide texture (some volume?) to your hair.  To be honest, I'm terrified of trying this product out! lol  This is a salon exclusive.  I can't believe how TINY this full size product is!

Here is a VIDEO from Schwarzkopf on how to use this product and what it does!

The bottle is really cute but it is SOOO small.  I don't think I could ever spend that much on a product this size.  I will review this at some point.  But, I'm thinking this may be best suited for people with short hair.  Maybe, I can get a guy to help me with testing this out. ;)

The last item in the box was a Loose Button branded Kabuki Brush.  It seems they will be adding a product with their branding each season, which I think is pretty neat.  This kabuki brush is actually of a decent quality.  We'll see how it works after I have washed it!

It's a really nice big brush with soft bristles.

Even the bottom of the brush has the Loose Button logo... mine is a little funky, but eh.

Here is what the whole box looks like.  Much better than fall.  I am giving this an estimated value (some products I couldn't get a price for) of $66.00.  The value is there.  There were some good products.  I think at the end of the day this box is just not right for me.  Maybe, down the road I would resubscribe but we'll see.  I am making a conscious effort for 2013 to work my way down to 3 subs as my products are getting out of control and I need to start using things up!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.  All the best for the New Year!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Nail Friday - Julep Daisy

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays if you get some time off for Christmas!! :D  I am going to add a new feature to my blog called Nail Friday!  If I think of a cuter name for it I will change it!  The reason I want to add this new feature is because I have a painfully large collection of polish and I haven't been using it a lot lately yet I'm buying it like there's no tomorrow. :P

These posts will also be a little treat from me, because they'll be mainly photos and no babbling. :)  You'll have to excuse me because I'm not an artist and I'm not a very good painter... but I'd still love to share my love of polish with you and thus in turn get me using my colours!

Today's look features a colour called Daisy from the Julep collection.  it is described as a bright yellow cream.  To achieve this opaqueness took 2 coats.  It wasn't the best formula.  It was a bit runny. I find it's pretty hit and miss with Julep and their cream colours. 

I also find the description a bit misleading.  I was editing these photos and they were trying to go a bright yellow lemon.  The fact is, this is the most accurate depiction of the colour that I can get.  I would say it's more mustard in tone rather than lemon.  It still is a very pretty colour that I really like.

I added glitter to my ring finger.  I received this in a teeny vial from France.  It was in the French nail box called Kristal Box.  I managed to get quite a bit of glitter on it but as it dried tons and tons fell off.  I didn't try top coating it because the glitter is super chunky.  I was actually surprised that it stayed looking pretty full for a couple days.  Shortly after it was coming off pretty rapidly.

I'm not sure I'll use this glitter on nails's just too chunky.  But, it worked great with the yellow and the look was fun!

Final thoughts: Not my favourite colour, but I may wear it again in the summer.  If I had just tested this colour I don't think I would have bought it. I still haven't found that perfect yellow for me!

Have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully you've finished all your Christmas shopping and you have a chance to relax a bit this weekend!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Starlooks - November Edition

November Starlooks!  I've delayed on posting this one because it's been a bit of a mess!  I was super looking forward to this box as it was semi-customizable.  Then, as the wait became longer than usual I started to read a few things on their page.  As it turned out handfuls of people were receiving their palette damaged.  I thought for sure this wasn't going to happen to me... but alas, it did.

That said.... Starlooks has been super gracious in fixing the problem for everyone who received a damaged palette.  Their customer service is above and beyond.  It's always such a pleasure dealing with Marci and her team.  It's a company that truly values their customers and has a human face to it.  This is one company that I know I will be supporting for a long time.  Great customer service, fun subscription and top of the line products!

On to the parcel!  November's Starbox came in a super cute cheetah print box.  I just love how they do something different with their box every month.  I look forward to that almost as much as I look forward to the contents themself!  I always save the ribbons too!  These particular elastic ones are good for keeping your hair out of your face when washing it or putting on makeup!

Well, once I opened just the lid I knew that I was one of the unlucky ones who's pans decided to get naked! This is what I was greeted by.  I couldn't really tell what was what and what's supposed to be in the box.  I remember one of my first thoughts was...Oh no...where's the crystals!! lol  I did find them. ;)

Now, with any other company I would be super disappointed and wondering if they would do anything about it.  Knowing Starlooks...I had to giggle.  I knew they would make it right! (They are!)

So, after spending some time in the bathroom cleaning everything up... I was able to get some pictures.  I didn't really do anything with the shadows, because there wasn't much point.  I did keep the plastic palette for possible future use.

This is the card that was received this month. "Our First Semi-Customized Edition"

So, if receiving a palette wasn't enough Starlooks included one of the tender gloss lipsticks which is a combination of lipstick and lip gloss all in one.  If you haven't tried this before, you will be blown away! It is is so moisturising and light on the lips!  the colour I received was nude.  It goes with the whole nude theme.  I plan on owning many more of these! The value is amazing! They retail for $11 each... a steal!

This is what the colour looks's so incredibly pretty.  I wasn't even able to catch how pretty it is!  What you can't see is the gold micro glitter.  Starlooks really speaks to my inner magpie!! <3

here is the swatch on my hand.  You can see the gold shimmer here a bit more.  Is that colour not amazing??

Here it is on my lips! This one is really hard to capture on film.  I'd be interested in trying out the colour over some primer.  I have dry lips right now and this colour doesn't like that too much either!  Damn you Winnipeg winters!!!

Here is another look that is a bit more accurate in colour.  You can also see the gold flecks!

Finally, this contraption that was the easiest to wash off! ;)  I thought I already knew what it you?

 Well, it's a 3 in 1 kind of tool!  The top end you see here you put over your lashes to prevent mascara getting over your eyelid.  This happens to me all the time...especially since I'm always in a hurry.  This is MUCH more useful and environmentally friendly than the single use lash cards that you would toss!

The other end has a little comb that you can use to comb out your lashes or your brow.  I tried it on my eyelashes after applying mascara and it did a terrific job! It actually worked better than my plastic lash/brow combs lol!

So, unfortunately there is no view of the palette yet.  Every time I took something out or moved something slightly a cloud of shimmery powder would fly in my face!  But, because I knew I was dealing with Starlooks I was not upset in the slightest!

Did you get a Starlooks box this month?  How was your palette?  Didn't get at Starlooks box?  You're missing out!!! Go now and subscribe, you won't regret it!! Let them know I sent you!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Review - Starlooks Foundation and Cream Blusher

Hello ladies!!! I'm super excited to blog today.  I always love sharing my reviews, particularly when it's something I really love.  I decided to do a two in one review since I used both products on my face!

If you are interested in trying Starlooks cosmetics but are worried about taking the plunge, I suggest you check out their monthly Starbox. You get an amazing value for only $15.00 a month.  You receive 3-4 full size makeup items from their line. Let them know Aleksandra Sokal sent you! :)

Once you have tried them, I think you will fall in love.  Then you will want to check out some of their items that wouldn't fit in the Starbox, like which I will review today! If you need any recommendations let me know!  

On to my review...

Starlooks Foundation: Balanced Satin Finish with SPF 15. $18.00. "Finally a foundation that has perfect coverage. This long lasting satin smooth formula has a flawless finish and minimal shine for that perfect finish."

I blindly chose the colour FK105.  I think I kind of got lucky there that it's pretty close.  I think I may try a shade down next time to see how that would look.  If you have any concerns about picking a foundation colour, contact the company at  You can tell them what brand and number of foundation you are currently using and they will match it up for you! How wonderful is that?

The product comes in a really nice glass bottle.  I just love it! I love that their packaging has unique elements to it.  They are really distinguishing themselves as a high end product that is very sleek and classy.

This bottle comes with a pump so you can easily control how much product you need.

This is how much product dispenses at one pump.  I needed 3 this time.  I used one of those crummy sponges because I lost my beauty blender!!! EEK.  I think with my beauty blender I could manage 2 pumps.  After having used a BB sponge I can't go back to anything else.  I actually had a bit of difficulty applying foundation as easily!  I suppose I could have used a brush and then blended out with one of those white sponges. Oh well!

As you can see the colour is a pretty close match.  The light reflects a little differently off my skin then the foundation.

So..onto the pictures.  Nothing makes me feel so insecure as the world seeing me "naked" lol. Well..this is is what an old lady looks like without makeup. :P  Well..I do have have some concealer and porefessional on (after moisturising of course!) This is basically my face foundation ready.

Here are the results after applying the Starlooks Balanced Satin Finish Foundation. I am so incredibly pleased with it!  I wish I had my beauty blender as I think I would have had even better coverage.  I notice that I do get an airbrushed finish.. a lot of my "age spots/freckles" or whatever heck they are appear much lighter.  My skin tone is much more evened out.

The product itself is very light, doesn't have a heavy feeling and is very easy to apply.  It actually feels a bit like a cream and it slowly sinks into your skin. The feeling of it on your face is satiny and soft.  The scent is very minimal, you really have to put your nose against your skin to smell it.  It's very pleasant and doesn't actually smell like most foundations.  It smells very faintly like a gentle moisturiser.

(Excuse the eyelash!)

Here is my completed look today after the foundation was set with powder and the rest of my makeup applied.  I was ready for an afternoon of power shopping! Hehe.  Notice the rosy cheeks?  Read on...

Cream Blusher in Elegant.  $11.00. "Our cream blush comes in lusciously pigmented shades in a light weight formula. This is a cream based formula that applies easily with a velvet finish."

The cream blush comes in a package like this.  It's actually quit large, bigger than most blushes.

Elegant is a very nice coral colour.  As you can see it has a lot of shimmer in it. The flakes are gold. It is so incredibly gorgeous I almost didn't want to use it! ;)

I'm not sure of the official way of applying cream blushers, but I used my fingertips.  I then dabbed it with one of those crummy white sponges to blend it. I'm sure I do have a brush that I could use.  The nice thing about this blush is that it is very buildable.  I don't have any colour to my cheeks naturally so a little bit for me went a long way.  It gave me this beautiful, youthful natural glow.  Since i was just going out shopping I didn't want to overdo it.

Girls, I am in love with this product.  I will be getting more to try out.  Some different colours.  The shimmer in them is not overwhelming at all.  As you can see it gave me a nice dewy glow which is just perfect!

Here is another view.  This is my first experience with a cream blush, so if you have any suggestions or tips I'll be happy to hear them!

I am giving the foundation a 4.5/5 rating and the blush a 5/5 rating.  I am so incredibly pleased with these products!!  Is there anything that you would like to know more about?  I'm definitely willing to share my reviews.  Starlooks is quickly becoming one of my favourite makeup brands.  I believe there is big things in store for them! Let me know what you think of the products I used today!

PS: I'm off to wax my 'stache now :P

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!