Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hello, welcome to my new blog! :) I wanted to start this blog because I have a lot of fun with makeup and beauty and thought I would share that. Perhaps, if I get some visitors there may be some helpful hints and reviews for you!

I'm really just an ordinary girl, I don't have any huge skills, but I don't mind trying things out at all. :) I chose the name plumpish, because well that's what I am..hehe. Most blogs I visit there are these gorgeous girls with perfect makeup and I wanted to appeal to the average woman who doesn't have all the technical skills but still loves makeup and beauty!

Occassionally, I will share some fashion stuff I find. I know how hard it is to find decent clothes when you're plumpish! I will share a great before and after of what a difference nice clothes can make when you are a heavier woman. Trust me, I do my fair share of lounging in yoga pants!

So, I thought I would start out this blog with some facts and such! So, come along and see what I have to share!

My two must have beauty staples are mascara and lipgloss! If I have nothing else on my face it's that!

My favourite brand of cosmetics is Quo. It's a "luxury" drugstore brand. It's not as expensive as say MAC but it's more expensive than the average drugstore brand. I bought a lip gloss stick yesterday, like the 4th one in the picture and it was $10 on sale, regular $14 I believe.

Two things I should have learned sooner than later, is to moisturize! I thought it was a waste of money to spend money on a product that isn't too much fun. But, as I'm 31 now, I wish I had started sooner. I wish it's something someone would have taught me!

The other thing is... USE heat protectant in your hair any time you blowdry, curl, flatiron! Yes! It does make a difference. :S Lesson learned the hard way with tons of split ends!

My favourite nailpolish brand is Essie. I just love the colours!

My favourite beauty tools are a flat iron and a curling wand!

Two things I would like to perfect and I'm afraid of are red lipstick and blush.

These are on my top 3 list of learning to do: false eyelashes, cateye and different eyeshadow techniques...because currently I only have 1 technique. ;)

I'd like to add lipstick to my makeup bag, because it's one product I'd like to use but have trouble with as I'm so use to wearing only gloss.

I'd love to try some nailart. Nothing too wild, something simple and perhaps geometric.

Something I always keep in my pocket is chapstick.

My favourite fashion accessories are my red Gasenvoort purse from Michael Kors and dangly earrings!

My next splurge may be the Clairsonic Mia. I have my eye on this!

Most of my makeup comes from Shoppers Drug Mart. A Canadian store.

I have JUST discovered beauty boxes. I'm signed up for 4 and on a waiting list for 1 more. They're super cheap full of samples of things you may have wanted to try but didn't want to splurge on! I haven't received any but am expecting 3 of them for March and one starting in April. The ones I am signed up for are: luxebox/loosebutton, glossybox, glymm and beautybox 5. The first 3 are Canadian but they may be branching out to the US. Stay tuned as I will do reviews on these boxes!

I splurge on getting my eyebrows threaded, which really isn't much of a splurge. I cheap out on hair colour as I dye at home. My beauty secrets involve baby wipes and a concealer trick. Stay tuned for all this stuff! I'm currently growing out my eyebrows (which I hate doing!!!!) so I can share the before and afters of threading! I'll also show you how scary my hair looks when I let it air dry and my techniques for taming it! Including different curling techniques!

I hope to have some fun and hope that someone can find some use from my blog! If you're here, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Aleksandra and welcome to the blogging world! i'm sure you will get addicted quite quickly as i have :)
    i can't believe there is yet another beauty box out there for canadians! i checked out their site and facebook - not a ton of brands i know but i think i'll try them out for a month or two.
    since you are the one who introduced me to them, i figured i could go through your invite link so you can start earning a free box from them! let me know :)