Thursday, May 17, 2012

April Glossybox!

Well, I guess I should get on with it! I didn't realize I had not made a post about my April Glossybox and soon I'll be getting May, eek!  This was my 2nd glossybox and I was surprised when I got it at how heavy it was!  I couldn't imagine what they could have possibly put in there.  When I opened it, I ooohed and aaahed!

Just look at all these lovely things to try! So many full size products!  I don't expect this many and I imagine it won't be like this every month. I think GB will have to tread carefully spoiling us because invariably when we get boxes that have less full size the complaints will pour in.  Even with this box they did because there are brands in here such as Aveeno and Marcelle, that aren't considered "high end" by some.

I know from experience that just because it's high end doesn't mean it's a better product.  I love finding drugstore brands that work wonders and I can save money for something like a good quality high end purse!
Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer.  This is a full size at 120ml and retails for 22.99. Whoa!?  Who says that is not a high end sample.  That's pretty pricey in my books for a lotion! However, if it does what it says: improves the look of tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness and brown spots...then it's worth its weight in gold.  I'm super excited to try this because let's face it, I'm not 18 anymore! :`(
Wella Brilliance Conditioner Fine to Normal. Sample size 30ml, full size 240ml retailing for $20.00.  I know a lot of you don't but I really like getting hair stuff in my boxes.  I have fine and coarse wavy hair.  How does that even happen?  So, I'm always desperate to find products that work well with my hair.  It's a never ending quest for me. *sigh*  I look forward to trying this, I only wish we got a shampoo with it as well.  It's infused with diamond dust.
Wella Brilliance Treatment Fine to Normal. Sample size 25ml, full size150ml retailing for 13.99.  Thisis supposed to restore hair's vibrancy.  I've never tried a mask in my hair but I'll try it and as with any products I receive in my boxes...if it's wonderful I'll buy it.  That's why I subscribe!  I wonder how many uses you can get with a product such as this? It smells great and is the colour/consistency of a conditioner.
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Shower Gel. This is a full size at 240ml retailing for $20.00.  Yippeee Skipeee!! I'm super excited to try this one out... I love body washes.  This scent is perfect for me! I love apricots and it  tastes er smells just like ripe apricots. Candy!!  YUM!  I only use one bodywash at a time, so I will get to this once I'm done my other.
Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara. This is a full size at 9ml retailing for 12.50.  I probably spend as much on mascara as I do on nail polish. So, I'm happy to get any kind of mascara that I don't have to buy and be disappointed with.  I've heard good things about this one though!! I'm always looking and trying to find the next best mascara that makes my aging thinning lashes stand out.  Because, I have a couple tubes on the go I haven't opened this one yet.  You know, expiration and all...

Marcelle BB Cream Beauty Balm.  Sample size 1 ml, full size 45ml retailing for 22.95.  This was a little one time use bonus item they through in.  I imagine Marcelle along with their mascara wanted us to try this product and get hooked.  I'm looking for stuff like this because heading into my 30's (ok, I'm 31) these types of creams address a lot of my issues.  Beginning signs of aging such as discolouration, blotchiness, uneven dull skin. skins not that bad and I do get compliments, but I'm the one who has to get up close and personal with the mirror, right? :)  I can't wait to try this!

That was my April box and I was really happy with everything.  I even get giddy looking inside this box.  I check on the products every so often a mother checks on a sleeping child. :P  I just want to hurry up and finish my other products so I can move on.

Did you like your April Glossybox??


  1. "I think GB will have to tread carefully spoiling us because invariably when we get boxes that have less full size the complaints will pour in. "
    very true! I am a little worried for this month, they set the bar really high with Aprils box and there will be haters if they don't keep it up. I just hope to see more brand variety in their boxes, they keep repeating brands which isn't good since they've only been in production for three months!

    1. I'm just going to take it as it comes. I always think we'll get a good box. I mean I don't expect it to be a KNOCK YOUR SOCKS off box every month, but I don't think it will ever be like BB5. :/ I hope they expand a little too. You know I always imagine when these companies start up why don't they have TONS of brands lined up before the first box ever goes out?

  2. I got the exact same box! You are going to LOVE the mascara (once you get to it..)! I also really loved the BB Cream - so hopefully that works for you too :)

    1. Yay, I'm so excited! I almost bought the CoverGirl Exact Eyelights today and then I asked myself..WHY!? hehe. BTW the Exact Eyelights for Green Eyes is one of my faves! :)

  3. Haha that's soo funny! I always find myself starring at my products in Awwee too! Great box:)