Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Glymm "Box"

Another Glymm box was delivered on May 17 and another light box!  I've grown accustomed to this.  I wasn't sure what to expect...but when I opened it, I was surprised to see no cute bright pink box!  I know a lot of people think they're wasteful...but I *love* using them to store all kinds of stuff...and between me and kids we always find a use for the box!  They'd be great for packing stuff in when going on a trip!  Nonetheless, this is what was inside the shipping box, a product card and a makeup bag...cute idea!  Inside the bag was also a product information card and a card explaining Glymm was going green.

 Here is the cute little bag.  By little, I mean..TEENY! I can't imagine what they'll manage to stuff in here month after month. Not sure how long they plan on doing the makeup bag...but I'm still having fun receiving these!  As a point of interest, Glymm subs have gone up from $10 to $12.  Everyone who is already subbed won't be affected by the increase, so that was a nice little bonus!
First thing was two vials of CK Shock. One for him and one for her.  The nice thing about these is that they are atomizers. The product card claims each can be used 35 sprays.  These samples are 1.2ml each. I'm not a huge fan of CK overall because a lot of the scents are more musky, masculine.  I do really like CK Contradiction.

The CK Shock for him says, "turn down the light. amplify the sound. act on impulse." Get addicted to this juicy scent. It's fresh and leaves a lasting impression.  It's a very nice man smell it's got some sweetness to it, I can definitely snuggle up to a man wearing it! The Top Notes are: clementine, purple lavender, cucumber.  Mid Notes: osmanthus, black pepper, cardamom, black basil. Base Notes: Chocolate, Tobacco, Ambreine, Cashmeran musk, Patchouli. Full size retails for $45.

The CK Shock for her says, "edgy. sexy. impulsive." Shock yourself and everyone around you with this fierce bouquet of passionflower.  It's actually a nice floraly sweet smell.  I like it!  The first time I sprayed it, I could take it or leave it. I'll probably wear this one..it's a nice casual smell.  I love perfume by the way...don't worry I don't douse myself in it, but it's something I do enjoy!  Plus, it's always nice when a guy comes up to you and says, "mmm you smell really good!" ;) Top Notes: passionflower, pink peony, poppy flower. Mid Notes: liquid chocolate accord, blackberry, narcisse, jasmine.  Base Notes: vanilin, patchouli, ambers, skin musk. Full size retails for $45.
Next is the Coola Mineral Matte Cucumber face sunblock, spf 30.  I love that this product is chemical free and it's specifically for the face!  I'm looking forward to trying it.  I'm super bummed the sample is SO tiny... 5ml. They say you should get 4 uses out of this 5ml pkg.  The full size is 50ml for $36.
Nume Hydro Punch Hydrating Conditioner for dry or coloured hair.  I love trying new hair samples because of my problem hair.  So, I'm super happy to try this but wish we got a shampoo to go with it.  I love using couples, doesn't everyone? The product card says, Turn dull and damaged hair into vibrant, healthy strands that you can't help but twirl all day long. This conditioner contains argan oil, fatty acids, vitamin e and powerful antioxidants.  Sample use, up to 4 uses.  Full size is 250ml and retails for $24.99.
Caudalie anti-aging serum for eyes and lips.  I was SOOO excited to try this.  It's a 7ml sample with up to 40 uses.  But, you know what happened when I opened it?? It erupted and product started to flow out like crazy...and before I could stop it and clean it up and try to salvage some...it was more than half empty!!! :(  The container was pressurized or something.  Even now, I'm scared to open it for fear the rest will come out.  These are the kind of products I really get excited to try, so I'm super sad about it!

This claims to diminish chronic puffiness, the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.  You should use it morning and evening on the contour of the eyes and lips.  The full size is 15ml and retails for $33.
Then there were these two cute little packages from Caudalie as well. It says you should use these two products together.  The light pink vinosource s.o.s. thirst quenching serum. Sample usage up to 3 times.  I would have thought 1?! It's supposed to give your skin a surge of hydration and restore moisture balance for softer more supple skin. The darker pink is vinosource moisturizing sorbet. Sample usage up to 3 times. It's to save your skin with this moisturizer.  Your face will feel refreshed, hydrated and comfortably soft.  Yo use this one 2nd.  I wish there was more, because again..a product I would love to see how well it really works.
Lastyly, I got a Cargo eyeshadow.  Oh, look...a cutttte tin!
Inside...meh.  I want to love it because everyone speaks SO highly of Cargo..but when I swatched these, it felt really dry and almost "old."  The colours aren't highly pigmented..and the one that looks blackish is kind of more purpley... a dark purple.  Normally, pink/purple is what I use because it makes my green eyes pop... but I'm not overly impressed.  Perhaps, when I try it on my eyes, my opinion may change... I sure hope so. This is a full size product and retails for $25. Wish me luck with this one!

What did you think of this months Glymm?  Did you like that it came in a makeup bag instead of the bright neon pink box??  Hope your week is off to a good start!



  1. I found the eye shadow dry too...I just wasn't too impressed considering the hype around Cargo products...

  2. I agree with Jayne, I received the pink and brown duo in a Luxe box and I found the pink especially to be very powdery and chalky:( I wonder how the sunscreen is, I was looking for something and settled on a Cetaphil product with SPF 50 it works pretty well, but I am always curious about other products:)

    1. Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one...sheesh! I'll let you know how the sunscreen is once I test it. It's been raining sooo much in Winnipeg. :/ We're FINALLY getting a wee bit of sun! Cetaphil is a really good product!

  3. That sucks about the Caudalie - I heard something like that happened with a product in a past Birchbox (or maybe the tubes weren't completely full - don't remember). In any case I hope there's still enough left to try (though if it does goop out again, you could try putting it in a plastic baggie.)

    1. There is less than half a bottle, but the company told me they will send me another in my June box. But, I've heard they're notorious for not, so we'll see. I ordered shampoo from them about 10 days ago and I'm still waiting!

  4. Aww that sucks about the Caudalie - that happens to my stuff all the time after I've had my bag in a cold trunk over night, or if it's been on the plane - the worst!!

    1. Yeh, with the up and down weather across provinces it's likely that's what happened. It's just such a bummer.