Sunday, June 24, 2012

BH Cosmetics order from May

I love BH Cosmetics so much that I have a hard time staying away from their site.  I want *everything.*  Generally, I try to keep it down to sale items as I don't want to pay more than the 9.05 shipping.  Once you start to add palettes, it gets REALLY high.  You can get 2 palettes without it affecting the cost of shipping. I picked up a few things during a May sale.  (Really they have a sale almost everyday!)

I got the angled shadow brush for $2.96. 
 I got the contour blending brush for $2.96 as well.
Here is a close-up.  I just used these ones for the first time this weekend and I *love* them. *LOVE* Now, I'm someone who adores her Quo brushes..but I'll cheat.  I plan on stocking up on more brushes during a sale. Totally worth it, beautiful application and very high end feeling.  I didn't have any shedding.
I also picked up Galaxy Chic and Girls Night Out lip glosses for $2.98 each!! Wow!  Now, the reason I *really* got these two colours was because they are the only 2 I didn't have yet and they were an AWESOME price.  I'm not really sure about the top colour though...
I tried to get a better picture of how it looks.  It's somewhere in between the upper picture and this one:
 Next, I picked up a limited edition 40 colour palette in "party girl" for $12.57.
 OOOhhhh look at all the pretty colours.  I'm sure many I'm too chicken to try. ;)
 Here is a close-up of the left side.  On Saturday I wore the pink in the 3rd row down, 3rd colour across.  It was so vivid, and the colour payoff was huge.  Very buildable and vibrant.  That particular pink also has gold sheen in it.  Ohhh it was beautiful!  I fall in love with these colours and then I am scared to run out of the colour!!
 Here is a close-up of the right side.  Would you wear that bright yellow? :)
 A nice representation of the colours:
 Lastly, I picked up the Jenni Rivera 44 colour shadow/blush palette. It is also limited edition and I payed $17.47.  I'm sure I could have got a better price for it...but I *love* this one and have been lusting after it forever.  I would just die if I didn't have it before it was discontinued!
 Look at these colours! They are so wearable!  I tried that navy colour 5th one in on the top row.  It was gorgeous.  I tried it because I didn't think it would be something I could wear, and I learned that it actually suits me SO well!  Now, I'll have to try to find a bigger size!  I love this palette so much that if it gets to 50% off I think I may get a backup.  And, maybe one for a gift!!!
 This is a close-up of the left side. Sorry, it's a bit dark.
A close-up of the right side. Oooh so pretty!  The blushes are fantastic too.  I think every girl should have this palette!
Have you tried BH Cosmetics yet since I've posted about my first haul? :)

I hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. Love the 44 palettes especially the bottom one! What I love most about about it is that it's perfect for everyday wear. I have never tried BH cosmetics before but everything looks so nice:)

    1. You have to sometime! :) You'll be amazed. Everything I've tried has felt so high end. I love the rock bottom prices of e.l.f. but their products are hit and miss..mostly miss for me.

  2. ohh i love the jessica rivera palette!

  3. All of it looks good, I have never purchased from BH before. I am thinking about the brushes right now but after seeing your post I may get some of the palettes.