Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box - Summer Edition!

Be forewarned! This post is really picture heavy!  I managed to snag a Spring box from Sweet Delight Divalicious. It sold out in just a little over two hours.  It was sheer luck that I happened upon the announcement on facebook, as I don't normally check in the morning!  What I liked about this box is that there are tons of businesses that are small and what you would find on etsy!  So, you can expect to find a lot of homemade and natural products! I've included TONS of links, so be sure to check them out! You'll get a ton of things from companies you've never heard of and fall in love with!! The box was $26 shipped...amazing deal! This is what my box looked like: 6"x7"x7 1/2":

 Inside it was stuffed to the brim!
Here is everything out of the box..and I went through everything so fast the first time, I missed things!
I'll go over the things that were at the bottom of the box: First is this Gourmet Scented Pencil from Smencils. A Canadian Company. I received an HB #2 pencil in Tropical Blast.  It is QUITE scented, impressive.  What's even more impressive is that it's made from 100% recycled newspapers.  The tube it comes in is made from biodegradable plastic.  They also have pens which are made from recycled plastic.  I think I will use these for  favours at my daughter's next birthday party.  Way better than the cheap junk you normally get in a goody bag, right?!
This is a Rose Hydrating Mist from Awaken My Senses. A Canadian Company. All their products are 100% organic. I read up on it on the site and it's a facial mist.  I wouldn't have known that without looking it up.  There are some neat products on the site.  I'm not sure how much I love the rose mist, because I'm not a huge fan of roses.  It also says not to use this one when you're pregnant.
The next product is a "Bugs Away" body mist in Coconut Lime from Willow Tree Collection. Another Canadian Company! It is highly fragranced. You can definitely smell both the coconut and the lime.  It's a 100% natural product, safe for kids and pets!  I'm going to make  sure to keep this one in my purse or close by if we go camping!  We get a lot of mosquitos in Winnipeg! I should add we also received a 10% off coupon.
Next are some sample packets from John Frieda.  I'm sure many people have heard of their Frizz-Ease line.  This comes with shampoo, conditioner and serum.  For someone who battles frizz, I can say I'm shocked at myself for NEVER trying this product!  So, I'm really looking forward to testing it out!
 Next came a package wrapped in pretty pink tissue! You can see I tore into it. ;)
 This is how the goods were packaged, safe in bubble wrap.
The first item is this SUPER cute charm of peas in a pod from The Curious Cupcake.It's so well made and that little tendril is so precious!  I wish it had 4 beads though, as I have four kids.  It's so super sweet though I'll probably wear it a few times and then give it to my daughter. This charm also included a 10% off in her store.
There's this little package from Biore including a detoxify daily scrub and a refresh daily cleansing cloth.  I didn't know they made products like this.
There was also a sample of the nose strips.  I have had the chance to try them recently and they have changed a lot since the last time I used them...15 years ago!
This is a little wee container of shea butter concealer from Giella. It's extremely creamy and applies similar to a bb cream.  The colour here doesn't really reflect what I got.  It's the 3rd lightest shade they have and it's a really good match for my skin tone.  Apparently, the concept behind the company is creating customized products for YOU and your needs.
These two products came in a teeny little brown paper bag from Abibirem Beauty. The little tub is a moisturizer I gather?  It's made with 100% shea butter.  The interesting thing is it actually smells more like hemp to me.  It's quite solid but applies in a similar fashion to coconut oil.   The lip balm is quite solid but will slightly melt with the warmth of your lips.  I'm not too fond of the smell of it...but it's definitely moisturizing.
Another lip product.  This one is from Tubtown Scents. A Canadian product, yay! I got peppermint and it comes in 15 "flavours."  I haven't opened this one yet, so I can't tell you anything about it...but for some reason I'm really drawn to this product! Lydia House has awesome prices on her site so go check it out!  I'll definitely be having a closer look!
Another lip balm.  This one is really cool from LipZipz. I got "Kiss" a tantalizing berry.  I haven't opened this one yet, but I like it already! You can clip it to anything and it has a string you can pull to use it.  This would be an awesome product for my kids.  They often get chapped lips and I can attach these to their bags! They are $3 each on the website, I haven't checked to see if they ship to Canada.  I hope they do and I hope the cost is reasonable!
The next one is pretty exciting!  It's a Del Sol colour chaning nail polish in Spike.  The top of the lid has a sticker that's purple and it says "outdoor colour."  I'm not too thrilled with this shade of green, but I love purple.  I can't wait to try this out because it's just so different and neat!  Have any of you tried this yet?  It is a shimmer and like most shimmer's it does get streaky.  A good top coat would fix this.  I'm just not sure if this would work with a top coat on it.
The last item in that bundle, were these pretty earrings.  They have swarovski crystals on the bottom.  These were made by Crafty Chris.  She has some neat items in her etsy store. These came with a 5% off entire order tag.
Whew! We're not done yet!!! There was another cellophane bag full of more goodies!! It was packaged up really pretty with ribbons and punched flowers.. this was seriously feeling like Christmas!
A Cow Girl soap cake from Bodylish.  I love how this one is packaged in wax paper and a simple label! It smells REALLY good... woody with patchouli and lavender and other ingredients.  Definitely will be revisiting their site!
Next is a CJ's BUTTer in Sweet Orange EO. It smells AMAZING!!! It's a solid and when you dip your finger in it starts to turn to a liquid, just like coconut oil does.  I looove this stuff.  There was NO information card included with this one and the writing is just way too small for me to read. I did find it by googling the name.  My daughter gets severe excema on her elbows so I can't wait to try this on her in the fall.  If it's as good as it smells I can't wait to get more!
This is Mainely Cole's traditional body butter in "Beanie's Blessings" with chamomile. I haven't opened this one yet, so I can't tell you anything about the scent.  It's a really nice sized sample, but the full size are quite costly!  I can't wait to try it out though.  I always like to repurchase GOOD products if they're worth the money.
Babar Too Co sent a cream.  I'm not exactly sure of the details of this sample whether it's a balm, a lotion or..?  The nice thing is it's made in Canada. Oh, I see it says it's an Omega Moisturizer. *facepalm* The scent is fresh and organic.
Next is an avocado body lotion from California Body Care.  I just LOVE this bottle. It has a matte feel to it.  When this is empty I'm keeping the bottle to add whatever lotion I have on hand for my purse.  The lotion itself smells SOO good.  I'm not exactly sure how to place the smell, but it reminds me of my childhood. This is probably one of my top 5's from this box!  They have some neat products I'll be checking out.
Next is a little packet from Amedaya. A body butter in sweet orange & vanilla.  Can't tell you much about it, except is SOUNDS good. ;) They do have some interesting products on their site, worth checking out! There's a coupon for 20% off, yah!
Next is another little sample packet from Get Fresh. It's a rich body creme in lemongrass....MMM! Love lemongrass.  Again, haven't opened it, so no further details yet! I really like the packaging on their products and their wide variety!
Another little sample packet of body cream from 100% Pure.  This one is green apple scented.  Super neat, you don't see a lot of products apple scented.  It's a 100% vegan product which some people really like.  I'm not fussy.  They have a very pretty site and they are Canadian..yah! For sure check it out! They have a TON of beauty items, from makeup to skincare!
Next is a soap sample from Alegna soap in this really pretty pink! It's another site I wouldn't mind trying out.  This soap smells really nice and it's in "Gwen" flavour.
The next soap I got was from Sugarfoot & Co in Super Shea.  I just love the recycled cardboard packaging. The website is currently under construction, so I can't tell you anything about it. The soap has a nice mild shea scent to it.
The next one is a mini soap in bay rum & lime from Century House Soaperie. I really didn't like this scent at first.  It was really strong/overwhelming. But now that it's been sitting out of the plastic bag for awhile it's toned down and is nice and refreshing.  Not as manly smelling as before.  We'll see how it is once I get it sudsied!  I like that the soaps are wrapped in recycled tissue.  There are some nice soaps on the site.
Next is a hemp hand & body lotion from Hawkestone Soap Company. The scent is white tea & ginger.  Serious love!! It smells fantastic..I love both on their own but together..YUM! It's also Canadian! There are some nice products at reasonable prices on the site!
Last but not least, I received this trio in a pretty black organza bag.  The products come from Plantlife who claim to use only pure, fresh plant based ingredients. I received the lemongrass herbal soap and body lotion. They of course, smell amazing.  I also received a herbal lip balm.  I'm really impressed with the products and the website.  Can't wait to try them out and cruise their site!  They have some really pretty packaging and good pricing.

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me!! This was a long one and felt like a full time job, but I hope you enjoyed it!  This was a great box that I'm super pleased with.  I hope I can score another in the fall!

Happy Hump Day, it's all down hill from here!


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I love how majority of the items are handcrafted. Everything is just soo unique:)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it's a very different box. I wasn't sure I would like it at first..but the more I checked stuff out, I really do!

  2. Ouuuu you got a ton of stuff. I may look into this for a friend who is really ino natural products!

    1. Yes!! I seem to have gotten quite a bit! You should let her know well in advance they sell out FAST!

  3. Ooh you got different things! I also noticed that the stuff from Abibirem Beauty smelled weird. For me, the lip balm smelled so stale I threw it out. Everything else was awesome though! You're lucky that you managed to get one by chance! I was up at 5am (ugh West Coast) to get this box! I'll definitely be getting the Fall one too. You can always swing by and see what I got :-)

    1. It's fun that we all get such a variety of things! Yeh, that's the word I was looking for..stale. :( Bummer you had to be up so early, but worth it right?! I will check yours out!

  4. Thanks for the soapy review of Century House Soaperie's Bay Rum & Lime mini! It is definately a "manly" scent to be sure, I've had so many requests from men to have a few of "their own" in the collection. I'm glad to know it mellowed out for you to enjoy. Please do let me know how you like the use of it and if you'd like to try some others from the site, I can send the minis to you for review!

    Thanks again,
    Maria Spieth-Provo
    Century House Soaperie

    1. I used it and it was quite more mellowed out then what I expected. When I first received it, it was in a plastic bag. However, I did give it to my husband to use and he LOVES it! He loves when I pass him stuff from my beauty boxes that he can use. :) I would love to try some minis and do a specific review for centuryhousesoaperie. :)

  5. Great box. I signed up to get the news for the next box and will be waking up at whatever time necessary to get it. I love handcrafted stuff like this! Thank you for making such a detailed post, it must have taken forever with all the information and links too.

    1. Can you call me to remind me too? LOL. I bet you I will forget, then I will be REALLY sad! It did take forever to type up the post, but I really found it worthwhile as I love small companies and wanted to make sure they get the exposure! :) Thanks for coming by my blog!