Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Beauty Box 5 & Me vs. Contacts (1st ever!)

Hello ladies! Trying to get on the ball here and get caught up with my posts before all my June boxes start coming in!  This is a post about BB5 and American Company that also ships to Canada!  It's $12 US a month and includes shipping.  Previous months have been ho hum, but this months is probably the best box. They have a little bit to go yet, but I'm glad I'm giving them a chance.  They stick to natural products and I'm loving that!
It's a 10 - Miracle Styling Serum - 7ml. Full size 120ml $24.96.
"It protects hair from heat styling and environmental damage with naturally-derived ingredients like argania spinosa kernel oil (a hair-softening antioxidant), noni fruit oil (which improves elasticity while repairing damage to the hair shaft) and castor oil copolymer (moisturizes and provides deep conditioning)."
A small sample, but products to prevent frizz are probably one of my favourite things to receive...I'm always on a quest for stuff, nothing has been perfect for me yet!
 It's a 10 - Miracle Hair Mask - 13ml. Full size 240ml $22.96.
"The Miracle Hair Mask from It's a 10 turns your locks up to 11! This high-performance mask gives you detangling, frizz reduction, vibrant color, and amazing body all in one."
Another small sample, wish they included 2 packs of each of these so I can try several times.  It's these types of products I'm willing to spend money on if they're really good!
 Comodynes Beauty Flash - Lifting Effect - 1 spray = 2 applications. Full size 25 applications $19.99.
"Instant beauty spray with lifting effect with firming and toning plant extracts. Shock treatment for improving tone and smoothing features in record time. Ideal for use in case of jet-lag, lack of sleep, and before make-up. It clears signs of tiredness and provides smooth and bright skin within 1 minutefor smoother, brighter and more toned skin. Reduces wrinkles and pore size. Make-up stays perfect for up to 8 hours."
This is really cool, I can't wait to try it...big promises here!
 Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream - 2-3ml each packet? Full size 120 ml $19.  On sale on their website for $9.50!
"Specially-formulated peptides team up with natural grape seed to reduce deep wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging while locking in moisture. Find the tone, elasticity, and pH balance your skin has been craving!"
I like trying creams.  I'm getting early signs of aging, around my eyes mainly.  Mostly under my eyes when I smile or am tired. BOOO. :(  I don't mind getting these types of samples. I love that it's natural!  It says on the back "Promotes thicker skin" and that seriously made me LOL because sometimes in my career...I DO need thicker skin. :P
 Evie Evan Mini Gentle Enzyme Peel - Sample size ? Full size .5 oz $16.  That's a pretty small full size jar..so I wonder if this is full size..it looks like it could be .5oz.
"Restore healthy skin tone while unclogging pores. The Gentle Enzyme peel reveals smoother, softer skin in seconds."
It says to apply a thin layer to a clean, dry face. After 2-3 min or until dry, brush off with finger tips. Rinse with warm water.  When I tested this on my hand it did kind of peel off, the pieces looked like eraser bits when you erase something!  The smell is hard to place..hint of mint?  Pine?A mild Vicks Vapor Rub smell?  It does feel soothing on the skin. Can't wait to try it on my face.
 Tree Hut Shea Body Butter (Hawaiian Kukui)  -  2oz.  Full size 7 oz $7.49. Wow, that's a great price!!!
"Luxuriate in the infusion of organic shea butter, cocoa butter, and safflower seed oil. This extra thick body butter seals in moisture, giving you rejuvenated skin with a healthy sheen. Natural Hawaiian kukui nut oil repairs cracked skin and provides deep moisturization."
This smells SOOO good. It's super thick like any other body butter. It smells like Shea Butter and Coconut.  Ohhh it's so nice.  I'll have to try and track some of this down... I LOVE it! My favourite product in the box!
 Here's a look at the whole container.  It's quite a generous sample.
 Much nicer box, this month! I'm quite happy with it.  Can't wait to try out my products.  Did you get a BB5 this month?

 Now, onto a slightly funnier story... I purchased some contacts from BTR.  Non RX, coloured.  I have always wanted to try but have been terrified. I'm not one to touch my eye! (I knowwww I should seek the advice of a professional, first..so no scolding!!) I tried putting it in a few times but I kept blinking. I kept dropping it and it would stick to my mirror.  Kept washing it with saline.

Finally, I had to get my husband to put it in.  He's been wearing contacts since he was 18...as soon as he found out he needed corrective lenses.  He's not a dr. but he played one in this house tonight..hhaah.  It took him about half an hour to get one contact in.  I would totally psyche myself out, couldn't stop blinking.  Have you ever willingly let someone stick their finger in your eye?

When it was finally in.... I was weirded out told him to leave me alone and wouldn't let him put the other one in! haa!  The whole experience EXHAUSTED me.  I think I should have take lorazapam before hand!

Anyways..here is the result, excuse the greasy face I had JUST got home from the gym 30 minutes prior!
Excuse the eye being bigger...that eye was terrified after the ordeal! Actually, it's a combination of my left eye being slightly larger, the contact making the eye look bigger AND my eye glaring back at me in disgust for putting it through an ordeal it didn't want/need. You can see even my mascara headed south, it didn't want any part of this.  Yes, it was waterproof. :P

I had to work myself up to get it taken out..but my husband did and it was literally 2 seconds and it was out. I'll try it again sometime. :) Maybe. Probably.

Hope you all had a great night!  I'm wiped!


  1. Love those contacts, I want to try some Kiwiberry 1 contacts but like you I get so weirded out! They do look nice on you though! + your bb5 was the exact same as mine - the beauty flash I got a sunless tanner wipe! (Once again) , but since this box I have re joined! ,I think there starting to get the hang of it! Great post Aleksandra :)

    1. Thanks!!! You should try it though...seriously if I lived ANYONE can!! lol I hope the boxes get better, this one was definitely the best yet!

  2. I am the same way with contacts - I just CANNOT do it!!!! It takes me like, 45 min just to get one in and is the most horrific experience ever! My eyes HATE being touched and involuntarily blink like mad!!!

    1. lol..I knoooww! I still haven't tried again. I will but it takes me a lot to build up to it. Meanwhile, my husband can take his out/put them in about 10 times in a minute!

  3. I know it :) Thanks for your comment! :) It's very nice for me. :) I follow you:) Do you follow me back? :))

    1. Hi Marta, thank you for following me! Dziekuje! :D

  4. Tak! :)) To w Polsce i na Ukrainie rozgrywa się teraz Euro 2012 ! :)

    W sobotę gramy Mecz z Czechami we Wrocławiu ;) Jeżeli wygramy, przejdziemy dalej! :)

    Dziękuję za odwiedziny !

    P.S. Skąd znasz język polski? :)

    1. Ja wiem ze w Polsce sie bojom klopoty z Hooliganami? :( Ja sie urodzilam w Polsce, ale mialam 4 latka jak przjechalam do Kanady...to ja bardzo zle pizsce!? Ale umje mowic bardzo dobrze..tylko z akcentem! haha

  5. i love it's a 10 products! totally worth the money

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

    1. I can't wait to try them...just wish the samples were bigger!