Monday, June 25, 2012

June Julep Maven

Oooh, I'm really getting caught up on my posts here! Just a quick one to show you my Julep Maven box I got beginning of June.  I switched from Classic with A Twist to It Girl, so I could get as many of these gorgeous colours as I could.

I got: Sasha, Sandra and Morgan.  It also came with a delicious chapstick that actually tastes like chocolate chip mint!! It smells really good and is very moisturizing!  Two replacement nail brushes, thank goodness because I was one who needed them! 2 pixie sticks that I happily shared with my little ones!

 Here is a better look at the It Girl colours: Sasha, Sandra and Morgan.  All super beautiful colours!
 Then, I decided to add on the two colours from Classic With a Twist, heh.  Claire is the blue one and Lauren is the pink one!
I loved all the colours this month and it was SOOO hard to choose!  I have a sick obsession with their nail polish! :(  It's in a cute bottle, with a cute name and super cute colours!

Hope you're having a nice evening!


  1. I realllllly like sasha! you should take a photo of it on! :)

    1. I will do a post for you! :) It looks fairly sheer though, here's to hoping. :)

  2. My faves are Sasha, Lauren, and Claire! They are all sooo bright and lovely:)

    1. I know!! I just loooove bright colours as well! :)