Monday, August 6, 2012

A Mini Walmart Haul

OMG..what has happened to my spending freeze?

Ahh..I just can't resist. (sigh) I picked up a few little things.. this wet & wild polish in Sparked was only 1.25 or so.  I really liked the pink sparkles and thought it would make a great topcoat for many colours.

I picked up an NYC polish only because it was 2 items for $3.  So this polish I let my husband pick and it was $1.50.  The colour is Greenwich Village.  I let him pick because most of the NYC colours are similar to polishes I already have.  I think he had trouble picking something as well.

Apparently, I'm trying to own every Revlon polish known to I had to glimpse at what they had.  I picked up 932 Copper Penny as a stand in until I found Essie Penny Talk (which I have now...) This bottle was $4.47 I believe.  I'm wearing the polish now and it's quite coppery, more so than Penny Talk.  It's not as  mirrory though as it's got a grainier texture.  It's very pretty though and applies in one coat.  Dries lightning fast!

This is a more accurate depiction of the colour:

This is the reason I bought the NYC nail polish.  I picked up this NYC instant lash mascara. It came highly recommended by the walmart cosmetic lady that was stocking the shelves. *crickets* She didn't use it herself but her daughter apparently loves it.  I thought I would test it for you ladies...because if you can get a mascara that is fabulous for $1.50 more power to ya!  I needed a new basecoat mascara anyways.  The colour is Extreme Black.

 Another view:

I've been eyeing the pretty packaging of the Hard Candy cosmetics since they've come in.  I was going to try the mascara (until Walmart lady objected saying she's heard terrible things...) so I picked up something that I don't have.  I grabbed a sparkly, coloured liner!  This is Walk the Line liquid liner in Sugar Plum. I think it was somewhere around $4.

It has really fine microshimmer in it. This is a pretty accurate colour of how it looks in the tube.

Here it is on. It applied super good.  The colour was really nice as well.  I was really pleased with the formula.

Really easy to do a winged liner with! (Excuse the creased shadow...must remember to use primer with mineral shadow!) Isn't the colour just so pretty?

Next up, is something my husband grabbed for me.  He bugs me about red lipstick all the time.  I've tried a few and never really been happy.  Well... I LOVE this one! LOOOOVE!  It's a new Maybelline line called Color Sensational. I really lightened up this picture to try and show you how the outer packaging looks like.

This is the colour...beautiful!

The colour... Very Cherry.

Here is a closeup.  I definitely need to wear a liner with this... I just applied this stuff really quick because I couldn't wait to test it.

And...this is pretty accurate of my skin tone and the colours you see are pretty spot on.  I'm really happy with the lip colour.  I've been terrified of red lipstick...but now I just adore this one.  If they start getting rid of them, I'll buy 2 more tubes! ;)

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  It was a long weekend up in Canada and it was SO relaxing and enjoyable.  I took a much needed break from my blog, since there was a lot of work stress the past week.  I feel refreshed and ready to share more goodies with you!


  1. Ooh lotsa great inexpensive beauty treats! The eye liner looks gorgeous on you! I had an AMAZING long weekend too! Why can't we have one long weekend every month? that'd be nice!

    1. Yes, it's kind of fun! You can get so much for so little! Thank you, I really like's a little off path for me. :) I would sign up for one long weekend a month for sure! :) At least we have one july, august, september..right? I can't remember about all the others.

  2. I absolutely love the eye-liner , and hard candy is a great brand, their products are of great quality and girl that lipstick is rockin' I sent some to some swappers of the sensational line I'm hoping they like them! Ive been waiting for a post , thanks for sharing Aleks!

    1. It was my first experience and I was quite happy. I have 3 from the sensational line and I LOVE them..they're all bold colours! I think anyone can pull of red if they find a shade they feel confident wearing! :)

  3. I adore every single nail polish you got!! Jealous :)

    1. Aww thank you! I have a very tolerant husband. ;) I think that the Essence Wake Up! colour is also very similar. The Billie is only 1.25 and Essence polishes I believe are a 1.49. :)