Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yves Rocher order

Recently, Yves Rocher was having a summer sale, so I picked up a few things.  I got this Sebo Specific Moisturizer.  It's actually my second one and I haven't even opened the first one... eek.  I guess I have high expectations of this product.  I get super shiny I'm hoping.  The regular price was $27 and I payed $14.85.

The next item I got was this summer kit.  It was regular $11.75 and I payed $6.33.  The bag is canvassy and I have some kind of weird sensory issues with canvas lol. I don't like touching it.  I also think at this point, I've amassed enough makeup bags.  I can't think of anything else to use them for.

This is a teeny 3mL bottle of pastel pink nail polish.  It's pretty much a pink you would see on a french manicure. Not really exciting to me, because it's so much work to do a french manicure.  I actually prefer a french manicure that's less traditional (even though I love tradtional!)

Also inside was a 30mL sample of Almond Nourishing Moisturizer. The scent is very pretty. The texture is more of a liquidy cream.

The next sample is a 50mL bottle of Lilac scented shower gel. Pretty straight forward. Smells pretty.

The last item in the bag is this little sample of a 1 minute nourishing repair mask for dry hair.  Super excited to try this one out.  I'll hopefully get a couple uses of this one.

Next, I was suckered into buying this perfume because the packaging was so pretty and it was only $6 for 50mL (regular $18.) I guess I was expecting it to smell more floraly than it's got a slightly spicier scent to it.  Btw, I love that they are committed to preserving the planet.  The cardboard is made from sustainably managed forests.

The scent is Enchanted Flower.  I'm not sure what it's connection is to being a Christmas Flower as indicated by the "Fleur de Noel."  There's nothing Christmas-y about the scent to me.  However it says the botanical ingredients are essential oils of blood orange, lemon and mandarin, rose absolute.  Ok, after having sprayed it the scent evaporates quickly...but when I rubbed the back of my hand on my neck it is a sweet pretty smell.  Very subtle.

Next, is a 3mL nail polish in Red Berry Noel.  I think these wee mini bottles are their regular size? Originally $2.95, I payed $2.00.  I think it's a little overpriced.

I couldn't resist this Blue Sun eyeliner. It looked so pigmented in their pictures.  I'm sorry, I haven't opened this yet!  Now with summer quickly disappearing I don't know if I should! This was $4.95. It was regular price.

For some reason, I have an obsession with cylindrical containers.  I have no idea why.  I thought the packaging was so sleek and the pink was so pretty.  The name is Comme Une Evidence. This smells SO incredibly pretty!  It's definitely a perfumed body moisturizer.  I wish I picked up 2 now because the bottle is only 50mL. It was originally $4 and I picked it up for $1.25!

Next, is this cuticle exfoliating treatment.  I thought it was something different, worth a shot.  I don't trim my cuticles..I push them back and sometimes they just look unsightly after.  I'll let you know how this works. It was regular $12 and I payed $6.60.

The last item I purchased, I am a bit regretful of.  This is regularly a  $25 foundation and I payed $13.75.  The bottle is 30mL. My regret is that I picked up Light Beige.  This is a lesson learned NOT to pick your foundations online without ever having tested them! lol  I was interested in it because it's supposed to be a matte finish.

This is the super liquidy foundation on my hand...SO dark!!

Here it is blended in.  You can see my skin looks a lot darker...definitely not a look that I like.  I really try to match my foundations to my skin tone, because I hate that fake makeup look.  This may work for my sister or I'll keep it for a giveaway, since all I did was squirt some product out. :)

They always include these little sample packets.

They always let you select a free gift from about 3 options.  I was really drawn to these colourful bowls.  They're nothing exciting but good for storing leftovers in.  I like that they stack.

When you spend a certain amount of money, you receive the Jardins Du Monde shower gel in Mexican Aloe Vera.  It's a full size 250mL bottle that will last awhile. This has a really nice refreshing scent..and to my nose even a bit coconuty!  One of these is in my giveaway below!

Lastly, after you spent $50, you receive a gift valued at $50.  This company sure loves to pass on freebies!  What I received was Desir de Nature perfumed shower gel, Velvety Cleansing Milk with 3 detoxifying teas and Pure Calmille toner lotion.I'm super happy to try out this toner.  My Nivea just ran out and I wasn't happy with it anyways! I'm looking forward to try the cleansing milk as well!

There you have it!  Because the deals were so great, I ended up placing a second order a couple days later...stay tuned for the contents of that one!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. That sucks about the foundation:( It sometimes happens to me when I'm matching colors at the drug stores!

    1. Yeah, I really have a problem matching lol.

  2. Replies
    1. Dzienkuje! Jest Yves Rocher w Polsce?

  3. You got me hooked on Yves Rocher again - I was being so good with my purchases! ;) My order came a few weeks ago; I got one of the 3 minute masks and the body scrub from your last post, a dual-ended eyeliner, makeup bag and a mitt for ex foliation pre-self tanning. That mask is great - it makes my skin really soft and I love the scent. Great haul this time too :)

    1. Yay! It's really good right? :) I love the 3 minute mask! I'm glad I could help've done the same for me. ;)

  4. Wow, looks like you got a lot of great stuff for a really good price! It's too bad about the foundation being too dark, it's nice to see that instead of throwing it out you consider how it may work for someone else. (:
    Love this haul :D

    1. Yes..they always have awesome sales! You really never have to pay full price! No sense in tossing perfectly good makeup. If it was mascara that may be a different story. :)

  5. I like to go there too when they send me rebates. The only thing I buy regularly is their Hamamelis body wash (300ml) when it's on special for 5$. It actually lasts longer than the Ivory 750ml body wash we normally use as a family. Very foamy and naturey smelling and made for sensitive skin.

    I can see why the perfume would be spicy, it's a Christmas perfume so it's bound to smell like spices like so much Christmas stuff does. I got a Christmas product too on clearance at Bath and Body Works last week. A body scrub for 3$ in candied ginger flavour.

    Have you ever tried any of their makeup? I got a cream eyeshadow (applies like a lip gloss) and I got my friend the powdered sparkly shadow (by 100% naturel) which looked amazing on the picture and the sample did too so hopefully it does on her too!

    1. I wish we had a store here, so that I can get rebates. $5 is a great price! I'll have to check that out.

      I guess that makes sense about the spices lol.

      I got some makeup recently, but I haven't actually tried it yet.