Thursday, August 9, 2012

July Glymm Bag

Hello ladies! Did I forget to share with you what I got in my July Glymm bag?  I better hop to it.  Glymm is usually the first one of the month to come in! This month was so so for me. I felt like they couldn't get their product together in time.  I do like the makeup bags, but I hate that they value them at $12.  Come on..they're basically dollar store type bags.  Plus, they're you know you can't expect too much product. >.<  Anyways...this month was orange!

The first item in the bag was the mereadesso beautiful body balm. It's a 30mL bottle.  It's meant to be applied to everything below the neckline, or anywhere your skin is feeling (a little) parched.  I wasn't too excited because I already have 3 of these..I have yet to test them out though.  I guess if it's really good, yay me. I gotta say it has a nice citrus-y scent.

The next item is a 50mL bottle of Joico Restorative Treatment to revitalize, nourish and repair.  I've read a few good reviews on this, so I'm looking forward to trying it. I like getting treatment type products for my hair.  Honestly, this was the only item I was really excited about.
The next item is T&M Social Butterfly hair perfume.  I know some girls were excited about this...but not me. This is an 8mL bottle by the way and mine came half empty.  I probably spilled inside as everything smelled coconut-y.  Yes, this smells pleasant, but I like my hair to smell "clean" not "perfumed." It is a Canadian product, however.

Next is this cyberderm stuff.  I don't even know what it's for.  They don't include product cards anymore...and frankly I've been too lazy to go look up online like they're making us do.  Anyone else REALLY annoyed that we have to do this?  They say it's to go greener... I say they're trying their hardest to cut costs for themselves.

These are the two syringe doohickeys in the box. One says Hydration, the other says Anti Age.

It looks like an interesting enough product...but geeze.  I think Glymm is really doing these companies a disservice by not adding the card!  I have no idea what these are for.  I know I'm just acting like a spoiled brat...but I don't want to hunt the info down.  Could they not at the very least email us the card?

The last thing in the box was a 25% off nail polish on their site.  I think they did this because they had a sad little bag this month.  25% off is pretty good though, right?  I didn't buy anything as I'm on a spending freeze (ha ha ha!!!).

This is the whole lot...what do you think?  Enticing?

Thanks for stopping by girls!!! I hope to blog a little bit more's just been a super tough month for me!



  1. not impressed the joico and meredesso i got in previous boxes .. i know i know shouldn't be picky but i like to see new and exciting things!
    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

    1. I know what you mean. I'm really sad for glymm...I think we're expecting more of the hair perfume? nooooo!

  2. Meh this isn't anything great. I have tried that body balm and it is okay but leaves you greasy and doesn't really feel moisturizing? It kinda just sits on top of the skin for me.

  3. why don't they provide product card? lol

    1. They claim they are going "green" I think they're trying to save seems so more and more with the bags they're sending.