Monday, November 5, 2012

Beauty Box 5 - October Edition

Hello ladies!  Sometimes waiting for our beauty boxes is torture! Particularly, when they are coming from the States!  My BB5 didn't make it to me until last Friday I believe.  It was later than usual.  When I finally received it and took it out of my mailbox, I noticed it was so light that I thought it was empty.

Read on to see what I received.  It wasn't my favourite box, but I'm still a supporter of the subscription.  They do a great job of bringing in some innovative products and the majority being natural/organic/vegan. I thought the product card was super cute, they've come a long way from NO product card.

The first item is ShowStoppers Fashion Tape. I received black.  It's basically double sided tape to use on clothing. I think it's good for a shirt where your bra strap keeps popping out.  I'm a little hesitant on how this would peel off your fabrics.  I'm not really over the moon about it.  I honestly don't remember the last time I had a fashion mishap. :P  I'll throw it in my purse, for the time it actually *does* happen and I'll forget I even have it. :P

Full size is 24 strips for $9.99.  I received 2 strips valued at .83 cents.

Next, Lash Card Lash Cards.  I just received this in my October Glymm bag as well.  Not really excited about it.  I keep thinking of the inventor bringing this forth on Dragon's Den and LOLing. I just can't grasp it. I mean I get it... and I do get mascara on my lids sometime... and maybe I would be more receptive if it didn't SERIOUSLY cost $7.00 for a 10 pack!  It's basically cardstock!

Full size is 10 lash cards for $6.99.  Sample size 2 cards valued at $1.40.

Why do they have to be individually wrapped?  That is such a waste of packaging! Too much plastic!

Then we have Furlesse Elevens.  I was a bit confused about this.  But, apparently this relaxes frown lines in a gentle, natural way.  You apply the patch before going to bed and you wake up with fewer lines.  Now, I have no frown lines. None, zero...between my my forehead yes.  But, these are too small for that.  I wonder if they have any for under the eyes, because I need some serious help there.  That all said, I'm not sure I'll have use for these... neat concept.  As a matter of fact, I read a review the girl tried it and it worked on her very fine lines!

Full size is 30 patches for $19.99.  I received 3 patches valued at $2.00.

I hope you can see the patches here, I tried to contrast it as much as possible.  They're actually clear fan shaped stickies.

The Margania Pure Argan Oil is the product I am most excited about.  You can use it directly on your skin (or hair) or add it with moisturiser. I really like that idea and would have never thought to do that.  I'll definitely give that a go and see how it works out.

Full size is $32.00 for 2oz.  Value of sample is $10.66 for 2mL(.68oz).

Next up is City Lips Lip Plumper.  I don't necessarily need a lip plumper.  I like my lips to look as full as possible..but I don't really know how well they work since I pretty much have chubby lips already. :P  I wish it came in something else but clear, I'll be honest.  But, I'm still looking forward to trying it.

"City Lips Advanced Formula uses the most powerful combination of collagen and peptides and Hyaluronic acid.  Together peptides and HA are proven to be the most effective for instant and long-lasting results."

Ok..just tried it lol.  It has a tingly feel to it... it is really thick and WHOA look at my lips!! Just kidding. ;) Ok, I'll warn's more than just a tingly feeling it a mildly burning feeling..not sure how I "feel" about this. :P Some of you girls would not like this, particularly if you are sensitive.  It's not crazy but it's a little uncomfortable. **It works**

Full size is $32.00 for 5mL.  Sample is 1.5mL valued at $9.60.

I just wanted to put the samples into my hands so you can see how little they are.  I know they're pretty pricey, so for the price it is a decent size.

Finally, it's a Goat Haus Dairy Lip Balm.  We received a bath cube last month (that I haven't tried yet) that looks interesting!  I'm excited to try this.  I received Sugar Kisses.  I won't open this for a bit because I have like 2 dozen lip balms on the go. :P  Tis' the season, eh? :P

Full size valued at $2.50.

This wasn't really an included product, I guess more like a bonus..but I had to share, because I know you've all seen this in like EVERY beauty box! lol

There it is again.. $100 gc.  But, if you purchase a tool at the full price you're still going to be spending over $100. ;) To me the price is a bit questionable considering they have their affiliates do lots of giveaways and do promos for their products at under $80.

Here is the whole box.  The value is approximately $27.00. I pay $12.00 US for the sub.

What did you think of this months box?  If I was deciding to sub based on this one, I probably wouldn't have..but there have been really good months and it's still a fairly priced box.  Amazingly, they ship to Canadians for free. <3

Hope your week started off well!



  1. I would have to rather the clear city lips lip plumper! I got a coppery metallic color ! Bah I am kinda wondering what its going to do to my big-ish lips! I agree the BB5 has come along way.

    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

    1. lips are a bit big too...but it doesn't make them explode or anything..just feels like they will. :P How did you end up liking the colour you received?

  2. Your too funny girl, I loved how you described the feeling of the lip plumper! I've never heard of that lip balm before but it looks good, I'm a lip balm junkie:P

    1. It's really cool..the only down side is that it's so small. However, I love that with BB5 you get loaded up with coupon codes!

  3. Not such a bad box but there's something less exciting when it's so light... Even through post. lol

    1. I know what you mean! lol. It wasn't my favourite box..

  4. I don't get the point of the lash cards at all! Funny that they were in 2 boxes in the same month though.. The argan oil looks great though (I am obsessed with argan oil!), just too bad it's so tiny! The lip balm looks really good too, can never get enough of them in the winter!

    1. LOL..yes the cards pisssed me off somewhat. I always feel like I mess up with Argan oil and end up looking a greasy mess. :P My collection of lip balms is so big they'll expire before I can use them all. Oh wait, that goes for all my makeup. :P

  5. I know some other girls have mentioned the sting of City Lips is too strong for them - it's ok for me, but yeah, this one really plumps eh?!

    1. You must have a higher pain tolerance. :P But yes, this one definitely did plump! Did it work for you?