Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Starlooks - October Edition!

Heading back to October as I anticipate the arrival of November!  Is it just me or do some of these boxes feel like they're taking forever this month!  I love how Starlooks packages their box differently each month by changing the box and the ribbons they use!  It's always so much fun to see what's coming!  I really try my darndest to stay away from spoilers.  I love the surprises each month!

As, always.  You get these cute crystals in your box!  This time I got a whole whackadoodle!  Of course, I had to share with my kiddos because they love them. :)

More often that not, Starlooks loves including freebies!  For October we received this eye tattoo.  Except, it didn't make it in time for Halloween. :`(  In any case, I was bummed I didn't get the black scrolly one.  I think this one is a little over the top. ;)

The October theme was Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil.  Each picture has a clue to the items received in the box! I love that!

For See No Evil, it was an eyeliner pencil in "Gold Dust".  I'm not yet sure how I feel about it...but I haven't played with it.  However, they say you can use it as an eye shadow base all over the eyelid!  Retails for $8.

It applies beautifully, it has a great pigment and is really pretty to look at.  Again, I'm just not yet sure if it's for me!

The next item was Hear No Evil.  It's an eye shadow pigment in "Posh".  I've never used a pigment before, so I'm excited to try it out!  I love purple as well! It's one of the top 3 colours I use.  That said, this is a very bold colour, so some playing around is in order! :) This retails for $12.

The colour is "Posh/Peddle".

It's quite a large container, I think this will last forever.  Isn't the colour gorgeous?  They claim it's long lasting and you should apply it carefully as a little goes a long way. "...with the lightest touch."

I tried really hard to get a good picture of it, this is the best I could get.  I'm new to pigments, so maybe I'm still missing something.  Is it buildable?

Lastly, Speak No Evil.  I love getting lip gloss and lip stick in my boxes!  This is a moisture rich lipstick in "Masquerade".  It is a rich, blood red, with a hint of orange shimmer.  This retails for $11.

Masquerade.  You can see the shimmer! Yay!

This is pretty true to colour on my monitor.  I just love it, loooove it!


I apologize for the poorly applied lipstick.  I did it super quick, using my camera lens as my mirror! lol.  Also, holding a DSLR makes it difficult to get a picture of your lips! hehe!

Pretty, right?!  It's so creamy, rich and moisturizing!  It definitely has shimmer as well! :)

There you have it! The October box.  It's value is $31. I pay about $18.50 shipped.  I also want to mention that they included a card that says the December box is a $99 value for only $15 (the cost of the sub). What we are receiving is a 15 shade pro eye shadow palette!!! WOW!!! Marci, the owner is such a generous spirit!  I love this company immensely!  This is a sub that I know I cannot drop!

If you're interested in signing up, contact Starlooks via email if you're in Canada or directly from their website if you are in the US! Let them know I sent you! :)

I've had the craziest couple weeks and I'm really looking forward to the weekend!  I hope next week settles down or I'll need to take a vacation! :)



  1. that is a gorgeous lip color! and i don't see anything wrong with the application at all - no need for a disclaimer! hehe
    the gold eyeliner also looks really pretty

    1. Thanks heeh! It is really pretty, just not sure how to work it! :)

  2. So brave to go for such a bright color, and you look amazing with it on!:)

    1. Thank you so much! I would have never thought so until I tried it! Now, I'm obsessed with colour!

  3. That lipstick is so pretty and unique.

  4. I just contacted them to sign up, I also used you as a referrence, thanks so much for the review =) Cheryl MacIntyre

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl!!! :) I think you will really enjoy receiving Starlooks!