Sunday, November 11, 2012

Everyday Minerals Haul

First of all...


So, this haul goes back to mid July!  I told you ladies I'm trying to get caught up on posts!  I didn't know about Everyday Minerals until I tried a blush that I received in my Beauty Box 5. Read their philosophy and wonderful story HERE.  I fell in love instantly, so I watch the sales!  Of course, there was a coupon code for me to save me some money, yah!  So, all these sets were purchased on sale and the code basically eliminated my shipping which was $6.70.

There won't be too much to say, as I've only tried a few colours so far.  If there is anything you would like me to test on the blog, please let me know!

The first set was the Pink Lady Kit.  It was on sale for $14.00! It included 5 small size eye shadows and 2 regular blushes. 

Blush: Wild Vines.

Blush: Girl Friday.  I received this one in my BB5 and fell in love.  It's a perfect natural colour!

All the following shadows are the small size ones.  This is Lip Lock. PEARL. This is a super high shine peachy colour. To die for! :)  Super pearly!

Shadow: My Place. MATTE.

Shadow: Prettier In Pink. PEARL.

Shadow: Prim & Proper. PEARL.  This is another gorgeous pearl in a girly pink. Love it!

Shadow: Illuminator X. PEARL. This is as pearly as the other two I tried, but it's a really nice palest of pinks which is perfect for highlighting.

This was the whole set Pink Lady Kit.  I love pinks! This is a great set that was worth every penny! :)

The next set I picked up was the Getaway Plan Kit. This one was $14.99 and included 6 small size eye shadows. I wasn't as happy with the colours in person as I was when I saw them online. I think they're too dark for my tastes.

Shadow: Art Girl. PEARL.  This is a colour I really wanted to fall in love with.  I love purples, but I think this ended up looking too dark and maybe a little too muddy looking for my liking.  I have pics at the bottom. So, it just may be a bit too dark with not a lot of the pearl payoff.

Shadow: Everlasting Love. MATTE.

Shadow: Too Edgy. SHIMMER.

Shadow: Juniper. SHIMMER.

Shadow: Jane Eyre. SHIMMER.

Shadow: Illuminator X. PEARL. This is a double from the Pink Lady Kit...I love it. :)

This is the whole Getaway Plan Kit.  As you can see, pretty dark. But, I'll play around with them yet and see what I can come up with.

The final set is the Naturally Wondrous Eye Kit. This was on sale for $14.99 as well.  It also included 6 small size eye shadows. I think this set was more on the neutral side, which is perfect.

Shadow: Spiritual Shimmer. SHIMMER.

Shadow: All Spice. SHIMMER.

Shadow: Midnight Mystery. SHIMMER.

Shadow: Free As The Wind. SHIMMER.

 Shadow: Rare Silk. MATTE.

Shadow: Knight Of Ribbons. PEARL.

This is the whole Naturally Wondrous Eye Kit.  I like them all but unsure about a couple colours.  They appear quite a bit darker than they really are here. 

Here is a quick look at Art Girl.  The dark purple in my crease.  I swept it over top of Illuminator X, so it did soften it a bit. Also, this is a FULL DAY of wearing it, no primer. Minimal wear probably from my bad habit of rubbing my eye. :/

Still, the colour didn't quite look right on me.  I think I'll need to try and go smokier with heavier liner as opposed to the glitter stuff I used. lol.

All in all, I thought it was a pretty good deal and gets me experimenting more with Mineral Makeup which I really do enjoy.  My only complaint is these types of pots.  Eventually, everything gets shook up in the containers and even when you're super careful opening it up you manage to get a mist of shadow all over the place!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  It was a busy one throughout as my youngest celebrated his birthday party yesterday and birthday today!

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and you didn't get nearly as much snow as we did! ;)



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    1. Thank you! It was pretty worn off by this time!

  2. I love mineral eye shadows, I actually began making my own and started selling them to get some feedback on how I could improve them. Now all I have left is to pick a label :). Great shades, I'm sure you're going to love this amazing haul!

    New follower from the hop, follow back?

    1. Oh you have an etsy store? Are you getting the feedback you want?

  3. I agree - the 'mist' and spillage makes mineral make-up a bit tricky to work with, though it does give good results. Happy birthday to your little guy!

    1. Thank you! :) He had a good one! I'm pretty new to the mineral ones..wish they had an inner cap on them or something.

  4. happy birthday to your son!
    is it strange that i just discovered that i wasnt following your blog? oops!
    fixed that now - and nice purchase! i like these little kits and agree that the pots can get messy! there's gotta be an easier way! ;)

    1. Thank you Helen!! :) You were my first poster on my blog I think! Thank you for following hehe.

    2. i thought i was too! haha so i went to go check and there it was ... back in march!! :)