Friday, November 2, 2012

GlossyBox - October Edition

Happy Weekend Ladies! I want to make this one short and sweet! I apologize in advance the pictures are a bit off and I've been a bit of a dork. :P So, this is the last month that Glossybox is being offered at $15.  As of next month it goes to $21.  A lot of people stuck around to see what October would be like since it's technically the first month of the increase. (Current members were given the month at the old price). Well, after seeing this box I think a lot of girls were unimpressed and wouldn't pay $21.  I half heartedly agree..but at the same time it's my favourite box to receive.  I have enough glossydots for a free box in November, so I'll use those. Yay!

On to the box.  I'm 50/50 on this one.  I don't hate it but I'm not in love and a lot of that has to do with the price increase and the negativity surrounding it.  Hey, my moods affected by proxy. :P 50 girls received CND jewelry.  I wasn't lucky enough to have the golden ticket item.  I'm okay with that though. ;)

The first item I'm sharing is the Gillette Venus.  While it's always great to receive razors, we've received this one already a few months ago.  I don't remember if if was Glossybox or not..but if it was then yes, it's a shame.  I generally don't purchase razors like this because A. I find them overpriced and B. I use my husbands man razor that gives me a closer shave than any women's razor has.  That said, it will get used. ;)

This is a full size item valued at $16.99.

The next items is Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo & Conditioner.  A month ago I dyed my hair black (again) with red peek a boos.  I've been trying to keep the bright red lasting as long as possible so I've been a *bit* more careful with shampoos.  I notice this one says for all types of hair but I don't see it say anywhere that it's safe for colour treated hair.  These are a really nice size sample...but I think we ALL agree move on from Sebastian for a bit!!

"Cleanses and polishes hair surface to enable greater light reflection, creating gorgeous natural shine."  We shall see, we shall see...

The shampoo has a lovely flowery clean scent.

The full size shampoo is valued at $15.79 for 250mL.  Sample size is 50mL valued at $3.16.

The conditioner smells like how head and shoulders back in the day used to smell. Not really a fan.

The full size conditioner is valued at $16.59 for 250mL. The sample size is 50mL valued at $3.32.

Next, we have Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Cream.  I think it's an eye cream because it says eye contour on it. "An extremely luxurious face cream, gently formulated to hydrate and increase the firmness of your skin."  I'm sure it's lovely but I get tired of talking about creams lol.   What annoys me is that the bottle is SO big compared to how much product is actually in here.  When you pick it up, it feels empty.  When I hold it up, it appears the sample doesn't even reach the bottom line of the first dark taupe colour!  What a waste of packaging!! Who do they think they're kidding? lol I realize it's a pricey cream, so there doesn't have to be more..but GEEZE think of the environment!

Full size is 50mL valued at $93.50. Sample size is 5mL valued at $9.35.

Next is a Zoya polish in Loretta.  I know I received one in the past that I haven't tried yet..but I think the colour was really light..well this time I pretty much got an invisible pink. :)  I'm one for in your face colours more than the subtle pretty colours.

Full size product valued at $8.00.

A closeup of the colour tag...why? I don't know.

Finally, the big ticket item of the box, Model Co flipstick lip duo. This is actually quite an exciting product to receive.  I've never heard of the brand...and apparently this one was a special edition for glossybox members only.  As you can see it has a gloss on the one side and a lipstick on the other.

Full size valued at $38.75.  Holy moly!  After trying it, it's ok but not worth THAT much to me! I'm curious to check out what their line of cosmetics looks like.

Can you see the little mirror in the middle?  It's useful if you're putting on the gloss, but useless if you're putting on you'll soon see below. :P

This is the lip colour: Dusk.

This is the lip gloss colour: Striptease.

Here is my lazy photoshop. LOL, sorry girls!  1. lipstick only. 2. lip gloss only. 3. lip gloss layered over lipstick.

Here is how the lipstick looks on my lips.  Since, I didn't use a mirror you can see I applied it quite poorly. :P It's okay, we're all friends here, right?

I didn't want to attach this photo because I was like mid speech or something lol...but here is how it looks with the gloss overtop.  To be honest, I haven't decided if I like this set or not yet.  What do you think?

Well, there's the whole box.  Sorry, it got wordier than I had wanted it to.  Did you get a box?  What were the hits for you? Misses?

Total value on the October box: $79.57!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!  Crossing fingers for no snow!



  1. Your photoshop is awesome, I love it. I wasn't a fan of how light Loretta was either. I hate sheer polishes, but I did appreciate getting a Zoya polish.

    1. lol thanks Jayne. :) Yes, it's nice to get a Zoya but wish they'd keep the sheers out. It doesn't really allow you to "test" a polish and I'm really new to Zoya... the only other one I have was from Glossy and it was a sheer colour as well.

  2. I got the exact same box. I really love the polish, it's very natural and gives the right amount of niceness for me. I'm pretty disappointed in the lip duo... It's not bad but it's not my favourite colour and I hate how bulky it is... Oh well. Not a bad box overall but I feel good about my decision to cancel!

    1. I'm glad you love it! Just goes to show how much tastes vary, right? It was a good box.

  3. I like the lip color looks fab on you!

    1. Thank you, although I'm still undecided! lol

  4. Hi i nominated you for the liebster award here is my blog post on it


  5. I agree with you on the razor. Like you a use a man's one because its a much better then the ladies. This will be used just the same. My shade of polish is Rory which is a nice pink summery shade which is when I will use it more then in the fall. I found the lipstick (dusk) and glossy (striptease) very bulky.

    I will be keeping it going until at least Dec (my birth month) but I do like Glossy so will probably keep.

    1. Yes, I think it's a conspiracy! Because we have more area to shave we go through razors more. :P I really loved Rory! I am actually swapping mine with another girl for that one!

      I have until March to cut down to 3. :P

  6. We could've exchanged polishes. I like neutral polishes and I got Rory which I find too loud for me.

    1. Let me know next time. :) I like brighter shades! I ended up trading with Joy in Mississauga... but it's always better when you don't have to ship! :)

  7. Nice items!

  8. I got the exact same box as you. I actually really am enjoying the lip duo! I noticed the same thing with the Jouviance cream though, the first time I went to go try it, it felt like the tube had already been used or something! I wish that we got a better polish though, I doubt I'll be getting much use out of it, but I do love Zoya so I won't complain!

    1. I'm glad that you are really liking the duo. I am just not used to wearing neutrals on my lips...I'm more into the reds/pinks/corals...but you can't please everyone, right? :) The tube was so small lol! I did manage to trade my Zoya colour so it all worked out!