Monday, July 2, 2012

June Glymm Bag and Julep Sasha

So, this is the second month where we've received the makeup bag.  I actually quite like the royal blue!  I miss the pink boxes though, they're so great for storage and gift giving!  The one thing I don't like about Glymm going green, is the lack of product card.  You have to go online to see the information and really, I don't want to have to search for it online when I want to use a product.
The first thing in my bag was a replacement from last month. I've heard so many times where they never replaced the product.  A lot of people don't like Glymm, but I've consistently had really good service!  I was really happy to get this replacement.  If you remember from last month, when I opened my bottle the contents shot out like a geyser!  (Pressurized bottle?)  I'm really happy that I can have a chance to try out this product!  Yay for Glymm!
The first thing in my June Glymm bag were these two LA Fresh nail polish remover wipes.  I use LA Fresh nail polish remover pads and they're okay.  I think these ones are different.  The packaging looks different.
Next, is this perfume. Salvador Dali : It is Dream  It's something that I haven't heard of before. Being called "It Is Dream" also doesn't make it sound an overseas product with poor translation. A knock-off product.  The gold lettering is partially worn off as well.  To be honest, it doesn't smell very nice either.  A little bit like...bug spray?
The next thing, seems like a really neat product. "Vitamine & Sea - organic vitamins & pure glacier water"  A lot of people thought it was perfume. However, on the front it says "Perfect Skin Solution."  What I found interesting is the product contains 12 different oils.  You're supposed to massage 2-4 drop of serum onto damp, cleansed face and neck until fully absorbed.  It says for nightly use, so I imagine it maaaay get a bit oily.  It's a Canadian product and Vegan.  The bottle is quite difficult to open..and I hate to say the smell is not that pleasant.  I hesitate to tell you what it smells like to me. :X
Next is Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream.  It's really nice and has a pleasant smell.  I think the full size is like $200 or more though!! It's a little insane for a cream.  It needs to be a miracle cream to be worth that price..only time will tell. I guess for the price, it was a generous sample.
Next product was a lip stick/lip balm duo called Harmony by Belvada.  It's a cylindrical tube with the stick on one side and the balm on the other.  You push up on the end of one to get the other out.
This is the tube showing the lip stick inside still after I popped out the balm.  What's nice about this container is you can buy refills for it, so maybe you want to have 2 lipsticks or whatever combination.  It's a really neat concept, with sleek packaging! The whole thing costs $20 and the individual replacements are $10.
The colour I received was Natural Earth.  It's on the right.  I've tried both and they're very luxe feeling.  Creamy and soft.
Here is what the Natural Earth colour looks on my lips.
Pucker up! You can see it's not dry and quite moist.  Lots of nice shine.  It's got a bit of gold tone to it that I couldn't capture in my pictures.  I really like it!

I wanted to share with you a NOTD picture.  This is Sasha by Julep. I love this colour. It looks a bit more pink here than it is.  It's more of a melony colour..a dark canteloupe.  Try as I may, I couldn't fiddle around with the colours enough to get the right tone! It's a great summery colour perfect for everyday wear!
I hope my Canadian friends had a nice Canada Day long weekend!!! And a nice day off coming up for my American friends! :)



  1. I recently got my dad's glymm man box and I'm surprised that he received so many unisex product. Since I now know the marine cream isn't just for men, I will probably take it! lol

    Samantha (Nail Art Couture)
    Drop by and Enter my Julep Intro Box Giveaway

    1. Oh, really!! I've wondered what the Glymm Man box looked like! You should do a post about it! :) Yeh, the marine cream is for anyone...besides men don't use cream. ;) Well, my husband uses lotion on his dry hands in summer. :P Thanks for coming by my blog! :)

  2. Love that nail polish colour!! I saw that julep is going to be on hautelook on Thursday

    1. It is a really nice colour!!! I will definitely be watching Hautelook...but after shipping/automatic duty they charge, I'm not sure what kind of a deal it will be. :`( Poor Canadians!

  3. This is the polish I want the most from Julep ever since I saw it I-donno-where. I promised myself not to buy it until I have tried all the colours I currently have though so it won't be for now. I wish it would come up in a box or as a deal somehow because I don't want to pay 14$ (-20%)... But the colour is so unique... Don't think I'll be able to help myself if I get to the end of my current colours. Actually, I should go give myself a multi-coloured manicure. lool

    1. It really is nice. It was a little hard to put on..the consistency was a bit thick. Even with the 20% off their polishes are too expensive, imo! I'll never get through all my colours...I don't know how many I have that I haven't even used. Polish is one of those things where you go shopping and you're like..oh it's only 4 or 5 bucks...

  4. Sasha is so pretty! And holy moly 200$ for cream?! It better be a miracle!