Friday, July 27, 2012

Avon Anew Reversalist Review (& 2 giveaways to check out!)

So, I never really considered using "wrinkle" products until a few years ago... actually I never even bothered with any kind of moisturizer.  You know what though, once you get that first wrinkle you look again and there is another!  Now, most people think I have pretty good skin.  However, they don't see it magnified x100 like I do!

So, I had this lovely friend Monique, a lady who would be my mother's age. She used to load me up with freebies from Avon whenever I bought.  She always wanted me to review for her customers.  Sadly, this incredibly beautiful soul lost her battle to cancer this past April. It was quite sudden and quite shocking.  So, now whenever I use anything Avon I *always* think of her.  She loved being beautiful..she was inside and out.

She had given me this Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System to review as I had expressed interest in eye creams.  This one is actually aimed at 40+ age group, so it's not something I would repurchase. I am 31. It's a 2 part system..the bottom is the cream, the top is the illuminator.  These are the product claims:

 Eye cream: visibly repairs dark, circles, fine lines and wrinkles over time. Use twice a day all over eye area

Sheer veil with potent skin brighteners. Illuminates undereye area instantly. Use after eye cream and reapply as needed.

A Prevention Defy your Age Beauty Award winner for the Eye Cream category. Brightens even your darkest undereye area. Two-part eye system with Activinol Eye Technology. Helps reactivate skin’s repair processes and dramatically reverse visible wrinkles. Instantly: eye area appears more luminous. In 4 weeks: dramatically reduces the look of fine wrinkles.

Whoa...empty!! This never happens! I've got too many things always on the go.  Now, I finished this because I wanted to remain true to one eye cream for some time.  Do I think it did anything it claimed it would? Not for me.  I didn't notice any difference.  I felt like I kept waiting for something to happen.  This jar is actually quite big at 15g.  You know you don't need a lot for your eye area.  The whole time I used I kept thinking..."Oh no, I'm making my eyes worse because this product is advertised in the 40+ range!"  I don't think it did that, though. ;)  I'm currently using the Anew eye system for 30+ and I think I'm enjoying it more.

This is the veil.  As you can see it's hardly been used.  I tried it once after applying my makeup and it was so in your face!  I don't know if it wasn't blending with my skin tone or what... it actually accentuated my dark circles!

This is how it looks swatched!  Now that I've thought about it a bit..I'm going to try to use this on my cheek bones the way High Beam (Benefit) would be used.  What do you think?  It does have shimmer in it.  Probably another reason I didn't like it under my eyeballs!

So, overall I would give this eye system a 2/5 because I didn't really see any difference.  The eye cream is a nice consistency and smell is pleasant.  There is a lot of product, it lasted me about 6 months of morning and evening use. Wow!  It's always good to moisturize under the eye anyways, right?  Have you tried any Anew products?  I have some AWESOME Anew reviews coming up! :)

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Go,'s the weekend!!!!! Yahhh!  I desperately need it! :)



  1. I used to like one Anew product awhile back (can't remember the name) but it was for girls in their late 20's -30's. I liked it because of the smell and because it had spf in it. I never noticed any changes either!

    1. Yes, I have some of that stuff and I find it's actually better.. the face wash and creams are excellent. In particular the night cream!