Friday, July 27, 2012

BH Cosmetics $30 June Weekend Steal

By now, it's no secret to the readers of my blog how much I adore BH Cosmetics.  I can't tell you enough how excellent the quality is.  Watch for sales and snag these palettes when you can! I think by now I have almost all of them, all the edition palettes and limited edition ones for sure!  The brushes are AMAZING as well. I'll keep this short and sweet...but back in June they had the deal for 1st Edition, 3rd Edition palettes and a liquid liner for $30.  Great price!!!  I didn't have these two palettes so it worked out perfect. If you want to see closeups of the GORGEOUSNESS click on the images to enlarge!

Yay..I have the first one, now!

120 gorgeous colours!

This is the top tray. They stack inside their case.

A peek of the colours to the left.

A peek of the colours to the right.

Here is the bottom tray... I just love all the shades of purples/pinks which I use the most.

A closer view of the left.

A closer view of the right.

Also, got the 3rd edition! I was so happy it was 2 I didn't have in this deal!

Here is all the colours...WOW, I think this one is my favourite!

This is the top tray. Very pretty, useable colours!

A view of the left side.

A closeup of the right side.

This is the bottom tray, that I am super duper excited about.  There are a lot of metallics here.  Ladies ALL BH palettes are highly pigmented and last ALL day.  I kid you not when I tell you the quality is top notch! Don't be fooled by the low prices!

Ooooh look how pretty the left side is!

Ahhh..the right side is just as pretty!!!

 And...a liquid liner.  It works fantastic!! I have one already and since I don't use liners very often this one will be added to my 50 followers giveaway coming up soon!!! 2 more people to join us!!! :D

If you are interested in trying any of their palettes it THE perfect time right now!  All their 120 palettes are on for $17 each!  Canadians you can buy up to 2 palettes and the shipping will remain the same.  Anymore your shipping will be bumped up to the next level.  But, you can order as many glosses/brushes as you want.  I HIGHLY recommend their lip glosses.  Gorgeous pigmentation on those as well.  They are on sale for $2.96, WOW!  I have all of them. I LOVE all of them!  Go check them out and try for yourself!! At these prices you really can't go wrong!

Hope your weekend is off to a lovely start!!


  1. Do you use your palettes a lot? I have the 1st edition, the 88 shimmer and the 88 tropical shimmer and when I'm getting ready in the morning I just feel so overwhelmed so I rarely use them!

    1. I buy them mostly for decoration. JK. Kind of. ;) I love to play with them...but I generally stick to similar palettes for day to day. I love purples, pinks, neutrals.. but it's fun when you try something new and it really works! I stick to single colours on weekday mornings!

  2. OMG that's a lot of shadows! I do have a mega palette (not this big but it has many colours) from Reg Ginger. Come to think of it, I have two ;) Anyway, I find that I use the netural colours a lot but not the brighter ones. Though if I ever need to create a wild eye look - it's at the ready. Great haul!

    1. Each shadow is pretty small. You can get a lot of uses out of it, though! I think number 3 is my favourite, it has a lot of wearable colours! They do have neutral palettes as well. Check them out...and seriously their lip glosses are one of my faves! :)

  3. Gosh I need to get me some more of these palettes !! .. :( So pretty!

    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

    1. They're so cheap...when I spend $30 here, $40 there... I don't feel like I'm spending money...until I look at my bill at the end of the month! :o They are one sale right now... $17!

  4. So Jealous right now!!! Thats a great deal. I recently ordered some Bh Cosmetics and luv 'em, The colors are amazing and they are vibrant and last all day ( with the right primer of course). The email deals make it hard to resist buying them. Sometimes I buy them and then dont even know what to do with so much stuff . lol

    1. Oh, don't be jealous! Just shop the sales, that's what I do. Their stuff is so cheap but such good quality! I have too much also :/