Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Shopping Channel - Beauty Cosmetic Bag

The day after I purchased the Beauty Tote Bag from TSC.  I found the Beauty Cosmetic Bag.  Now, I honestly don't think it was there the day before, because I checked to see what other must have beauty deals there were.  I love bundled packages because they're usually a savings.  In any case, I couldn't pass up this bag either!  It was 19.87 plus 6.96 for shipping.  Not as good a deal as the tote, but you still get a gift card for $19.87!  So, that's pretty awesome.  The value of the 4 full size products is $78.45. Then, of course there are the "samples."

This is the cosmetic bag it all came in... goes with the tote, so cute.  Again, I'll probably keep it with the tote for the beach/camping.

FULL SIZE (.25g): Purminerals De-line Smoothing Lip Pencil in crystal mauve. Retails $22.40.  This is a nice mechanical pencil. It's kind of a coppery colour, so not sure it will work for me.  We'll see how it looks on the lip.
This is pretty close to the colour..except it is actually metallicy in colour.  I think I read somewhere that you really should just use a liner the colour of your lips, or close to it.  I think a clear liner would be the most genius idea, personally. :)

FULL SIZE (10mL): Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil.  Retails $15.95.  I already got this item in the  tote, see HERE.

FULL SIZE (15mL): Cover FX Clear Prep Matte Foundation Primer & Anti-Acne Treatment Gel. Retails $20.00. This could be a great product for someone who suffers acne.  I get the occasional pimple, so I don't really fall in to that category.  However, I may love the product as just a foundation primer, especially if it claims to reduce the appearance of shine and pores.

FULL SIZE (7.5mL): ProStrong Fluoride Nail Strengthner. Retails $20.00.  I'm really happy to try this out.  I go through bouts of my nails splitting.  They peel and flake away. I tried the Julep Nail Therapy and honestly, it didn't work for me AND it seemed to make it worse. :/  Nutrition alone, does not affect the health of my nails, as I thought it would. I'm surprised about that.

Note: I tested this product and it's not like a polish.  It kind of goes on like water and almost evaporates.  Interesting.  The back says, "DEVELOP STRONG NAILS IN JUST FOUR WEEKS! Directions: Apply daily to clean, dry nails & under tips.  May be applied over polish.  Do not apply if nails have been in water as a whitish haze could appear."

SAMPLE SIZE (22mL): StriVectin-SD Instant Retexturizing Scrub. I can't find the full size on their site. I received this product in my beauty tote as well and you can read about it, HERE.

SAMPLE SIZE (4.5mL): Prai 24K Golden Caviar Age Defying Concentrate. I can't find the full size on their site.  This is designed to address multiple aging concerns to help skin appear years younger.  When I read...appear years younger, I feel like it's a product I'm not ready for.  I think at this point in my life..I just need to be using creams that help slow the skin from aging, I don't really have anything that needs to be repaired..except those undereye wrinkles. :/  The neat thing about this product is that it actually looks like it has gold shimmer in it.  I'll still try it, because I want to. :P

SAMPLE SIZE (8mL): 100%Pure Super Fruits Reparative Cream. I can't find the full size on their site. This is an age corrective product.  If I can use it around my eyes, I will do that.  It's made from concentrate of super fruits.

SAMPLE SIZE (2mL): Ojon Rare Blend Oil - Total Hair Therapy. Full size retails $39.00.  This is another product I'm really looking forward to trying on my coarse, lack luster, dry, crispy, frizzy, unmanageable hair! :) The directions say you only need to apply one precious drop and hair instantly looks glossier, shinier, suddenly feels softer, smoother, more luxurious.  I hope it works!! You can use it in damp hair prior to blow drying or in dry hair as a restorative treatment and to enhance high gloss shine.

SAMPLE SIZE (7.5mL): Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation. I can't find the full size on their site. I guess it is what it says it is.  There's no other information other than applying on cleansed skin on top of treatment and or moisturizer. Can be re-applied as necessary.  I'll have to google this one.

SAMPLE SIZE (5mL): Naturally Upper Canada Hand & Body Lotion in Creamy Almond Milk. I can't find the full size on their site.  This is a really nice mild smelling lotion.  It won't go very far as it's tiny. It will probably wind up on my desk at work, where I prefer to keep smaller bottles of lotion, as I don't use them constantly.

Well, that's the cosmetic bag! What did you think?  Did you end up getting one?  Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was quite busy!


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