Thursday, July 19, 2012

My first order from Sephora: PART I

So, I know that by saying Part 1 this may be a super big haul..but really, trust's not.  It's just picture heavy.  I like lots of pictures..I hope you do too!  Remember you can click on anything to make it larger and I'll try to keep my words short and sweet.

I don't really love Sephora because I feel like I can find a lot of the stuff cheaper elsewhere.  What burns me the most is the huge price discrepancy between American and Canadian prices.  I remember having a Bare Escentuals item in my cart that was like $36 US and then $68 in the Canadian cart! ugh. No thanks.

The reason I made this particular order was because I'm a super sucker for "value sets" and I really do think I got a decent value of the 2 sets I bought.  Today I'm showcasing the Benefit one I received...but first the samples.

When you order from Sephora, you can choose 3 samples.  Most of them are perfume and not really a lot of exciting things. A lot of men's samples.  However, I chose this Urban Decay eye shadow card as I've never tried anything by Urban Decay.

The colours that are on the card are Half Baked and Evidence.  To the right (I cut it off) is a sample of their eyeshadow primer potion.  I like the makeup look they have here..I'll attempt it...and probably fail terribly. :P

The second sample I chose was Clinique stay-matte oil free makeup. *shrug* I wasn't really interested in much I thought I'd give this a try.

Lastly, since everything else was perfume I picked this one since it was basically the only women's fragrance available!  It's Lady Million by Paco Rabanne.

This is the itty bitty 1.2ml bottle.  It's only half full.  It's eau de parfum so the scent lasts quite awihile and it's pretty.  It's a fresh woody floral fragrance.

This next item was a deluxe sample I picked for having an order over $35 I believe.  There were a few good things, but "Dandelion Wishes Duo" was the best.  It came in this cute little package

These are generous size samples. Dandelion Ultra Plush Lip Gloss is 6.5mL and smells like freshly cut fruit! I can't even think of which! It's very light and pretty smelling. Dandelion brightening face powder is 3g.

It's a very nice light colour.

It's got a teensy bit of shimmer to it.  This sample could last a bit, really!  I don't think it would be a good blush for anyone unless you are very fair.  But, I have tried it in the past as an illuminator and it was very fresh and pretty!

So, onto my "BIG" purchase! :)  I bought the Pretty Committee value set. It is $42 Canadian. ($38US) I also love the fact that EACH PIECE is made in a different country! lol

It all comes in a pretty zippered rose gold makeup bag.

It's all in the details.. benefit on the zipper pull.

First is Bella Bamba, which is full size at 8 grams. Pretty holo packaging. MADE IN USA.

I'm easily amused. Just love the packaging!

It comes with this cute wooden brush.  As you can probably tell I already swatched it.  I think the colour would work on all skin tones.  A lot of people don't really like the brush.  I found it to work quite well.

Here is a closeup...oooh pretty.  It's described as a 3d brightening pink face powder.

Next is Stay Don't Stray, full size at 10mL.  MADE IN CANADA. This is a dual action primer to help lock on concealers & eyeshadows.  I guess we'll see..?  I've wanted to try this product, so I'm glad that it was in this pack. I saved a lot of money getting all this together!

It comes in a bottle like this:

The top is a pump.

The next item is Eye Bright, a full size at 1.4 grams.  MADE IN GERMANY.  This is an instant eye brightener.  I already have high brow which I love.  Upon testing this one, while nice I prefer my high brow much more!

It's a nice fat pencil.

It's a little bit pinkier than High Brow.  It's also not as long lasting and the colour fades as you try to blend.  It's not terrible at all.  It's just my first impressions.  Will review more later :)

This is the swatch on my hand.

Last was a 4.0mL deluxe sample of High Beam.  MADE IN FRANCE. it's a luminescent complexion enhancer.

This is how it looks in the bottle.

It's got a nail polish like applicator that I don't particularly care for.  A lot of girls LOVE this product.  I have to give it a chance.  I only did a quick swatch on my hand, but my experience with products like this, is it just makes me look like I have dry skin. So, we'll see.

That's all for now!  Have you tried any of these products? I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2. :)  Have a nice night.



  1. i wish we had sephora here in england :( xxx

    1. I shopped online, can you order online?

    2. silly me i didnt think about that lol looks like a sephora haul is coming my way xxxx

    3. I hope Sephora ships to your country! :) Have fun!

  2. Great haul, excited for part 2! I saw that Benefit kit the last time I went, Bella Bamba looks gorgeous. I have High Beam, it took a couple of uses to to apply properly but I really like it. I wish the set had Cha-Cha tint in it!!! I love all the contents but I wouldn't want another repeat product, I want to test out a bunch of Benefit goodies soo badly:D

    1. I also forgot to mention that the Dandelion deluxe sample is ADORABLE! You could get quite a bit out of both items:)

    2. Bella Bamba *is* gorgeous!!! I went from having no blush, to blush overload lol. I'll definitely try the high beam a few times and see if I can figure out. I think the cha cha tint samples are in their new mini boxes..I'm so sad I missed out on their deal today..all 3 for $50 US. ugh..sold out in seconds. Yes, the little dandelion sample is super cute! I adore it. Not sure what colour payoff I'll get with the "blush"

  3. Great haul love ! I was looking at picking up that kit when i was in sephora the other week ! Awesome deal wasnt it !

    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

    1. THanks hon! It's a REALLY great deal. I wanted to buy the Stay Don't Stray anyways, so it was practically getting the other stuff free! I think the blush is like $32 as well.

  4. I LOVE highbeam! this is an awesome haul- the blush sample you got will last you ages, trust me! I have one as well (in bella bamba) and I've barely made a dent in it and use it all the time.

    1. Yes, I saw your post...isn't it sooo cute! :) Did you get a lip gloss with it as well?

  5. Olá, adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:

  6. Great cosmetics :) Yes, we are from Poland but we write on blog in english too. We want people from around the world can read our posts :)

    1. I did notice that. :) I was born in Swidnica..I didn't notice what town you are from!

  7. I really want to get this kit! I've been eyeing Bella Bamba since seeing it on other blogs:)

    Love your following!

    1. Thank you so much for coming by and following! :) It's a gorgeous blush and it would be totally suitable for every skin tone! The kit is totally worth getting since it nearly pays for the blush itself!