Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Glossybox - September Edition

Glossybox time is my favourite time of the month!  I always love seeing what they pack into their boxes.  I find it quite different from some of the other boxes...where I get stuck with a lot of lotions.  I do have some bad news though... Glossybox is going up from $15 a month to $21 a month. *boohoo*  That said, I will stay subbed because I've been pretty much a happy girl with this box overall.  It's definitely in my top 2.

So, this was listed as an extra on the box.  I'm not really sure why they put 5 units/$5.99 as the value.  Really, all it is, is an insert telling us about a facebook page that is a non profit organization that supports up and coming Canadian Fashion.  I actually just "liked" the page today, so I think the bag draw is done...but since I like fashion and I love Canada I thought it was a page worth watching. :)

This was also thrown in as an extra.  I know people are like, "eh..another drug store item.." However, this is the Dove ClearTone that is supposed to help reduce underarm discolouration caused by dry skin from shaving.  I do have some of that, so I'm actually really excited to test this out to see if it works! It has a nice fresh scent.

Full size is 45g for $3.99-$4.99. Sample size is 17g worth $1.51-$1.89.

The next item is B.Kamins Maple Body Lotion.  It's an anti-aging lotion that is infused with honey, Vitamins A & E and Bio-Maple Compound for the ultimate in Hydration.  The best part of the B.Kamins brand is that they are Canadian.  Does anyone else just LOVE getting Canadian products in their boxes?   The lotion smells really nice and clean and has a really liquid texture that absorbs quickly.  I don't find that it smells like maple at all.  Anyone else?

Full size is 180mL for $41. Sample size is 12mL worth $2.73.

Next is another B.Kamins sample.  This one is a soothing anti-aging lip balm with Bio-Maple Compound as well.  It also contains UVA/UVB sunscreens that repair and protect.  I think that this product actually made me thing... I often wear lip balms, usually under my lip gloss or lipstick.  I do it for the hydration, mainly.  That said... I never thought about my lips aging and using an anti aging type balm.  It all makes sense to me now and it's something I'm going to definitely research a little more.  The older I get..the more dull and damaged my lips look. Boo!

*I tried this product and for me it would be best suited to put on before bed.  It's a very thick carmex like consistency that feels heavy on my lips.  Not in a bad way girls! Just not how I would like my lips to feel prior to applying gloss or lipstick*

Full size is 15g for $21.  Sample size is 3.69g worth $5.17.

Next is a product I'm super excited about.  It's the Wella Professionals  Mirror Polish Shine Serum.  It's meant for frizzy hair.  It will polish and smooth with a high gloss finish.  Some girls got the one for thick/coarse hair which is a spray that illuminates and shimmers?  I would love to see a review on that.  My hair is tricky because it's fine, frizzy AND coarse..and I have a lot of it. lol  I love receiving hair products.

This is a full size product at 40mL retailing for $16.99.

Last but not least, the one that got tons of excitement from all over the webosphere!  The Crimson Amulet Collection by Nyx.  Now, I have to say a disclaimer... I was/am excited about this..but I immediately had to wonder if it was a shelf clearout.  After doing some research apparently the movie was a flop and Nyx didn't do too well with these and they were relegated to a $10 bin.  THAT said, that doesn't bother me. ;) I like stuff. I like stuff too much. ;)

This is a full size palette worth $25.

So, as you can see it's a book-style palette.

The first half has 24 shadows and 4 applicators on the left, a mirror on the right.

This is the top set of perfect for me.  Sadly, I hear there is quite a bit of fall out with these. boohoo.

The bottom half of the shadows..again, love my neutrals so perfect for me!

Then, you flip over the "page" with the mirror and you have a collection of eye shadow base, liner, various blushes, illuminator and lip glosses.

On the far left is the shadow base and the eyeliner.  Below it, is the illuminator.  It reminds me a bit of Nars' Hungry Heart.  Then, you can see 5 different colours of blush.  Look at all that sparkle..the illuminator is super sparkly as well. I *love* to sparkle and shine! hehe

And lastly, 4 colours of lip glosses.  I'm not really a huge fan of pot glosses.  I find them a bit of a pain.  I'll be trying them out anyways. Cause it's fun to be a girl!!! :D

This is the whole lot that I am actually really pleased with.  If you received a GB this month, did you enjoy it?

Total Value: Approximately $51.40. Price of subscription: $15.

Hope you're all having a fabulous short week, we're so close to the weekend..again!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I love getting Canadian products in my boxes! I really enjoyed the smell and feel of the B.Kamins products and will enjoy my samples until the end!

    1. Yes, I totally get excited when we get Canadian products! B.Kamins was a great product to try

  2. i think the product quality of crimson amulet palette is not compromised.i mean when nyx made it they didnt know it would not sell much( because of association with the movie).also maybe ppl didnt buy it coz of the combo of colors this means it is safe to use it.look at the bright side you would be able to give review on something not many ppl have tried.

    waiting for your take on dove and wella serum.r they good enough?

    1. I actually have used the palette a few times and I was quite happy with it. I haven't really had issues with fallout of the shadows!

      I haven't tried the dove yet..and the wella serum.. so so. I've only tried it once though because I keep going back to my favourite!

  3. I tried the B Kamins lotion a few times and I really love the texture and how it absorbs and makes my skin feel :) I also like the balm a lot but as you said, for overnight or in my case if I don't wanna wear any lipstick or lipgloss, it works. I like the thickness of it actually. Yay for Canadian brands.

    The movie from the palette is like totally unknown to me. I have no clue what that movie is so I can imagine the palette would flop if the movie flops but all the better for us I guess!

    1. Yes, these were great samples..I would welcome more B.Kamins in future boxes!
      I've never heard of the movie either lol. I actually quite like the palette myself! Have you tried it yet?

  4. I really want to try out the B.Kamin products!

  5. Grr! So mad I unsubscribed in September. Hopefully the October box is just as good if not better. Thankfully I only paid $15 as well, I'm not sure how I feel about the price increase though.

    Great review! :)

    1. Oh bummer! Maybe someone is willing to part with their palette? I guess we'll see about the increase.. :/