Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Too Faced - Summery Eye Palette

So, I didn't know Too Faced Cosmetics existed until I went into my first Sephora at the beginning of summer.  While I was there I noticed they had a display for Too Faced and on it was the Summer Eye Palette.  I totally fell in LOVE with it..the colours and the shimmer were right up my alley!  I couldn't find a box though and when I asked the associate she said they were sold out and that should have been taken down.  I was *so* disappointed.  I came home and checked online, sold out.  It's a Limited Edition palette, so I knew I wouldn't get one.  I checked ebay and they were up to around $80.  I wasn't paying that much for what I already considered an overpriced palette at about $45.

Patience payed off, when I finally found on on ebay in late August for about $35! Shipping was around $4, so it was still worth it!  After I purchased it and I guess the interest perked up, she changed the prices to about $48.  I was *so* happy that I found it when I did! Even now, when you look on ebay you won't find it for less than $80 shipped.  Wow! Seriously!  I am so, SO happy I have this! :) 

This is what the packaging looks like, so pretty!

This is the back of the box. It says it's a limited edition resort-inspired eye shadow collection.  I hate when companies hype stuff up to sell out by making it limited edition, such a scandal!

Inside the box, they included a sample of their shadow insurance.  I already bought the full size and it's "ok".

And ta-da!!! This is the beautiful palette!  So, gorgeous!  At the top there is a slot that holds 3 cards that show you how to create a day look, a classic look and a fashion look.  I'm sorry that I forgot to take pics of that for you girls! But, if I try the looks I'll post the card as well. Darren Geller. I pretty much only have one look when it comes to eyeshadow so we'll soon find out if I can make myself look like a clown! :)

This is the far left side.  These shadows are bigger because they are the base colours.  Top to bottom: Day look = Sugar Sand, Classic look = Peach Fuzz, Fashion look = Sunbeam.  Sugar Sand is a shimmery colour and the other two are SUPER sparkly..which I adore!

Then, on the right you have the accent colours.  The top row is Day look = Plumeria and Cocoa Beach. The middle row is Classic look = Coral Crush and Chocolate Sun. The bottom row is Fashion look = Mermaid and Toasted Coconut.  I mixed and matched and used Coral Crush as a base with Mermaid as an accent and it looked amazing!!! The colour payoff and blendability were good and the shimmer was AMAZING.  Just what I look for in a shimmer, with no fall out!

Here you can see the top row is day, middle row is classic and bottom row is fashion.  Man, I just adore these colours!!! :D  I am so afraid to use too much of it because I don't want it to end!! lol

What do you think?

Halfway through the week girlies!!!!



  1. Wow I love the palette, the packaging is super cute? Have you tried to eye primer? I'm really need to get one and I was looking into this one actually:)

  2. Yes, the packaging is stinkin' cute! I did try the eye primer and I can't say that I love it. I think I'm still trying to find something I really love...

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, it was a really great one!! The blendability isn't the greatest, though. :/