Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Glymm Bag - October Edition

So, Glymm came a little lat this month.  Doesn't really bug me much. I prefer they still come in their correct month..which it did.  I'm actually still waiting for my 2 US subs. SO slow this month!  Speaking of waiting...I'm really annoyed that Luxe Box won't be shipping until end of December or beginning of January! How is that a seasonal/quarterly box if they're shipping it 5 months after the first one?  Don't they have MONTHS to plan these boxes ahead of time?  If mine is as lame as the last one, they're the first sub to go! Oh wait..I was supposed to cut back as of this month..

Anyways.. October Glymm bag! It was pink for breast cancer awareness month  It actually had a pink ribbon in it as well, however I picked it up at the PO on my lunch and opened it at work so the ribbon wound up on my work sweater. Pretty colour, but I'm getting tired of these plastic bags...

I'll also add that some girls received product cards, I did not and that annoys me to no end because I didn't get ANY product information not even via email.

The first item was a bonus item. Apparently, they are going to do a special "mama" box which is a great idea. Anyways, I know some girls were upset to receive baby oil..but come on! It's not just for babies!  You can use it as a moisturizer or take make up off..or grease yourself up for a sexy photo shoot. Maybe not..

Full size is valued at $6.42 for 591mL. Sample size is 88mL valued at $0.96.

The next item is Lash Card mascara shield.  I mean, interesting concept.  I totally get mascara on my lids because my lashes touch after I curl...but seriously?  For the price of this item..it's a bit silly.  Anyways, I now have a template to make my own.  I'm sly like a fox.

Full size is valued at 10 cards for $6.99. Sample size is 2 cards valued at $1.40.

This is what it looks like.  It trips me up that the printing is backwards.  Apparently, it's important that you be able to read it in the mirror? lol So silly, guys!

The next item is a mascara from Femme Couture.  The packaging looks a wee bit beat up like it was picked up at a warehouse sale.  That said, I always like trying new mascaras.  I mean what girl isn't on the quest for the best mascara EVER?! I received the colour: Midnight Black.

Full size item valued at $14 for 11.3g.

The next item was great because the previous samples from CyberDerm got great reviews. Mine came a bit crushed and I actually tried straightening it out a bit. I think I read somewhere these are meant to be used together, but again..no idea because I have NO INFO! GRR!

Full sizes are valued at $38 and $60 respectively for 50mL. I'm estimating these to be at 8mL each so I valued them at $6.08 and $9.60 respectively.

What angered me more not know how these are to be used..was opening it and the product gushing everywhere!  I tried to close it as quickly as possible..but come on, this will happen again.  I'm so frustrated as this has happened to me with Glymm in the past and ONLY Glymm.

The last item in the bag was Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme.  I had to google and I *still* don't get it.   I thought it was a moisturizer, but the packaging say it's a miracle moisturizer for curls, kinks and waves. Huh? Help me out here...please.  This seems like a heavy product for someone with dry, frizzy, FINE hair.  But, on the plus size it smells delicious.  It comes in several sizes including this one, so that's how I based it as a full size.

Full size valued at $9 for 60mL.

This is what the cream looks like... very thick. It has a beautiful Shea smell to it.

Here are the contents.  I was ready to quit, but they seem to be moving in the right direction.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable to grab them for a whole year even though it would have been nice to get the extra polish in the bag.

I also had to get some sizing/pricing from other blogs because I just know nothing about this months products. :(

Total value is $41.04 (estimated). I pay $11.20 with shipping each month.

That's it! Are you all ready for Halloween?  Living in Winnipeg I dread taking the kids...BRRRR. At least there's candy tax we can impose on the kids, right?! ;)



  1. Great bag ! Awesome pictures as per usual ;) .. Why do you seem to always get the shorter end of the stick missing pieces, stinky boxes (loose button)! Makes me mad! Bah ... yay i am so excited to take my son out this year he can finally actually walk up to the doors lol !

    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

    1. LOL...I don't know. Just my luck!! :) I hope you guys had a good Halloween!

  2. Don't blame you for not being ready to commit to a full year with Glymm, I wouldn't be either.. I hope that this means that they will be consistently improving, they have been super inconsistent!

    1. I don't know...it's just so hard to let go of them because of the awesome loyalty program. :/

  3. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my post and that freaking sucks you didn't get a info card. I don't know what it is with Glymm but I am seriously thinking I need to cut ties with them. I want to support them since they are a local company but at this rate I really need to think about it. I am getting a little tired of the monthly bags and wish they would go back to the boxes or something else.

    I missed out on the Loose buttons announcement of that late shipping. That really sucks that we are getting it that late. I agree its suppose to be seasonal and by the time we get it spring will be coming. Its not like they don't have time to organize it since now 4 times a year. Sadly this might be another one I unscribe to. I think they were more focused on the advent boxes then the quarterly boxes and thats why its being sent out then.

    Happy Halloween :)

    1. I loved the boxes. They are perfect for storing all my samples in. Without the boxes the companies like Glossybox send, I wouldn't have anywhere to put it. :P

      I think luxe box is first on the chopping block for me, followed by topbox. I'm trying so freaking hard to create an account to the boutique on luxe and I just can't get it to do anything! Why can't we use our luxe box sub accounts to shop in the store?!

  4. Lol - that mascara does look a bit beat up, but hope it works well! Nice nail polish you did. What colour is that?

    1. It's Revlon - Cloud. It's GORGEOUS! I got it for $2 at Dollarama! It was a bit scratched up here because I forgot to topcoat it! :/