Monday, October 1, 2012

Luxebox Fall 2012

Hi ladies! First, I want to apologize at how long it's been since I've posted.  I've been going through some super difficult things in life and when those things happen...the things you love to do sometimes take a backseat.  I can't promise I'll be regular at posting quite yet...but please stick with me and I'll get back there eventually. :)

So, end of August or early September, I finally received the long awaited Fall Luxebox.  The first thing I noticed is that it came in a long narrow box.  They have "members only" printed on the side, I'm sure to grab the interest of delivery people or anyone who may come across the box. ;)

Inside, was a nice sturdy box.  Not flimsy like the old ones.  Very luxe.

When you take the lid off, everything is wrapped in a satiny type fabric napkin.  5 more and I'll have a set? lol

Even the inside of the box was inscribed.  I was REALLY excited at this point...

The envelope with the product information had an "A" for my name.  Cute.

This is what the envelope looked like on the front.

Then, I opened the napkin...and I wasn't overly thrilled.  I mean, at first I was look at all this stuff... until I started opening up the boxes with the tiny samples.

This is what the product card looks like.  There is no prices listed on it anymore.  What's different is the little symbols they place with products that are rare, or full size, exclusive or a product launch. I didn't read the card at this point..I just looked to see what it was about.

The first item on my list is the Lancome Cils Booster XL.  It's a mascara base to give your mascara a boost. If this does what it says, then it will be a good product to purchase.  Currently, I use lengthening mascaras prior to my volume mascaras to make them pop.  It works for me.

Full size is 5ml for $28 on the Luxebox site.  My sample is 2.07mL valued at $11.59.

The next item was Benefit's Stay Don't Stray.  It's a primer to help keep your shadow in place all day. Not exciting since I already have it. But, it's a great sample to receive since it's expensive.  I wish I had a sample before I bought the full size because it's not my favourite product and I'm a Benefit Junkie!

The carton flips open and there's a cute wee sample.

Full size is 10mL for $30 on the Luxebox site.  My sample is 2.5mL valued at $7.50.

Next, is the Orlane Thermo Active Firming Serum.  Apparently you apply this to your face before your cream, which achieves a warming effect that prompts the production of new collagen. Direct from luxebox's info. Interesting.  I mean, cool if it works but creams and such get boring after awhile...and since I received 3.. I was super bored.

Full size is 1 oz for a ridiculous $157CDN on OUCH!  Sample size is .1oz valued at $15.70.  I saw this product on Neiman Marcus page for $300...REALLY!?

Next, another tiny Orlane sample.  This one is the Absolute Skin Recovery Care.  It's a biological "fitness treatment" that allows the skin to feel rested, revitalized and radiant.  I'm bored at this creams have lost my interest, no matter how good they could be.

Full size is 1.7 oz for an astounding $139.88CDN on EEK.  Sample size is .11 oz valued at  $9.05.

Then there was a little brown package with a loose button symbol in gold.  That was kind of fun...but inside was an extremely rough exfoliation pad.  I really don't know who can use this! Maybe on an goes with the next item, I suppose!

The most I'd value this at is .50. It's like something you could get at Dollarama for 2-4 in a pack for a buck.

This next item, is actually exciting...kind of.  Yay, a full size China Glaze from the Safari Collection.  The bummer.. receiving the colour, "Elephant Walk" was a bit disappointing since the whole box lacked wow.  It would have made my day much more had I received a fun colour. It's a shimmery grey...but at the end of the's still grey.

Full size received valued at $7.

Then, there was a perfume sample.  I gotta say the bottle is super cute.  It's a decent size perfume sample, I'll give them that. I do like the scent because it's sweet and floraly which is my favourite kind. The downside is you have to pull the cap up and that can be dangerous.  Be careful not to spill!

The full size is 1.7oz valued at $80 on the luxebox site.  My sample is .16 oz valued at $5.65.

The last sample in my box was a Calvin Klein Beauty lotion.  I'm not a huge fan of Calvin Klein.  When I go for fragrances I tend to go higher end..think Michael Kors. ;)   This has an okay scent.  A clean scent is how I'd describe it..which I associate CK with a lot. It's almost unisex.

Full size..I have no idea.  I found this size on ebay for $8.  But, I think you pretty much only get these if you buy a perfume set..I never do that.  I get really tired of perfumed lotions.  I really like body creams like nivea and such.  It's overkill if you lotion up, powder up, spritz up all with the same scent.

This is what everything looked you think it's blah? Or am I hard to

This is everything in the box...because goodness, I left out the exfoliating pad. ;)

There you have totals are complete estimates because I have no idea where to get a lot of this stuff and what the actual prices would be.  I didn't see anyone else with a box like this one...I'm special I guess. ;)

Hope you're all doing well, miss you all!



  1. I like the box that you got.. except the Orlane products.. I hate how tiny the sample is.. I received them in a old luxe box..

    1. Yeh, I honestly felt like I got leftovers in this box. Some girls got really great boxes... way more fun than mine! We'll see what next quarter holds.

  2. I agree with Brittany, I would have liked it a lot more if they left out the Orlane and threw in something more exciting...I am not a fan of the color polish either! The lancome booster serum sounds cool, I hope all the products work. Are you subscribed for another box? I have two more left and then I'm done my credit..I think that's the end of the road for me haha:)

    1. Yes, I realize that Orlane is a pricey brand...but getting such a tiny sample makes you feel a bit ripped off when others are getting full sized items in their boxes. I am month to month so to speak, so I can stop anytime. I'm giving them another chance with the next box to make it right.

  3. Hmm...kind of glad I decided to opt of of the Luxe Boxes when they changed them. I love the polish (I have a thing for greys) but the rest of the box is decidedly "blah".

    1. Right? Did you see other reviews? There are better I'll give them one more shot.

  4. I now see were the disappointment was hun! Still some great goodies though hopefully next box is more generous for you!

    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

    1. Yes. I think the biggest disappointment was seeing others' boxes. People got some really great stuff including 3-4 full size products!

  5. I've been wanting to see what you got! I hated how much variation there was with everyone's boxes...

    I hope things get better for you! We'll all be waiting :)

    1. I hope so too, Jayne! What did you think of the box I received?