Monday, October 15, 2012

Yves Rocher - July Beauty Sale

Back in July Yves Rocher had a big beauty sale.  That said, they always have you just have to shop smart with them.  What I love about Yves Rocher is that they always load you up with tons of free gigts.  This time, I mainly purchased cosmetics as I haven't tried them before.  To tell you the truth..I haven't busted into any of this stuff yet..eek! That's what happens when you buy more stuff than you can use, right?

First items I picked up were these eyeshadows from the luminelle collection.  They were regular $5.95 and I picked them up for $3.00 each.

This colour is luminelle - powder melon.

This one is luminelle -  powder pink.

I also picked up a couple of their mini polishes...and they're REALLY mini at 3ml.  They're regular $2.95 and I got them for $2.00 each.  This one is luminelle - enchanting mauve.

This one is luminelle -  moon flower.  I just love the iridescence on them!

The last thing I picked up from the Luminelle collection is the loose powder - copper sun. This one is normally $14.00 and I payed $7.00.

This is quite a large container and it has the sifter.

You need to click on the pic to see the details of this colour up's amazing!!! I should have broke it out over summer to give my cheeks sparkle and shine.  I just LOOOVE sparkle. This one will be a staple!

Then I grabbed a red velvet lipgloss that comes with a cute little leaf shaped mirror.  Perfect for keeping on the keychain to apply lipsticks! This one is normally $5.00 and I payed $2.00.

Not the best picture..but that's the colour.  Super pretty and fruity!  The sparkle you see on my wrist to the left is actually the copper sun loose powder...OOOH AHHH..and that's a bad picture!

Next was the biggest steal.  I totally forgot I had this and I'm super excited to try it.  It's Couleurs Nature Foundation in Clear.  It is a brush on illuminator for luminous, radiant, revitalized skin.  It's a nice big tube with 15ml.  The regular price was $39.00 and I payed $12.00!

This is what the brush at the end of it looks like.

Then I had to find a couple more things to total my order at $45.00.  I picked up a Couleurs Nature eye shadow in lilac/pink.  It's a little bit lighter than what I had expected.  But, I'm sure it will be fine for the low makeup days.  This was normally $19.00 and I payed $6.00.

This was the last item I picked up.  (Actually I had one more but it ended up being out of stock. :() This is the tribal fruity shower jelly.  It smells so fruity and delicious!  It $3.95.

Now, on to the gifts!  Everyone who places an order *always* gets a gift.  This time it was an orange cooler bag.  We used this for camping and it was awesome! It holds a TON of stuff and keep things well insulated. We used it for stuff that needed a cool dry place but not constant refrigeration.  It has tons of pockets and zippers.  I honestly REALLY like this bag a lot!

Here you can see some additional side zippers and the grey base also unzips.  It would be a great place to store some ice packs if you're going on a picnic.

Here you can see the bag is fully insulated.

This was another free gift.  I believe you received it if you spent $15.00.  Their body washes are usually about $4.00-$5.00.

Next, was a surprise gift when you spent $45.00.  My order actually came a little under because of the discontinued product.  They didn't email me to tell me I wouldn't get it..but they also still sent me my surprise gift.  I believe the gifts retail value were approximately $50.00. This is what I received.  It was actually tucked into that bag like a little surprise!

The first item is Desir de Nature perfumed bath-shower gel.  I'm starting quite the collection of shower gels...I'll never have to buy anything for a couple years! lol This smells amazing!! It's a light scent but very refreshing!

The next item I received was the Protectyl Vegetal after sun anti wrinkle sun care.  It smells like many after sun creams.  I guess I missed the ball on this one... lol  It's okay I didn't get too much sun this summer anyways.  I think a lot of us are very conscientious about how much time we spend in the sun and when we are in the sun we are properly protected, right?!

The last item I received was the Pure Calmille alcohol free toner.  I actually received this in my last bag as well.  It's decent.  I'm just happy I don't have to buy toner for a little while yet!  I'm always trying out different toners.  It's one of those products I haven't found that I fell in love with yet!  Anyone have suggestions?

Then, of course they always throw in a couple samples.  This time I got the Lilas Mauve eau de toilette and Hydra Vegetal  gel creme.

So that's it!  In waiting to blog about this stuff..I've forgotten what I had! So, it was a nice little surprise to find!  What do you think? What are you interested in?

The value of my products with gifts was approximately $165 and I payed $40.95 plus tax ($45.87) and free shipping!

How do you like the bigger pictures?  yay or nay?

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. What a great deal! They are really generous with the gifts! I really like the bigger pictures.

    :) Chelsey

    1. They really are! It's so much fun to shop with them!