Thursday, January 24, 2013

Catching Up Part 237

So, if you've been reading my blog for a bit, you know I've been trying to catch up from all my shopping purchases.  It's not always easy to blog when you work full time and have children, so yes..sometimes I'm guilty of delayed posting.  But, I blog because it's relaxing, I enjoy the process and I enjoy the relationships I build with my readers who have similar interests! 

So, sometime in the summer, the day AFTER I had spent a small fortune at Sephora my sister wanted to go. I don't think she had been to Sephora at that point yet.  The store is possibly a year old in our city.  In any case, I didn't want to spend a lot of money and would get nothing, except...I'm a sucker for bins of cute little things by registers and lip gloss. :/  Anyways, so I just picked up this Roulette Gloss Trio by tokidoki.  From what I understand, tokidoki is being discontinued?  Anyways, this was $10.  Annnnd..basically, it was cute!

The names are equally cute!

This is Mozzarella...and HOLY geeze..he's holding a gun...never noticed that before.  Not a fan of firearms! Boo!

The colour is really pretty...

This is Hercolino. I really love shades such as this.

Isn't it pretty?

The final one is Coco Bella.

It's a really nice coppery colour.

Sephora is always cheap to me with their samples. This is the bumble and bumble shampoo/conditioner packets. My sister gave me hers because she's loyal to her Garnier Fructis, I believe.  I'm always willing to try new stuff. :) I'm not brand loyal for MOST things. Although, I am loving my Free Your Mane shampoo/conditioner!

So, while there I also asked for a Michael Kors sample.  I got it when I shopped last time and I loved it so much, I was greedy and wanted another. I have since bought this...and it's probably my favourite perfume...EVER!

It wasn't that empty..I just used it that much before actually taking a picture. ;) I love when the samples have the sprayer.  This one doesn't even leak! ;)

Before my sister and I went on our little excursion..she gave me a whole goody bag of stuff.  She often clears out and gives me what she doesn't want to keep.  Look at all this stuff! :D

I know this is kind of a weird who gives away shaving cream? Well... my sister, no word of a lie..prefers the old soap and razor!  Well, since I basically use Gilette shaving gel, I was totally happy not to have to buy another bottle! :D

I think my sister, her name is Basia (Barbara in English, which isn't her preference!) by the way, really like Clinique.  So, when she gets too many gift with purchases, she doesn't turn into a hoarder like I do. :P  Anyways, she gave me 3 of these rinse-off foaming cleansers.  I love washing my face with products specific to the face!

In the pile was also the liquid facial soap.  Seriously, cannot have enough of this type of product!

This is the moisture surge extended thirst relief.  This is perfect for dry Winnipeg winters.

She also bought these nail polishes.  I think the colours weren't what she expected.  Also, she said she's not the best at applying polish.  I think it's just one of those things where you've painted your right hand when you're right handed enough times, it gets easier. :)  My sister is also a postal worker, so it's possible her polish would chip quick anyways.

This...totally makes me LOL.  Even my sister who doesn't subscribe to beauty boxes didn't want these!  I bet between all the ones I've received I ended up with a full size bottle. :P  I actually really liked this cream!

Finally, she gave me one of these to try.  It's a Ted Gibson Hair Sheet.  It's a single use styling sheet/hair polishing towelette.  I've never heard of these before and I think she said they're pretty pricey. I'm totally scared to use it up.  On the back it says it helps to calm frizzies, refresh and add incredible weightless shine.  Sounds cool right?  Now you're all going to want to know about it and I'll be pressured to review it! ;)

Well, there you have it! Expect more posts of me catching up to come!  I really want to get through my summer/fall stuff!  I'm almost through with summer. ;)

I hope you're all having a great week!



  1. I love AVON nailwear pro, I have about 30 bottles! The formula is a bit thick but I find it stays on well with minimal chipping. Is the yellow one sunshine?

    1. Wow, 30 bottles! Yes, it is Sunshine...I can't believe I forgot to post the colours! The green is sweet mint and the blue is lagoon which is a nice shimmer!

    2. I have blue lagoon as well :) I don't have sweet mint, I need 15 more and I will have the entire collection.

    3. Ohhh Priscilla!! I totally know what you're going through. I get like that with certain things..needing complete sets of polishes/makeup. It's sick! :P

  2. Avon in green is a lovely shade. and those cute Gloss trio

  3. What do you think of the tokidoki? I had one that I got in a lip factory box and I didn't really like it alone. Thought it was a little sticky for my liking. Love to know what you think.

    What is it with Sephora and the samples? I hardly ever get any in store when I shop. There is one girl who does give out but so many that don't. Hate that. I noticed Shoppers is like that too now.

    LOL love your olay comment and I think I am like you I probably have enough for a full size bottle.

    1. I didn't mind the tokidoki. I've only tried one and didn't seem overly sticky..but can't say on the others. I also sometimes wonder if we all have different variations to what feels stick to us. That sounds so weird when I type it out lol!

      I practically have to beg for samples. I seriously think, that when a certain sample promotion is over they get to keep them, so they like to hoard them. :S lol I don't have a problem with my particular shoppers just because I have great Beauty Advisors that have gotten to know me! :)

      Thanks for coming by my blog! :D

  4. OMG you are so right the lipgloss are so cute.i will be waitin for your review on clinique extended thirst relief .everything is just mouthwatering ...lolz

    1. Thank you! Are you able to get Clinique in your country?

  5. Looks like you scored some good stuff from your sis! I often clear stuff out and give them to friends/family, it's hard to imagine even using half of the product I end up getting
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    1. I totally know what you mean. :/ It's just too much stuff to ever use in a lifetime! Or before it goes bad next year. :P