Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Topbox - December Edition

Moving right along with my subscriptions... well at this pace I'll have January boxes!! Eeek, I'm so overwhelmed with things I need to blog about.  Work really gets in the way of real life, right?

This months Topbox came in a red papered cylinder.  I guess this made the box festive...? ;)  I know a lot of people were upset that there wasn't anything Christmas themed in it...but that doesn't bug me.  I don't think a company has to do something for someone just because it's a specific holiday.  When it happens, though it's REALLY great and very appreciated.  Julep is really good for this!

Balenciaga Paris eau de parfum.  Sample size is 4ml valued at $8.80. Full size is 50ml valued at $110.00.
I don't mind receiving perfume samples.  I actually really like perfume.  The plus side of this one is that the tube is actually quite large.  It's not one of those .0001ml tubes.  It's unfortunate that this one has a stopper and not a sprayer though. I find those so messy.

The first time I smelled it I didn't really care for it, I thought it smelled strong.  Then, I put it on my skin and i REALLY like it.  I totally agree with the description that it's a lovely paradox; a fragrance full of light and balanced with dark apertures. It smells pretty expensive and it's a very LIGHTLY sweet scent.  Oh great...the more I talk about it and waft my neck so the smell can penetrate my nose, the more I want it. :/

Style: light, mysterious, antique. Notes: violet leaf, pepper, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver.

Website: Balenciaga

Ferro Cosmetics Ultimate HD Foundation. Full size is 1 gram at $30.00.  I won't even begin to estimate what the size/cost of the sample is.  It is pretty small.  The diameter of the jar is about the size of a loonie. The nice thing about Ferro is that it is 100% natural mineral makeup.  That said, I have no experience with loose powder foundation and I'm terrified at the thought of this..the possible mess!

This is a 3 in 1 product: a foundation, concealer and powder.  You can read a little about it on the package here, I won't bother re-typing the same info.  I know it says Topbox exclusive, but we have received this in a  Beauty Box 5.   Then again, maybe Topbox has the exclusivity to the Canadian beauty boxes.

Website: Ferro Cosmetics

This is the deceivingly cute container that the product comes in.

This is a pretty accurate picture of the colour of the contents. Perhaps a fraction of a shade darker but not anywhere near as dark as my pics below.  I received light medium beige.

Before opening my jar, I knew it was going to spill everywhere because of the same thing happening with my Ferro sample from BB5.  So, before I opened it, I shook and tapped everything to the bottom of the jar as best as I could and as you can see...tons of product all over the rim and lid. Booo to the packaging.

This is what I managed to tap off of the sides of the container.  It's quite a bit.  It happens EVERY time you open the jar even if you had it upright.  I think I'm going to dump it in a little zipper bag. :/

Goldwell Sleek perfection Thermal Spray Serum. Full size is 100ml valued at $20.95.  Sample size is 20ml valued at $4.19.  I personally love receiving products like this that are supposed to make hair silky straight.  This is sprayed on dry hair prior to straightening.  I buy these all the time and they never live up to my expectations.  That said, I'm really bummed that my bottle is only half full.  I opened it and yes, it was the case.  Topbox would like a picture of it being half full.  REALLY?!  How am I going to take a picture of a metal bottle half full?  Even if I took the picture from the top, opened it would be nearly impossible.  Whatever, I'm over that.

Website: Goldwell

Kellett Skincare Clarifying Acne Treatment.  Full size is 50ml valued at $75.00.  Sample size, 2 packets for a total of 6ml valued at $9.00.  I get the occasional pimple, but I don't really have an acne problem.  Topbox has been a bit annoying about peoples concerns when they bring them up, "It's perfect for oily skin, it's perfect for sensitive skin, it's perfect for <insert your skin type here>."  I personally, am terrified to even try this now considering people have been getting some severe reactions.  There was even a picture posted. Girls mentioned they emailed asking about the ingredients and they weren't giving up the info. UGH.  I don't know what I'm going to do.

Website: Kellett Skincare

Topbox was really good in getting my replacement polish from the explosion last month.  I was really happy and wasn't sure if they'd actually remember.  I don't know how they can manage to keep track of who needs replacements and what box they go in.  This is China Glaze in I Herd That.  I was really happy to receive the same colour!

So pretty and sparkly!!

This was the complete contents of my December Topbox.  Not overly thrilling, but some good products to try out.  The value of this box is approximately $24.  I pay $12 plus tax for the box to be shipped to me.

How was your box.  Have you tried anything yet and what did you think?

All the best in the New Year girls!! I know a lot of us are going on a No Buy so we can either use up what we have, or save money or whatever reason!  I wish you all good luck with that.  I'm probably good for continuing blogging with what I have in my stash for years to come! ;)



  1. Nice box! I am thinking of joining them ever since I cancelled my Glossybox. So many awesome boxes out there, so little money in my bank account lol

    1. Hi Natalie! Let me know if you want a referral link...I'll send you one via email. I heard that people get through faster with a referral. I waited 8 freaking months..no referral! Anyways, this wouldn't be my first choice for a box if I was recommending boxes. Have a look at some of my other subs...there are better!

  2. Aleksandra,
    i had a suggestion as to how you could take a picture to prove that your bottle is only half full. if you have a scale you could weigh it and take a picture of the result. if you have a friend who also received the same bottle in the same box they could do the same and if yours is lighter, then you'd have physical proof (besides feel, since they can't feel that) for them. anyways, just a thought. idk if Ipsy (formally MyGlam) ships to Canada, but if it does i highly recommend them if you prefer more makeup to skincare samples. in november some people received a mini of benefit's they're real! and much to my chagrin i was not one of them (it seemed like only new/re-subscribers in nov received it, though i was a new subscriber in oct) so then for dec. some people received a teeny sample of Urban Decay's (at the time) unreleased naked skin bb cream which i did receive with a note saying that only active people received which was not true (and upset many active people), but it seemed that those who didn't receive the mascara sample received this bonus. i only thought of this because of your earlier post of your incredibly impressive SDM mega haul where you mentioned having several of those (unopened) minis in favor of their badgal mascara which i have several unopened minis! hehe
    i'm super fascinated by cosmetics found in other countries that are unavailable in the states. if i ever get to travel as much as i've dreamed of including visiting several places in Canada i will make sure to stop by a SDM and check out Quo brand! i don't know if you would possibly be interested in doing some sort of swap at some point in the future of beauty products not found/not easily found in our different locals?
    happy blogging!

    (newer follower)

    1. nevermind on the ipsy comment. i see that ipsy IS one of your subscriptions :-p silly me for overlooking that! i also love starlook's starbox :-D

    2. yes, that is actually a good way to do it! Thanks for the suggestions. I think at this point I'm just so over it lol. And yes, I am now getting Ipsy...what a fabulous bag. Unfortunately for us we have to pay an extra $5 for shipping. On the plus side it's still totally worth it! I was one of the people who got the Benefit mascara, I think all Canadians did actually. And I do prefer Bad Gal, but it's kind of an unfair comparison because I have not yet tried They're Real lol. I do have a couple kicking around, so let me know if you would like to try one maybe we could do a Canada/US swap!