Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ipsy - January Edition

Hello! I'm finally getting my January Ipsy bag up!  I've kind of been motivated to post some old stuff and not do this bag.  So sad..because as of this point I'm actually caught up with my monthly bags! WOW.  Tomorrow is the 25th and also a Friday...and I'm still waiting on Beauty Box 5, Glossybox, Glymm and Starlooks.  EEK?  So, I've only received Topbox and Ipsy.  Julep I skipped this month and my final Luxe box will come in March.  Also, in March I will be definitely cancelling Glymm.  I'm getting there!! Can I get down to 3 subs? We'll see! But, I don't have space anymore!  I can't use up my stuff!

Enough rambling.  This months bag was a little bit bigger.  It's nicer than the Glymm bags because it has a wider base, so it stands up on it's own.  It's navy blue and it has a nice blue fabric inside with stars. :)  Now, I have way too many makeup this is getting a little stressful too.  However, they are good to put little gifts in.

BigSexyHair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray. Full size is 300g valued at $17.50. Sample size is 43g valued at $2.51.

Hairspray really isn't my thing.  I don't use it often.  Mostly, I just use it for curls.  Now that I use a curling wand to do that I actually don't need any hold.  My hair that will not curling with a curling iron, will hold a curl and a loose curl the following day with a wand! It's insane.  Anyways, I am looking forward to trying this hairspray because the Sebastian one that came in Glossybox was a sticky, drying mess and it's even WORSE than what I remembered shampoo to be!

WEBSITE: BigSexyHair

Pacifica Body Butter - Tuscan Blood Orange. Full size mini tube valued at $7.00.

I've never heard of this brand before. But, now that I have and I've checked out the website all I can say is *blink.*  Shipping seems like it may be outlandish..we'll see down the road. It's based on weight.  There is a better UPS rate...but as Canadians we're terrified of importing anything via, UPS..right!?

Anyways, this body butter smells amazing! Absolutely divine, almost like candy.  Like an orange lollipop! The back says, "Sparkling, juicy blood orange with notes of red raspberry and spicy sweet Italian mandarins. The scent of the Mediterranean beach."  MMM YES!   This product is 100% vegan and is not tested on animals. No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, peanut oil or artifiical colour.  It absorbs into skin immediately. I'm so impressed...I'm totally suckered in.  You can save 40% on a 4 piece gift set of Tuscan Blood Orange because it's the fragrance of the month.  It's a great deal and body butter is an 8oz tube!

WEBSITE: Pacifica

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil. Full size 15mL valued at $14. Sample size is 5mL valued at $4.67.

So, I did receive the exact same thing in a previous bag somewhere. It may have been with The Shopping Channel or my Testtube.  I know it's a great product and I am still terrified to work with Argan oil.  My hair is so fine and what looks like shine almost immediately can look like grease.  I have heaps of oil at home right now! lol.  

In any case, you may be wondering what you can do with this.  You can use it on your face, in your hair for split ends, as a body moisturizer, nail treatment/cuticles and as bath oil.

WEBSITE: Josie Maran Cosmetics

It's kind of handy that the bottle comes with a dropper.  When you buy the big bottles of argan oil, they have this tiny hole that nothing wants to come out of!

Nailtini Nail Lacquer. Full sized 15mL bottle retails for $13.00.

I am super excited to add another nailtini polish to my collection.  A couple months ago I received Millionaire.  I did swatch it and is a nice neutral colour...the kind you can find in every single collection.  The difference with this is that the formula is flawless and amazing.  I want more. *sigh*

WEBSITE: nailtini

Frappe is described as a sheer pale pink. Actually, when I get to doing a review of this some Nailed It! Friday I will show you the side of the box, it's hilarious! I love a company with a sense of humour!

Soho - Concealer Brush. Brush retails for $7.99.

I love getting brushes in the mail. I love trying different brands and getting a feel for what's good.  There were 3 different types of brushes out there this month.  The concealer, the flat liner and the crease brushes.  I was hoping I wouldn't get the concealer because I'm really happy with my Quo concealer brush.  But, thinking about it's a highly used brush, let's give this one a try. ;) It came nicely packaged, so there wouldn't be any damage to the brush..that's excellent!

WEBSITE: Soho Professional Makeup

Inside was also a little how to guide on the inside of the packaging. Kind of a cute idea.

This is the brush out of the packaging.  It looks slightly oddball, but it's designed to be ergonomic.  I'm actually not convinced on this yet, since I tend to roll my concealer brushes within my fingers to get to each crease.  We shall see, we shall see.

The bristles are made of Taklon Fiber and the handle is plastic.  The fibers are super super soft and smooth but the brush does feel a bit stiff.  Now, I know concealer brushes are in general more stiff...this one seems very different from what I am used to.

Here is another closeup.  I love taking photos of brushes!

Here is the whole lot.  I pay $15 US to have it shipped to me. The value of the bag this month was $35.17 US.  I love the variety of products that we get in the Ipsy bag and it's nice that it's not repetitive of the same products we get from different Canadian companies.  It does get boring!

One more day of work and then glorious weekend! :)

Have a good day!



  1. Hey girl the pacifica stuff can be bought on

    1. Wow!! Thanks for letting me know!! :D That makes me happy!

  2. Omg Jade that's awesome information!! I'm so getting some now yay!

  3. I'm pretty sure you can get the Pacifica Sephora because I remembered seeing it in the states when I went there.. there is only one item on the Canadian website!
    I just subscribed to Ipsy! I'm soo excited! There are some really great products in this bag!

    1. I actually bought a 3 pack at and it was a great price! I just don't like Sephora anymore. :/ I can't wait for you to get your first Ipsy bag!

  4. I keep torturing myself by reading the Ipsy reviews, I can't wait for my bag to be here!!