Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beauty Box 5 - February Edition

February Beauty Box 5!  I've been with them since the second box...are they really on their first anniversary?  This is a box that had started off slow but has grown to be one of my favourites!  They include amazing, unique products.  I get a ton of brands I've never heard of and the price is right at just $12 a month US!  You can get it cheaper if you subscribe for a year!  If you're interested in trying it, you can go to my referral link HERE. If I were to keep 3 subs, this would definitely be one of them! 

I want to mention that there were items in here that were a tiffany blue sort of tone...and I'm curious to know if they were going for that them with their anniversary box or if it's just a happy coincidence!

They included a cute anniversary card!

The inside.

They included this note in the box.  They did actually post it on their facebook page so people could start referring before boxes got to us.  I don't generally do that sort of thing, because I don't like to be pushy with referrals.  If someone stumbles across a link, or when I once in a blue moon post it on facebook...great!

Also included was a $50 gift card to iTRAIN.  I haven't looked too much into this yet, but I will be checking it out since I am actively trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The first thing was a set of Brush Guards.   I'm on the fence with these so far.  I can't wait to try them on my brushes and see what the fuss is about.  They are pricey though... 4 of them will set you back $5.50!

Inside the package there were 3 brush guards; 1 for each of 3 different types of brushes.

Here are the directions to use them, it's really straight forward.

This is what they look like unstretched.

As you can see, they stretch quite a bit!  This is the biggest one I put over my thumb.

Next, is a Coolway Boost serum that is meant to be used with the Coolway system for optimum results.  This to me is basically a one time use.  You need to drench your hair in this stuff.  This is speaking from Coolway experience.  I hope to have a review of that soon! I'm not sure what the benefits of this product would be if you didn't have a Coolway System. It is really pricey... 8 oz is $39.95.

This is an H20 Bath Aquatics shampoo.  I don't mind receiving shampoos to try, but I prefer them to come with a conditioner.  For over half a year I've been using sulfate/paraben free shampoos.  This one doesn't say it is, but I would still be willing to try it. It has a unique non shampoo smell, it almost smells like it would be bubble bath.  It's $14 for 8.5oz.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Coconut Lime.  I really like the body butter we received previously and I am really looking forward to trying this product as well!  I have a lot of body stuff to catch up on...this stuff doesn't go very fast!  It smells something from a spa.  I'll probably fast track this one to use ASAP.  I think I'm going to fall in love with it!  Especially, if you have bottles of it laying around! lol  18 oz retails for $7.49.

Look how pretty and blue it is!

The last item we received was...this!  Do you have any idea what it could be?

A folding brush/mirror set!  I've never seen round one and this is really cute!  Don't mind the mirror 5 year old son was trying to be helpful by rubbing the fog from the cold off of it. ;) It sat in the mailbox while I was at work.

Out pops the brush!

This is the whole box!  I was pretty happy with it!  We get some neat products and good sizes from BB5!  I really wanted to get this post up quickly, so I will be back tomorrow with an edit on prices/sample sizes and value of the box!

 Hope you've all had a great night...and I am off to bed!



  1. whooo the scrub looks amazing!

  2. i noticed the blue theme too!
    and oh my i love the smell of that scrub!! and that mirror/brush is so useful! i keep it in my desk at work :)

  3. loved my box too! The scrub I can't wait to try :)