Thursday, March 21, 2013

Starlooks - February Edition

'Ello, 'ello! :) I'm bringing today my Starlooks post.  Starlooks is my absolute subscription service.  Before I signed up to it, I didn't think it would appeal to me because I wasn't getting a bunch of different brands to try. I gave it a chance and I was pretty much hooked from the get go.  Yes, Starlooks Starbox is the companies own branded items.  The lovely thing is you're paying about $19 Canadian (exchange/shipping) and receiving 3-4 makeup items.  This is high quality stuff, folks!  I cannot stress this enough.  Of all the beauty boxes I have been getting now for a year, Starlooks products are the only ones I consistently use in my makeup routines.  The products in the other boxes just sit tucked away, never seeing the light of day!  I mean really...would you rather spend $20 on high quality items you'll use OR $15 on a box that has disappointed you month and month again with drugstore brand, or 3ml samples, or, or, or...  Anyways, that's the end of that spiel!  I'm telling you...give Starlooks a try!  You will be impressed.

This month was a special edition month that features makeup artist Lauren Clark.  It came in a pretty pink box with purple foil lettering and purple ribbon.

More purple! I love purple and pink.  Even though, this box is the February edition everything reminds me of spring! These thoughts are very much needed for us in Winnipeg.  We have a ridonkulous amount of snow.  Yesterday was -35 with windchill. Today, I was too depressed to bother looking! pretty is this looks like a watercolour!

Inside...look at that stash of goodies!!! :D EEK! I waited SOO LONG for this box to get to me.  It was stuck in customs for a full 2 weeks.  So, I did receive it in March...but boy was the wait worth it!

Inside the box were some promotional materials for Lauren Clark.  This is an amazing opportunity for her! There is some info about her and some face charts to create a natural day look and a more dramatic look.

As always, Starlooks includes a crystal in the box!  I LOVE getting these crystals.  It's something I would definitely miss.  It's one of the first things I look for in my box before checking out the goodies!  I know I've given some to my kids along the way..but hey good energy all around!

Lipliner - K337 Tipsy. Retails for $9.50.

I'm super excited to receive this shade! It's a bright coral colour.  Coral is definitely one of my faves!  I know this came in last years birthday boxes.  Unfortunately, my birthday is in March and the program hadn't quite begun yet so I missed out on that!  But, now...I must get a Tipsy lipstick! :S

For this box and for a limited time, this one has been branded with Lauren's name.

Infinity Pot Liner (Satin) - y715 Princess Diaries. Retails for $15.

I am so beyond excited for this product.  Do I say that with all my Starlooks? Why, yes!  This is a waterproof, smudgeproof eye liner.  You can use this as a standard liner on the top lids or under the lash line.  Also, what I've already done, is use it as an all over eye shadow!  It's SOO pretty!  Definitely becoming a fave in my stash! I can't wait to play with this in many ways!

The colour is a beautiful shimmery baby pink.

Lip Gloss - S237 Pink Oasis. Retails for $11.

I will be honest in saying that when I first saw this I was a little nervous.  This is exactly what I love about Starlooks.  That may sound strange, but the reality is...the products always turn out to be something amazing.  It never fails.  If I receive and item thinking it will in no way, shape or form look good on me, I'm happily mistaken!  This is one of those products!  I adore this colour, the glisten helps to make the lips look fuller.  I will be doing a few complete Starlooks looks soon, so stay tuned!

It looks intimidating but it's a sheer lavender colour that glistens like the stars  I tried it on top of lipstick and it was gorgeous.  My readers already know how much I love the bling bling!  I'm a reincarnated magpie!

Fluid Blush - cheeky luscious. Retails for $15.

This is a newer product on their site and I think I've fallen in love.  It's a blush that comes out in a liquid cream consistency and then you rub it in quickly.  I have to warn you that it is EXTREMELY pigmented.  You need very little.  So, start off small and add more slowly as needed.  I promise, you won't need much unless you're going to be a clown for Halloween.  This product is amazing and I basically want one in every shade.  Blush over the past year has become one of my favourite things!  I'm in love with Starlooks creme blush.  I suggest using a beauty blender type of sponge to dab this particular blush on and blend quickly.

Now, be prepared to be blown AWAY!!! Here are all the swatches!  Are these colours NOT amazing! I just want to stare at this picture all day.  These products are all high quality and the colour payoff is amazeballs! If you haven't tried Starlooks yet, I'm so sad that you're missing out!

L to R: lip liner, pot liner, lip gloss, fluide blush.

Here is the whole box this month...amazing!  I think this has to be one of my favourites thus far!  I payed $19.50 give or take and the value is $50.50! In the words of Wilbur - First Class!! :)

What do you think?  Would you like to try Starlooks?  Head on over to their site and sign up!  If you are outside the US contact them at and they will set you up!  Don't forget to let them know Aleksandra sent you! :)

I bet you're all looking forward to Friday as much as I am! :)



  1. I wonder if you can put that blush on your lips or would it be too drying?

  2. I really loved the Feb box. I got the Lauren Clark set as well - that Tipsy colour is fabulous!