Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Glossybox - February Edition

So, February Glossybox came pretty late this time around.  I believe I got my box on Monday March 4th.  This one was a much anticipated box because it was their anniversary box.  I must say that this box was better than what we have been getting in the past couple months...but, will it stay on the up?  I'm not confident about that yet.  I haven't given up on them just yet, but I'm pretty close. I'm estimating that I will have 760-800 points after this months survey goes up.  It's worth it for me to hang on and see how things go, to get those few extra points to another free Glossybox.  Glossybox Canada costs $21 a month.  If you are interested in singing up for this service you can go HERE, to my personal referral link!

For their anniversary box, they shipped in a sleek black box with bow details.  I thought this was kind of cute. I redeemed 1000 GlossyDots for this box, so it was free for me.  That was a long year of collecting.  I'll be honest and say I haven't always been diligent in doing my surveys for the points.  It's likely I would have had enough for two free boxes by now. :P

The packaging inside was all hot pink too. I love that!  Normally the boxes are a dusty mauve colour, including the ribbon.

Crabtree & Evelyn - Tarocco Orange Eucalyptus & Sage Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy. Full size: 100g - $19. Sample size: 5g - .95.

This product was an extra goodie, not counted as the 5 items they promise.  Apparently, there will be a full size coming in a future box, well..that's good!  I haven't tried this, but I'm sure I'll love it.  I love the blood orange one by Pacifica! The Tarocco Orange collection is a new one to C&E and there is a whole line of products.  I'm looking forward to trying this packet!

WEBSITE: Crabtree & Evelyn

Eucerin - Anti-Wrinkle Cream Day & Night. Full Size: 50ml each - $18.99 each. Sample Size: 1.5ml each - .57 each.  Or, $1.14 for both.

This was another little bonus sample.  I'm honestly, so overwhelmed with skin care right now...that it may be the sole reason for me to cancel my beauty boxes!!! On the plus, this is a packet so I can use it up quick.

Just a quick note about urea. I rather not explain it, but you can read about it HERE. I know that may be an ick factor for some people, so I thought I would share.  

*FREE SAMPLE* <----click that link if you are interested in trying a free sample of this product.

WEBSITE: Eucerin

Essence - Quattro Eye Shadow in 02 - Chic-ify.  Full Size: 5g - $3.99.

I'm sure all you Canadian ladies are familiar with essence products.  You can purchase this brand at Shopper's Drug Mart.  The stuff is super inexpensive and the quality is decent for what you pay.  I will say it's better than e.l.f. quality.  Apparently, some girls have been seeing these palettes being cleared out at their SDM for .39-.59 cents!  So, if you're near one, pop by and check it out!  It's worth it, right? :)

Here is a closeup of the colours.  They're  not terrible.  There are palettes some received that I liked better and there were ones that I didn't like as much. :)

Bioré - Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. Full Size: 6 Strips - $9.99

I have used these in the past, and when I receive samples, I use them now too.  There is much debate about how good it is for your skin.  I figure even if you pull up some skin, it's going to be the dead layer.  Personally, I do find a few wee blackheads come out but I think most of that stuff is fine hair. haha.  Who knows, that's just what it looks like to me! I find them strangely fascinating. Do you use Bioré strips?


Macadamia Natural Oil - Healing Oil Treatment. Full size: 1oz - $13.50.

I've been dying to try some Macadamia products, so I'm really looking forward to this.  I adore the beautiful Indian like packaging!  I would love to be able to try some of their shampoo and conditioner! The Healing Oil Treatment comes in 4 different sizes.  This is the second from the smallest, which is .34oz. This smells absolutely divine! It has a long shelf life, well into 2015.  A size like this for me is perfect and I could never imagine buying their largest 10oz size!! This will last me well over a year, guaranteed.  My hair is so fine, that I have to use 1/4 of a dime size otherwise my hair ends up looking gunky and greasy.

WEBSITE: Macadamia Natural Oil

Anatomicals - you need a blooming shower! your nose smells rose body cleanser. Full size: 300ml - $5.24. Sample size: 150ml - $2.62

Okay, I'm actually quite excited about this product.  It's from England and it's not a really high end brand because the prices are ridiculous cheap on this stuff! I found a whole slew of their products on Asos!  So, if I like will be easy to purchase other items.  Bonus, Asos ships free worldwide! I don't particularly care for the scent of rose, it always smells so contrived to me. Most rose scented products do.  This also has jasmine in it alongside the rose.

There is some cute stuff on the back of the tube. It says: anatomicals - we only want you for your body. Isn't that hilarious? :) Then, there is this description, "look at that, the blooming man in your life has left the toilet seat up again. and he's blooming well dropped his dirty towels on the floor. he's also squeezed the blooming toothpaste from the top. oh, and aren't those his blooming underpants behind the door? never mind, at least you can enjoy a reviving shower with this floral cleanser. heavens, he's only gone and blooming used it all to wash himself." How cute, right? :)  Check out the website though, it's bizarre!

WEBSITE: anatomicals

Givenchy - Gloss Interdit in No.3 Coral Frenzy. Full size: 6ml - $30. Sample size: 3.5ml - $17.50.

Ahhh...the controversial gloss!!! So, Glossybox was saying that the people with the most Glossydots would be receiving this gloss.  I had about 1650 and I had just used 1000 for this box.  So, people complained and then they said it would be for lifetime.  Apparently, there has been glitches because there are people who got them with less points than others.  I think the replacement for this was an eyeliner and a burt's bees lip shimmer.

Well, I was happy that I received it, but I've come with low expectations of glossy that I'm not sure I would have been really angry if I didn't.  I just don't like the way they've been managing their business.  Anyways, this is a really nice colour...similar to my favourite Quo lipgloss that has been discontinued!  I will treasure this forever...haha jk. Maybe.

WEBSITE: Givenchy

Then, as an extra anniversary gift, they sent us this cupcake kit.  It's a bit corny...but meh. I could care less either way.  Some girls have been throwing theirs away...but I'll just keep it to make muffins in or whatever.  Everyone can use cupcake liners.  I know that it would have been nice to have something makeup related but I don't know how much we can expect from Glossybox anymore.

Here is what the little picks for the cupcakes looks like, I counted 22 of them.

The liners have little Glossy symbols all over them.

There was also a promo card for Globlove for 25% off on all online globLove products.  Does anyone else find the name of the company a bit strange? :P  Anyways, what I do like about this company is that 5% of each sale goes to help women living in poverty.  The website is

The reason we received this promo card is because this was a "Golden Ticket" box.  50 ladies received a pair of frilly panties in their box. I *LOVE* frilly bum panties! heeh. That said, they sent out medium to everyone and that's a bummer because that won't fit everyone. It would have been better if they sent those 50 ladies a coupon to redeem their own pair!  But, whatever...I like when GB does a golden ticket box... I've yet to get anything but it would definitely be fun!

This is everything in the box, except the cupcake liners.  The total value of this box is $49.69. I didn't value the cupcake liners. It's not a terrible box, but we have had better and we definitely have had worse! What do you think?

I haven't cancelled Glossybox yet, we will see how it goes for just a little bit longer. I have some hope for them yet!



  1. I agree while I wish they would have sent us a beauty related gift but either way it was cute and I used mine today!

    1. I saw your pic! Good job using it...they are cute!

    2. Anytime! :D Just wish I was closer so I could sample them hehe!

  2. My dog chewed the snot out of my Evelyn and Crabtree sample LOL it was everywhere. At least she smells better now :) I hope she doesn't get sick. My bad I should have noticed it fell off my vanity. I love the Macadamia Nut Oil. My hair looks so much better now. I only use a 1/2 size dime amount so that little bottle is going to last quite awhile so it is a good thing it has a long shelf life. I hope HOPE that next month is just a good!

    1. I'm sorry...but that made me LOL!! I hope she doesn't get sick either! I'm really excited about the oil...did you find you liked it better than other brands? I am looking forward to them wowing me next month as well!

  3. wow you some great things this time.Love the macademia treatment.Do share your reviews on crabtree hand cream.I love what they write on Anatomicals products.Sometimes i just browse through the stores lookin and reading hehehe.I know its silly.

    1. Thank you! I know, I love seeing the packaging too...I'm actually easily suckered in by cute packaging!

  4. I actually like this box.. better then they have in a long while..

  5. i have yet to get a Golden Ticket item too! maybe next time :) (btw, commented on FB about the Globlove pic!)

    the colors of your essence eyeshadow are really pretty! and wwahhhhaatt .39 to .59 cents?? i saw a bunch of stuff get cleared out at 99 cents! so affordable!
    i knew UREA sounded familiar from chemistry class! haha thanks for the reminder.
    ive been only finding out about the Givenchy gloss thing after i got the box... i also redeemed my points for it. i haven't seen any bloggers post about receiving the other items instead - i should search this up!

    1. Where did you comment on FB about Globlove??? You read that I got banned from their page right? I said it super nice too! UGH.

      I think there are a few girls on the Beauty Box Spoilers group who received an eye may have to do some digging!

      I love cheapie things too...but I'm resisting going to Shoppers because the temptation in there is so high! hahah