Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Ever Coastal Scents Order!

So, I've visited the Coastal Scents site several times, but never purchased anything.  The main reason being, that a lot of their palettes are similar (and some identical) to BH Cosmetics.  I can get cheaper shipping on BH as well, as long as I order 2 palettes or 2 large brush sets or a combination of.  You can add whatever smaller items that you want for $9 shipping.  The following order that I made on Coastal Scents netted me a shipping price of $15.80.  The reason I made this order was because I received 25% off my order with the Ipsy code.  So, basically, I received free shipping.  My order came in this beat up box that says "fragile." ;) It took 10 days to get to me from the day I ordered to the day it arrived at my home...on my birthday no less! Yah!

Here are the contents of what I ordered. 3 Go palettes, a brush, eye brightener and a mystery box.

Inside the package was this letter; I'm assuming for customs, which is really impressive!

With my order they sent this cute "I <3 Makeup" bumper sticker and a sample of shadows.  The sample is the same size that was included in our Ipsy bag in February.

Clockwise from top left: Tea Rose Pink, Deep Merlot, Hollywood Cerise, Light Plum.

My brush and eye brightener were wrapped in this tissue...much neater, but I had already snooped. ;)

Inside the tissue it was placed in an organza bag.

I purchased the Classic Blender Crease Brush (Natural) - BR-C-N08. Retail $2.49. Discount $1.87.

The fibres are really nice, they're soft but firm.

I also grabbed a tube of the Bright Eyed eye brightener in light.  Last time I considered making an order this was sold out.  It got good reviews and I am forever looking for the holy grail of eye brightener.  Retail $9.95. Discount $7.46.

This is how the product appears when you squeeze it out.

Here it is lightly blended in.  Obviously, I put way too much.  But, it does have a pinky undertone and slightly shimmery. Definitely use primer with this one!

Next up, some Go Palettes that I have been wanting for awhile because they are cute! ;) They all contain 12 mini shadows.  I only wish they printed which colours were in each, because Coastal Scents does sell 100s of the full sizes. It was SO difficult to pick 3 of the 7 they offer! Each palette retails for $8.95. With discount they are $6.71.

The first one is the London palette.

 The gorgeous colours in this palette.

Another view.

The second one I grabbed is the Beijing palette.

I just love the colours in this one!

Another view.

The third and final palette I grabbed was Moscow.

Lots of lovely shimmers in this one!

Another view.

Finally, since these were sold out last time, I was really happy to be able to grab a mystery box!  These retail for $19.95. With discount it was $14.96.  I totally would have grabbed 2, but they are a limit of 1 per person. They claim each box is valued at $50.  I priced it at about $65.  It's a great deal...especially since I only payed $15!

The box, as you can see, was jam packed!

The item that took up most of the room is the Nuna Black Soap.  Coastal Scents sells some products from Africa that are free trade. It does have a soapy musky smell and it actually feels somewhat oily.  It says unscented, but that must be just the smell of the natural ingredients.  The scent is very faint. It retails for $3.95.

The next item was the only brush I received.  It's an angle brow brush C215. I was kind of hoping for more brushes, because my fellow blogger City Girl received a ton in her previous mystery box! I didn't see this one on the site anymore, but judging by similar brushes it was probably $1.95.

Here is a closeup of the brush, I'm not really too impressed.  The bristles are kind of frayed and it's too "squishy" for a brow brush.

A pocket eyelash curler! I received one like this in the Julep box and they work great!  Perfect to keep in the purse to freshen up lashes during the day! This retails for $4.99.

You flip out the handle that's tucked away neatly.

This is a bronzer, and as you can see it's in dark. What a bummer...definitely too dark for me.  It's meant for caramel or dark skin tones.  I would have been really happy to receive a lighter colour to try.  This retails for $7.95.

Here is a closeup, but it's not as bright as it looks here.  It's closer to the above picture of it in the box.

Divine Liner in Lolite.  This is basically a gel liner.  This retails for $9.95.

This is how it looks out of the box! The handle of the bottle is actually a built in brush.

It's a really pretty midnight blue colour.

I've disassembled it here so you can see how it works.  The first piece is basically the lid for the liner and a holder for the brush.

Next is a lip pencil in pinky. It's actually a really nice dark shade of pink. No matter how much I tried it looked darker than it is! This retails for $2.95.

Next, is a lipgloss called a "smacks" in Bohemian Orange.  This retails for $3.75.

The colour at first totally freaked me out and I was getting a little discouraged by colours.  However, I tried it and it looks SUPER nice on the lips...definitely doesn't look full on orange like it does in my pics!

This is a duo defining wand.  I'm not exactly sure how it works, since it's not on their website anymore.  I'm going to give it an estimated value of $4.95...but I know that really means nothing lol.

One end has this little glitter tube and sponge applicator.

The other end has a black liner in this odd shape.  I actually have a similar ended product for eyebrows, not sure how this would work as a liner.

This is how they look swatched.  I did the black over the silver.

This is a duo shadow pencil in copper penny. You can use these to line, define or fill in.  Not sure they're my colours yet, so I haven't opened it.  This retails for $2.95.

Then, I received 4 shadow pots.  I think they're all colours that I wouldn't really use.  These retail for $1.99 on their website.

This one is S26 - Sterling. A pale silver hue with a satin finish.

This one is HP-ME10 - Tarnished Nickel. A deep tainted, silver hue with a metallic shimmer finish.  It may look a bit green here but it is a darker silvery grey.

This one is B08 - Peachy Pink. An orange-pink hue with a satin finish.

Finally, this one is HP-ME12 - Coral Rose. It's an iridescent coral-pink hue with metallic shimmer finish.

Next, are these loose shadows.  I can't find these on the website anymore either, so I'm assuming a price of $2.95 each.

The first colour is Golden Moss.  Don't think this is me at all.

This is Venetian, and I quite like this colour.

The last one is Key Lime and I'm a bit undecided on it yet.

In the mystery box they also sent a sample of the Key Lime loose shadow.  Obviously, they're just clearing stuff out, I realize that..but bah, wish it was a different colour!

Here is a good look at the colour of the shadow.  I definitely love the sparkle to it! But, dude is it ever green!

There you have it!  That's what $60 will buy you in this day and age! ;)  What did you think?  What do you think of the mystery box...would you get one?

Hope you are having a great week!


  1. not feeling your mystery box, but tempted to order one now just to see what I get! I wonder what shipping would be for ONE box? hmm....

  2. For $15 you got a lot in the Mystery Box but it seems like there was a lot discontinued items. I almost got the Mystery Box. But then I thought I have so much already LOL. I really like the blender brush. The B08 Peachy Pink is a blush I believe. They are the same size as the hotpots. BTW your pictures look fantastic.

    1. Yeh, luck of the draw! Can't really complain for the price! I know there are a few things I will get use of! I didn't realize the blushes were the same...I did find that one under shadow! It would be a super intense shine blush lol. Thank you for the nice compliment!

  3. I like your mystery box.. Great Coastal Secret Purchases. :)

    1. heheh... :) They're fun to get, that's for sure!

    2. I got a box a few months ago & mine was not bad. Yours has the eyeshadow colours I like. :)

    3. Is it on your blog? Did you get a lot of brushes?

  4. Wow that Mystery Box had so many things in it!!
    I love the country-themed palettes! Very cute!

    1. I know, they're adorable! I hate that I feel I need a collection...there are 4 more! :o

  5. the go palettes you chose are so pretty!! i've been eyeing them for a while but i need another eyeshadow palette like i need a hole in my head haha.

    1. I totally don't need anymore eyeshadow...ever! I'm totally dazzled by pretty colours and I can't resist my urges. I lack total self control! :P

  6. that is honestly a TON of products to go through!! what a fun mystery box!
    and i absolutely love the Go Palettes and the names!! so awesome :)

    1. It was overwhelming for sure!! :) The Go Palettes are my favourite. If there are sale codes in the future, I will get the rest! I just don't like the shipping of about $15, so without the sale I won't order!

  7. oh my gosh the packaging is uper duper cute.Love it.DO share your views on lash curler.I love the look of it but dont know if it will work.Everything out of your box is just so great.xoxo

    1. The lash curler actually does work!!! I have one like this from the nail polish club box: Julep. I was surprised at its efficacy!