Saturday, December 15, 2012

SDM Mega Redemption Haul!

Girls, brace yourselves this is going to be a big one!!! This is my post on what I picked up during the Shopper's Drug Mart Mega Redemption Points Event on December 1.

At Shopper's Drug Mart you receive 10 points for every $1 you spend.  Everyday there are deals where you can earn extra points on products.  For example, peanut butter might have 5000 bonus points attached to it. Then they have days where you get 20x the points.  I also receive specials in the mail such as an  additional 16 000 points for spending $100.

It's not difficult to collect these points because they have a ton of cosmetics.  In particular, if you have a Beauty Boutique they carry high end brands such as Stila, Benefit, Lancome, Smashbox, Clarins etc.

The reward system is as follows:

$10 off if you redeem 8,000 points
$30 off if you redeem 22,000 points
$60 off if you redeem 38,000 points
$85 off if you redeem 50,000 points
$170 off if you redeem 95,000 points

When there is a mega redemption day, SDM gives you even more free money to spend.  This particular event gave an extra $40 on the $170.  So, I redeemed 95,000 points and was able to go on a $210 shopping spree...yay! :) You of course, still need to pay the taxes because the $ value is calculated sans tax.

Anyways...enough babble...are you ready to see what I picked up?  At first I was under $20 so I picked up the Quo nail polish pack which put me $20 over, lol.  So, with my taxes on the below products I payed $46.37.  Value of everything here is $264.39!!

Essence Colour & Shine in 03 Wear It! It was on sale for $0.99. Not sure of the original price, I think $1.99. This is a super shimmery eye shadow that you can wear wet or dry.

Here is a look at the colour.  I just love purples.  Isn't it pretty? It kind of looks like purple and teal marble.

Essence Blush:  Breaking Dawn edition in 01 Renesmee Red. It was $2.99.  I know it looks pretty dark here.  It does actually look a lot darker than what I would normally wear, I generally wear pinks.  It's a brick brownish redish colour.  

Back of the packaging.  You can see it's quite a large blush. It's almost the size of my palm.

Here is a better look at the colour.  It doesn't come off as dark as it may appear here.  I'm nervous to try it...but I did want to try something different! It's also matte which you who know me by now, know I love shimmer!

Essence Nail Polish in 01 Jacob's Protection. $1.99. It's a really nice midnight blue with royal blue micro glitter. It has some greenish gold glitter thrown in as well.  It's definitely not the dominating colour.

Essence Nail Polish in 02 Alice Had A Vision - Again.  $1.99. It's a purple colour with purple micro glitter.  It also has a small amount of the greenish gold glitter in it.

Essence Nail Polish in 04 Edward's Love. $1.99.  This is a gunmetal gray colour with dull gold sparkles.

Here is my little collection all together.  There is 1 colour I didn't get it was a gold. This picture is pretty accurate as to what the colours look like.  Pretty, no?

I couldn't resist grabbing the glitter liners from this collection..sigh. Glitter, why must you be everywhere to tempt me!! I swatched them on my hand..not the  We'll see what I can figure out here.

Essence Eyeliner in 01 Alice Had A Vision - Again. $2.99. Very nice, super sparkly purple.

Essence Eyeliner in 02 Jacob's Protection. $2.99.  This is another super pretty colour..those mad sparkles totally reeled me in.

Essie Nail Polish in Dive Bar. $11.99.  If Essie polish wasn't so expensive at Shopper's I probably would have picked up a couple more colours.  Well, as a matter of fact pretty much all the colours I really liked from their regular collection I have.  This one caught my attention though and not sure I've seen it before.

It's really pretty and impossible to get a decent picture especially at night!  It's a faint duochrome.  It looks like a dark teal but as you turn the bottle you'll be able to see the pretty purple!

Benefit Double the Bad Mascara and liner set. $32.00.  I really didn't need this set.  I already have like 3 of the mini bad gal lash and another full size one I haven't opened yet.  However, I did pick it up for 2 reasons. 1. It's my favourite mascara so why not stock up while I'm getting it for free, right? And 2.  The mascara costs $26 so for an extra $6 I'm getting a liner! The liner normally retails for $26, so it's like getting $20 off!

I'm showing you the back of the packaging so I don't have to open my mascara.  I don't know when I'll get to it. lol 

Benefit Bad Gal Lash in black. I just love everything Benefit.  They have my heart, soul and wallet.  I know that tastes differ with cosmetics.  A lot of people go on forever about Benefit's They're Real and even though I have like 4 mini tubes now I still haven't tried it!  I do put on a generic drugstore mascara before applying this one...but my lashes are so thin and sporadic I need to use a lengthening and then a volumising mascara together. 

Benefit Bad Gal Liner - Waterproof in Black.  I'm really excited that this came as a set because I've never tried this liner.  I love waterproof as well.  I hope that Benefit comes out with an amazing waterproof mascara.  As you can see it's dual ended.  One side has the pencil and the other a foam smudger. 

Oftentimes, you will find witty quotes on Benefit packaging.  I just adore their packaging and how it's super funky to go along with their awesome product names.

Stila All is Bright Lip Glaze Set. $33.00.  I'm such a sucker for sets, and lip gloss and lip gloss sets. Especially when they glitter. *sigh* I'm so hopeless.  I did test one out already and I actually did like it!  I don't need more lip gloss, help me, I don't...but it's too cute to pass up! :/ They all have shimmer to them...A couple have a lot and a couple have barely visible.  I love them ALLLLLL!!! Well, as far as how they look in the packaging!

Here is a closeup of the colours.  What do you think?

Quo Back to Basics Eye Shadow. $22.00.  So, I got this one because it's supposed to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette.  I don't know about that and I haven't investigated further but I hear rumour that there are swatch comparisons floating around out there!  The reason I got it? I love neutrals..but more importantly I love the packaging.  I seriously want EVERYTHING Quo releases in their limited edition sets.  They have so much stuff out right now and I want it all.  However, I'm really practicing some strong self restraint.

Here is an overall look of the palette. 12 neutral colours.

Here is a look at the first four colours:

Here is a look at the four middle colours: 

Here is a look at the last four colours:

Quo All About Eye Palette. $27.00 on sale for $22.99. I'm not going to lie here... I was totally drawn to the packaging.  As soon as I saw the sequins my inner magpie took over.  Gosh, isn't it so pretty? I was totally giddy when I opened it up because it looked like the palette was made for me! Just for me!

How pretty, is this?  It's actual sequins and then it's shellacked!

Here's an overview of the colours, yay! 10 gorgeous colours.  They're about the size of a loonie.

These are the 4 colours on the left:

These are the 6 colours on the right:

I couldn't resist taking more pics of the colours! Left side:

Right side:

Lancome - Colour Design Eye Brightening All-In-One Shadow Palette. $54.00 Yes, $54!! EEK.  I'm glad it was free.  I of course, have purchased one of these before.  The colours are just gorgeous.  I really had a hard time with this shopping spree.  I get overwhelmed and then it gets hard for me to pick things.  Especially, when you are thinking of dropping a quarter of your shopping spree on one tiny palette.  But, you know what... I picked what I wanted. :)

The colour: 302 Violet Sweetheart.  Is it terrible that I want them all? :)

The standard Lancome case.  What I love about it is that you actually press the button on the front to open it instead of having to struggle to pop it open.

These palettes come with a plastic screen telling you which shadow is for what.  The bottom one is a bit dark , it's the liner.

Here is a nice view of the colours:

Quo by Orly Nail Polish. $40.00 on sale for $36.99. This is a set that I've wanted for quite some time.  I just couldn't justify it!  I'm so glad that I was able to pick it up.  Since, this set is what put me over my limit I payed $20 for it.  I know I could have got rid of some things...but what the heck, right? I apologise that the colours are much prettier in real life than in my photos!

Top Left 3:

Top Middle 3:

Top Right 3:

Bottom Left 3:

Bottom Middle 3:

Bottom Right 3:

That was it for my purchases...but if that wasn't enough I got a ton of freebies...LOOK!

This clutch was given as a freebie if you spend more than $50 on Quo.  Technically, I didn't because I got all my stuff for free... :P  Although, I think it's super cute it's not very practical with all the sequins and it's not fancy enough for going out because it just looks like a little makeup bag.

I love the little gold "Q" on the zipper pull.

This was a Lancome Gift With Purchase if you spend $50. I did get $54 of Lancome product, but again, since I used my points my Lancome palette was free.  I love getting free stuff for getting free stuff! :)

Estimated value of the bag is $122!!!

There is a zipper that goes all around and you can unzip it to expand.  It also shows this pretty purple colour when you do so! This bag, I REALLY like and will be using in my purse!

Contents of bag are as follows:

Lancome Absolue Eye Cream.

Lancome Absolue Premium Cream.

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara in black.

Lancome Le Rouge Absolu Lipstick.

It's in the colour Crushed Rose.

It looks a bit pinker here than it is. It's a nude dusty rose kind of colour.  Very pretty!

Lancome Colour Design Eye Shadow Palette.

These are the colours.  I already have this one from a previous PWP.  I'll probably put this in my giveaway pile.

Then...for the event they had a spin the wheel thing after you payed.  The options were a duffle bag, deluxe sample, goodie bag and possibly one other thing but I don't remember!  I won the deluxe sample and received Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Hydrator.

Because the girls at my Beauty Boutique are so wonderful, they also gave me the goodie bag! <3 (Not pictured is the YSL men's cologne)

The contents were as follows:

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer sample.

Mens' Yves Saint Laurent perfume sample in La Nuit De L'Homme.
 It has a pump which is great!

Samples of Givency Very Irresistible and Biotherm  Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel.

Elie Saab Perfume sample with atomizer!

Vichy Normaderm sample.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - Eye sample.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Sample.

Here it is..the whole lot of products that I payed $45ish dollars for.  I'm super happy and excited.  Working on collecting those points sure payed off!

How about you!? What did you get with your points?

Hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. Aleks! Now I know that you definitely lack of self-control! but the nail polish set is so pretty!!!

    1. I'm so ashamed. :( was free!!! I can't say No! lol

  2. That looks like a lot of great stuff, I did a giant haul @ Murale during this promotion
    I might pickup that polish set after christmas, hopefully it drops a little in price

    1. I think last year it was down to 32! If you collect points smart they're easy to get and ohhh sooo fun to spend, right?

  3. Wow Epic redemption. I love seeing what everyone gets when they redeem their points. I got the Quo Back to Basics as well on my redemption (xmas present for a friend). You put my haul to shame! LOL

    1. LOL... I couldn't help it! :( I wanted to redeem the max. I'm so greedy!

  4. Wow, what a great haul! I love the way Essie's Dive Bar looks!!

    xx Ellie 

  5. Wow! That is a fabulous rewards program! That would have been such a fun shopping spree. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is one of the best imo! It was fun AND stressful! hhee

  6. Awesome haul! I love that you got a bunch of free stuff for getting things for free! I have that crushed rose lipstick and love it! I'm curious to see how the colour looks compared to the one you got from Starlooks.

    1. I know! I can't believe it how spoiled I am at that Shoppers, sometimes! That lipstick is the perfect everyday colour isn't it?

  7. I just got the back to basics palette, and I LOVE it!

    1. Yay!!! I'm so happy you have it's almost too pretty to use!

  8. Great Buy... free for free.
    The perfume Elie Saab is truly great. I even got a bottle... I think you will love it.

    1. yes, I love free! :) Nice to know that there are people out there who know this perfume!

  9. Love it when you finally get to redeem those points! Great haul girl!

    1. Thank you! It was my first time doing it, so it was nerve wracking and bit guilt inducing! :P

  10. What a great haul! I love the Quo Back to Basics palette!

    I used my points to get Christmas presents for family. Really helped me out a lot this year!

    1. I really did try to find gifts...but the toys were not suitable for my kiddos. :`( I even looked for something for my husband. It was a long and stress induced shopping trip! I'm glad you were able to find things and make your Christmas even more special!

  11. Wow! You got some pretty amazing products! I have that same Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair gel's really good! I <3 my Optimum Card lol! I am your newest follower, really enjoying the reads! :)

    1. Thank you! I think I have a couple bottles of that now because they've been in several of the Estee Lauder GWP and PWP! thank you for following!! :D

  12. You had a wheel to spin??! I had nothing of the sort! Great stuff though! You picked up some amazing goodies!

    1. yes, they are sooooo great at my store! :) Thank you...I think I did pretty good!

  13. Ummm...can my shoppers be as cool as yours? That's amazing! I don't think they give away gifts with purchase if you are spending points at mine. Boooo! Is it because you're a frequent shopper there? lol ;)

    1. LOL, I don't think technically they're supposed to...I'm just spoiled. But yes, I frequently shop there..hehe! :) Thank you!

  14. so many goodies!!! i've heard such great things about the quo back to basics palette... i'll definitely have to keep my eye out for that!

    1. I haven't tried it yet...but I'm a huge fan of Quo. I think their formulation is amazing for a "drugstore" brand.

  15. Now thats a great way to get some "free" stuff.. Wonderful picks..

    1. I know, I was just blown away! Make friends with the staff, it helps! :D

  16. all i can say is WOW! i live in so cali and as far as i know there is not any place nearby that offers anything close to the type of rewards you are able to accrue at SBM. that is absolutely incredible!! that looks like a blast! i also LOVE benefit cosmetics! i still have nearly half a dozen mini badgal last mascaras in my drawer unopened and while i really like that mascara, i've been wanting to try their they're real! mascara for months now ever since a makeup artist applied some when my lil sis and i were at a woman's expo a few months ago! i very much wish i could "magically" trade all my badgal minis into they're real minis. i LOVE the Quo products! i've never heard of them before as we don't have that here in southern california. i also love nail polish and recently discovered the joys of a LED lamp for home gel polish, but have found that it will quickly harden ANY polish gel or otherwise. and LOVE that its an LED lamp and not a UV one. i am very impatient waiting for nail polish to dry and always manage to mess up a couple nails within hours, but with the lamp its so much easier to get through a self applied manicure without messing up! i'll be blogging about the gel polish system soon.
    happy blogging!

    (new follower)

    1. Thanks! I can say that getting the points is a lot of work and patience and smart shopping. This is as good as it gets for me. I just want to add, that we all think the grass is greener on the other side as in the States there is so much competition and good deals on a LOT of stuff. In general our cosmetics here are pretty pricey! Boo to that! I wouldn't mind trading you bad gal for they're real! :)

      Quo is an exclusive brand to our Shopper's Drug Mart, so it's solely Canadian. But, they have some amazing products!

      I can mess up my nail polish too..even if it's hours later and I think it's dry. That's interesting, I've never heard of an LED lamp! I'll be checking out that post!

      Thanks for following!