Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beauty Box 5 - November Edition

Another month, another Beauty Box 5!  This one wasn't my favourite but it did have brands I've never heard of yet again.  There are several things that I really like about BB5. It's inexpensive at $12 US shipped. It carries many brands that are new to me which is what makes a beauty box company unique. They generally have lots of discount codes with their products; they have the links on their site to brand partners.  

One of my favourite things which is a big deal to a lot of people is that they bill every month, recurring on the same day!  I signed up on March 3 and every subsequent month it has always come out on the 3rd. This is all layed out very nicely in your control panel as well as which boxes were sent.

This is the petite Tiffany blue box that comes every month.  These are perfect to save for shipping or giving small gifts!  I also save the crinkle from my boxes for gift packaging.  How silly am I?

The first item was 2 sample packets of Upgrade Complexion Face Primer with Licorice Extract from Global Goddess.   This is something I am actually really looking forward to trying.  The description on the back says, "Imagine beginning your beauty routine with a drape of liquid silk-one that blurs the line between skin nutrition and visual radiance.  Pearlescent pigments and natural light reflective ingredients act as optical smoothers for fine lines creating a youthful looking glow and a brighter complexion."

If you mix a tiny bit of primer with your concealer, it will prevent the concealer from setting into fine lines around your eye which can cause crepe-iness. (I just made up a word!)  I generally mix my primer and concealer at the base of my thumb before applying with a concealer brush.  I always pat it after.

Sample comes with a 20% off sitewide globalgoddessbeauty.com code.

Full size is 50ml retailing for $22.95. Sample size is 4ml retailing for $1.84.

The next item is Envie De Neuf Platinum Lineless Eye Mask. This feels like a sheet mask.  I'm actually really looking forward to trying this as well.  I tried the sheet mask that came in Topbox in October and really had fun with it!  This mask is supposed to help reduce dark circles (which is a HUGE concern of mine!), relaxes wrinkles, stimulates cell turnover, increases skin's elasticity and more.

Sample came with a 50% off sitewide code on shop.enviedeneuf.com!

Full size is 10 packets for $30. Sample size is 1 packet valued at $3.

Then we have Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. In and of itself, not an exciting product. However, it is winter here and we get temps of -30C and lower often from December to March/April so a good lotion is necessary.  My hands and most Winnipegers get very dry.  Even at times cracking and bleeding.  A regular lotion say from B&BW won't cut it.

I did just try this one and I can tell you that it leaves a satiny finish, minimal greasiness and sent free.  It really makes your hands feel moisturized.

Sample comes with $1 off manufacturer coupon.  However, this is only good in the US.

Full size is 16oz for $11.49. Sample size is 1oz valued at $0.72.

This next item is a Swagger Eye Shadow.  These are the types of things that I am usually most excited about. I love receiving shadow samples, especially ones that have a ton of glitter.  However, I think this eye shadow was the sole reason that I wasn't too thrilled with my box.  The colour seems really dark and not that appealing.  I wish I knew what the name of it is but there is no indication on the packaging.  Of course, I could be totally wrong about...I guess we shall see.

Sample came with a sitewide 20% off code at swaggercosmetics.com.

Full size is 5g retailing for $9.50.  I'm not sure what the sample size is but my guess is 2g valued at $3.80.

Here is a better look at the colour...what do you think?

The final item is a Model Co Lip Shine in Strip Tease. I actually couldn't believe this cam in our BB5 as we just received something similar in our Glossybox HERE where you can see my swatches.

I can't believe the price discrepancy between this one from BB5 and the one from GB! I know it's a different product, but the price difference is over $20!  I liked the gloss enough from GB so I know I like it.  In general, I love gloss. This one has a really nice scent of strawberries that makes you want to eat it! ;) This one also comes with a mirror on the side of the tube. Not such a terrible idea but it's not something that I need to have.

This is a full size item retailing for $16.

Strip Tease is the colour! Considering it was the colour of the gloss in the GB version maybe they only have the one colour? ;)

It's a gorgeous colour, don't you think? Makes me think a bit of a seashell.

The box came with a Cetaphil coupon for $1 off which is useless to me in Canada, but it does show their other products which is handy.  It also came with a gc to MyNameNecklace.com.

I'm tempted to go and look as I've wanted one of these for a long time.  My good friend Ashley has one she wears all the time.  It's kind of her signature! This coupon does expire by the end of the year.

This is my whole box this month. Value is $25.36 for the products.  I pay $12 US.  What do you think?

Hope you're having a great day!



  1. Same box as me! I did try the primer and it's really nice - so far I'm making just one of those foil samples last for over a week! The eyeshadow is also a great highlighter to my Pandora quad (brown shades mainly).

    1. Ohh wow, impressive! :) How do you use it as a highlighter? Below the brow?

  2. I nominated you for a liebster award!

  3. I tried the primer too. It gave off a pearl kind of look. I've been using the eyeshadow too and its great all on its own. Plus I like this gloss. The mirror is actually functional!

    1. Oh neat! I think it mentions something about pearls on the back. So you like the colour of shadow? I'll give it a chance. I love the smell of the gloss!

  4. Też poproszę taką paczuszkę hi,hi :p

  5. That eye shadow colour looks nice!


  6. I have never signed up for these subscriptions to products but this one looks really great! I will have to check this out! Nice to find another Winnipeg Girl!


    1. Yes, it's great! It's sometimes easy to forget how big our city is!! You must try one. You can look through my past posts and you'll be able to see what each service offers!

  7. I like the look of the eyeshadow, Q? What kind of Camera do you use , Ive come across your blog alot and love the picture quality.

    1. Oh, where have you come across my blog? :) I use a Canon Rebel Digital SLR. I would love to be able to have time to take pics in the day with natural light, but this will have to do for now and hopefully it's clear enough for everyone!

    2. I also need to mention that I edit each photo as well in Photoshop!! It's a ton of work. lol

  8. The $10 off seems kinda cheap to me. It's basically free shipping. The $40 necklaces will still cost you $40.