Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Starlooks - November Edition

November Starlooks!  I've delayed on posting this one because it's been a bit of a mess!  I was super looking forward to this box as it was semi-customizable.  Then, as the wait became longer than usual I started to read a few things on their page.  As it turned out handfuls of people were receiving their palette damaged.  I thought for sure this wasn't going to happen to me... but alas, it did.

That said.... Starlooks has been super gracious in fixing the problem for everyone who received a damaged palette.  Their customer service is above and beyond.  It's always such a pleasure dealing with Marci and her team.  It's a company that truly values their customers and has a human face to it.  This is one company that I know I will be supporting for a long time.  Great customer service, fun subscription and top of the line products!

On to the parcel!  November's Starbox came in a super cute cheetah print box.  I just love how they do something different with their box every month.  I look forward to that almost as much as I look forward to the contents themself!  I always save the ribbons too!  These particular elastic ones are good for keeping your hair out of your face when washing it or putting on makeup!

Well, once I opened just the lid I knew that I was one of the unlucky ones who's pans decided to get naked! This is what I was greeted by.  I couldn't really tell what was what and what's supposed to be in the box.  I remember one of my first thoughts was...Oh no...where's the crystals!! lol  I did find them. ;)

Now, with any other company I would be super disappointed and wondering if they would do anything about it.  Knowing Starlooks...I had to giggle.  I knew they would make it right! (They are!)

So, after spending some time in the bathroom cleaning everything up... I was able to get some pictures.  I didn't really do anything with the shadows, because there wasn't much point.  I did keep the plastic palette for possible future use.

This is the card that was received this month. "Our First Semi-Customized Edition"

So, if receiving a palette wasn't enough Starlooks included one of the tender gloss lipsticks which is a combination of lipstick and lip gloss all in one.  If you haven't tried this before, you will be blown away! It is is so moisturising and light on the lips!  the colour I received was nude.  It goes with the whole nude theme.  I plan on owning many more of these! The value is amazing! They retail for $11 each... a steal!

This is what the colour looks's so incredibly pretty.  I wasn't even able to catch how pretty it is!  What you can't see is the gold micro glitter.  Starlooks really speaks to my inner magpie!! <3

here is the swatch on my hand.  You can see the gold shimmer here a bit more.  Is that colour not amazing??

Here it is on my lips! This one is really hard to capture on film.  I'd be interested in trying out the colour over some primer.  I have dry lips right now and this colour doesn't like that too much either!  Damn you Winnipeg winters!!!

Here is another look that is a bit more accurate in colour.  You can also see the gold flecks!

Finally, this contraption that was the easiest to wash off! ;)  I thought I already knew what it you?

 Well, it's a 3 in 1 kind of tool!  The top end you see here you put over your lashes to prevent mascara getting over your eyelid.  This happens to me all the time...especially since I'm always in a hurry.  This is MUCH more useful and environmentally friendly than the single use lash cards that you would toss!

The other end has a little comb that you can use to comb out your lashes or your brow.  I tried it on my eyelashes after applying mascara and it did a terrific job! It actually worked better than my plastic lash/brow combs lol!

So, unfortunately there is no view of the palette yet.  Every time I took something out or moved something slightly a cloud of shimmery powder would fly in my face!  But, because I knew I was dealing with Starlooks I was not upset in the slightest!

Did you get a Starlooks box this month?  How was your palette?  Didn't get at Starlooks box?  You're missing out!!! Go now and subscribe, you won't regret it!! Let them know I sent you!



  1. What colour Tender gloss lipstick did you get?

    1. The colour is actually labelled as "nude." I love you like it?

    2. I love it! Looks beautiful on you, will be purchasing this.

    3. Oh, that's fabulous!! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I was one of the people always who had a mess in there box and nothing in the palette was savagable but thankfully like you said Starlooks stepped up and corrected the situation and I got a replacement. I wonder if any other company would have done that? This is why I love starlooks.

    1. Yes, Starlooks is amazing!! I seriously want to try everything they have!! :) All my reviews of Starlooks are my true and honest if you ever want to know just check here. If there is anything you would like to try I'll consider getting it to review! :D