Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ipsy - November Edition, Premiering in Canada!

Sooo...recently there was a post on Facebook about Ipsy shipping to Canada.  I blindly ordered because for some reason I have to be subbed to every beauty box available to me. I'm sick.  Anyways, the bag didn't disappoint and I was quite happy with it!  The price is right.  I now VOW that I will be getting rid of some beauty boxes and having a great one like this will help make it easier!

Ipsy is formerly MyGlam.  It's about $15.50 shipped to Canada.  It's like Glymm, it ships in a cosmetic bag. I'm guessing that Glymm probably got the idea from them.  I think the difference though, is that Ipsy bag changes every month in style/colour/fabric.  Glymm bags have been pretty much the same, fabric changed once for the worse and the same shape/fabric every time. on to see more of Ipsy!  This months theme was Party Perfect.

Inside were 3 cards. One was for $20 off shoes at JustFab..a bit of a bummer that if you already have an account you can't use it.  If anyone wants the code let me know, I think it's a generic code anyways...maybe you'll even be able to see it from here.  The second card was a product card and basically every brand has a discount, that's great!  Then there is the little Ipsy card welcoming Canadians to the sub..see the cute pink maple leaves? It also explains that we are receiving a bonus item with our first bag! Sadly, it also tells us that they couldn't ship one product to us so they had to send an alternate item.  Moxie gloss (Bare Minerals?) didn't want to be sent to Canadians, apparently.  How rude?!

So, basically, everything was brown themed! I know some people didn't like the brown bag, but I really like brown and the satin finish.  Well, it's more like a tent fabric..but who cares. ;) I don't even need more makeup bags!

They have their logo stitched on the inside.

The first sample is a Benefit They're Real! mascara.  I'm not excited about this anymore.  I think I'm mascara'd out. :P  I mean yes, I'm still excited to try it...but when you become a beauty hoarder mascara is a panic!  Deluxe sample at 3g.

The next item is a Starlet Cosmetics eye liner.  I've never heard of this brand, but wow I sure love the pretty packaging.  Even the pencil itself is so pretty!  This is a full size item.

Here you can see it's a really nice shade of brown, lovely pencil!

The colour is All I Want is Peace, Love & Chocolate.  You can see the swatch below.  It went on super smooth and didn't rub off too easily.

Next a single shadow from The Balm.  It's from the Meet Matt(e) collection.

My initial thoughts are that this is way too dark for me.  The colour is as you can see, Matt Batali.  I think this is pretty much a full size from their palettes that have the mini colours.  I could be wrong...I am thinking of a palette I saw with the bikini girls..the shadows were their tops?

Here is the swatch, definitely matte.  I do prefer shimmers. :) Also, I prefer lighter colours.

This is what the colour looked like once I swatched it with my finger.  It's not terrible.  I'd have to be light handed if I wanted to get the same effect with a brush.  I can tell it would blend nicely, though.

The next item is from a brand I've never heard of. It's a full size polish from Nailtini.  How cute is that name and the packaging?  On the side it says "Apply Responsibly" hehe.

The colour I received is Millionaire.  I'd be really interested in seeing what their other colours look like.  I haven't gotten that far yet!

It's a lovely colour in the's mainly gold with strips of green glitter that change to blue and a quick orange in between if it catches the light just right.  On the nail the strips just mostly look green.  Not a huge fan of this polish on it's own.  I'm sure it will look great layered on another colour, though.

So, the replacement product I received in place of the Moxie gloss was this Eclos Anti Aging Serum that contains plant stem cells. Neat, right?  However, I find it difficult to get excited about skincare. It's a decent size sample for sure.  A brand, again, that I haven't heard of before.  I know other Canadian girls received different types of products...not sure I have seen anyone with this.

This is what the whole bag looks like!  I think it's quite decent being $15 shipped.  I hope they can keep it up!  It will be that much easier to let go of Luxe Box!

So, my gift for signing up was a cosmetic brush and myglam case.  Cute!

It's big enough to hold several brushes.  I wish it was a bit taller though, because my brush came all mashed up.  Hopefully, it will straighten out after I wash it.  But, this is adorable, no?

They even have the name printed on the brush, cute!

So, here is the whole lot of goodies that I received with my bonus.  I'm really excited to see where this bag goes!  Have you signed up yet?  If not click HERE and sign up..this is a great bag from the US where we'll see things that aren't as easily accessible to us, so what are you waiting for?

Well, there you have it! I've had a bit of a rough day, but off to bed and get a couple hours of sleep so I can get to work!



  1. I got the exact same bag! I think we are the only Canadian girls who got that serum!

    1. Oh, wow! Interesting! Most of the ones I've seen were the little tubs of cream.

  2. Wow Benefit's mascara is circulating around like hot cakes lol! Every subscription box seems to be giving it away, although such a nice product, I would get sick of getting the same thing over and over again.

    1. I know!! I'm a huge fan of Benefit and a lot of what I use is Benefit...but enough! lol. This only means I am oversubscribed! :P

  3. I got the same thing, except I only got a tiny little pot of the Eclos? I wonder why.. :(

    1. I think they just threw random things in Canadians bags. :P I hope we get everything the Americans are getting this time!

    2. I know! haha I love the look of the December bag.. all of the products look to be full size too from the sneak peeks? Fingers crossed...the bag is also bigger than normal.

  4. :O I wish I got the brush! I got a lip gloss instead :(

  5. the ipsy bags look pretty good... i'm still on the fence about subscribing though. i feel like i should cancel some before signing up for more... argh!!

    1. I think the best bet for a sub is Starlooks if you like makeup! :)