Thursday, February 28, 2013

Late Summer Sephora Haul

Slowly but surely, I'm catching up on my posts. :)  Sometime, back in August Benefit came out with some awesome I popped by to grab them, and naturally a few other things fell into my basket!  Would you like to see what I picked up?  I'd like to show you so that I could actually put some of this into regular rotation! :)

The first few things were sitting at the counter, so I kind of got suckered in!  They had a jar of these Sephora lip glosses for like $5 so I grabbed one to try. The colour I picked up is "Flushed." At that time, I was kind of into the nude pinks.  Well, I guess I kind of still am. This is a really good size, the tube is quite thick. It's 3.5ml but looks way bigger! 

I really had to lighten the picture to get it to show up the correct colour.  This is pretty darn close.  The nice thing about it, is that it has really fine gold glitter in it.  I'm going to get all this glittery glossy goodness (going on 15+ years!) out of my system...I'm not sure how many years I have left of it looking age appropriate.

They also had 3 different Sephora silk shadow quads for $7. Like, can you resist, right?  These are HUGE!  Each palette is 3.75" across!

These are the colours in the first pretty! The palette is called "Last Dance" I think the colours would be perfect for a daytime smokey eye. The darks aren't super heavy..the pigmentation isn't that strong on first swatch. All are shimmers, which if you know me, you know I love my shimmer! ;)

On to the next palette...(I included the case pic to break it up from the above palette...sorry to be redundant!)

This palette is called "Ballroom Dance." The colours are all gold toned.  Very pretty. :)  There was one other palette Brazilian something or other and it was pretty too...but at the time I didn't know I could actually pull off blue.  Now people are selling these palettes for $25 on ebay! :o

The final frivolous purchase was the Tarina Tarantino Eye Dreamer Highlight Duo.  I can't remember how much I payed for this, but it was probably obscene. The top of it isn't gold, it was just the reflection from my lamp. The whole case is a really nice sleek gunmetal silver. This is probably the prettiest palette I own in terms of packaging.

The colours insise; surprise, surprise...are shimmers! lol The one on the left is Jasper and the one on the right is Agate. I wore Jasper on my lids today and it looked really pretty set against really black lashes!

Now, on to the reason I actually went to Sephora in the first place!  I wanted to pick up one of the How to Look the Best at Everything - Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit.  According to the Sephora site this kit is $36. I love that Benefit really considers all their packaging!

When you pull it out of the box, the kit looks basically the same as the packaging.  I really like that the back of the box has such great details of the products inside the box.

As you can tell from the pics, it's made to look like a that not the cutest?  Even the side looks just like the spine of a book.  You can get the kits in light, medium and deep.

Look, how cute! The sides of the box are actually printed to look like pages! I love that little detail! The lid is magnetic, perfect!

This is how the box looks opened. There are two flip out pages that reveal a mirror. The flip out pages are Instant Beauty Tips and Tricks. One for each item in the box. These can easily be torn out if you don't want them. On top of the box is a Tips and Tricks guide in about 15-20 other languages..including Polish. ;)

When you remove the Tips & Tricks (other languages) you reveal the products.  But, on top of the products is a clear plastic protecting everything.  On the plastic they printed, "Remove makeup tray & save the keepsake box for your little treasures."  This is something I will definitely do because the box is adorable!

Here is a look at all the products in the box!  1: The Porefessional. 2: Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup. 3: Boi-ing in shades 01 and 02. 4: Hello Flawless Powder in "Me, Vain?" Champagne.

I already use the Porefessional.  I know some people like and some don't.  I have had good results when I combine it with my other Benefit products.  I'm still working on a full size's costly, but it really does last forever.  I have a couple sample ones to work through, so this will be added to the pile.

The Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is a new product for me.  I actually have a full size bottle in a different colour that I haven't used yet.  So, it will be interesting to see if this is a good colour for me. Even though it's the light kit, it does look fairly dark.

The boi-ing  concealer is what I'm most excited about!  I've heard good things about it.  I like that they gave you two shades so you can mix it.  I think my Vichy concealer has to be replaced, it's getting a little cakey now..which is NOT good for more mature under eyes especially!  I can't wait to try this out and see how it compares.  Since, I love Benefit so much it's definitely something I would repurchase if it works.

Here is a closeup of what they look like without their coveralls!

The last item in the box is a Hello Flawless powder.  I use this daily.  This one actually looks pretty light to me, but I'm curious how it will work on my skin.  Currently, I use "All the World's My Stage - Beige." I live and die by this powder.  If you have a chance to try it out, I highly recommend it.  It *totally* makes my skin look flawless, I feel naked without it.  It's super light and easy to apply! It's one of those products that truly make me feel gorgeous.

The other thing that I went to Sephora to pick up was one of their Lip & Cheek Tint.  Of course, I wanted all 3 kits, but I settled on Go Tropical. These retail for $32.  Now, that I went to look up the price on Sephora I want the other two kits as well. *sigh*

Inside the packaging, the box looks like this.  Isn't the cheetah print on the side adorable!? :)

Inside is the same system as used in the above "Best at Everything" kit.

Here is what comes in this kit: 1. Cha Cha tint. 2. Coralista blush. 3. High Beam highligther. 4. Coralista lip gloss.

A closer look. My main reasons for getting this kit were to try Coralista and the lip gloss.  I'm not sure if I love High Beam yet, I have to play with it a bit more.  As for the cha cha tint I'm a little scared to use it! I'm scared I'll try to stain my cheeks, it will dry too quick and I'll be left with a giant line across my cheekbone! :P

The main reason was for this blush.  It looks so amazing!! I can't wait to try it on my face.  It must be the shimmer that I fell in love with. ;)

Sephora is always so stingy with the samples in the store.  I specifically asked if they could get me a MK sample as I was walking out the door.  I hadn't purchased this at the time and used up my previous sample. I totally fell head over heels with this perfume and I ended up buying it at Shopper's Drug Mart to get the Optimum points.  Why not, it's the same price.  You can get a LOT more stuff with SDM points than Sephora points.  This Michael Kors perfume is now my signature.  I am smitten!

This is actually the sample they gave me for blowing over $100. Ring a ding ding, right? Dot by Marc Jacobs is a jasmine and red berry scent.  At least the perfume smells really pretty and I will be able to use it. Bonus, that it's an atomizer!

Well, there you have it!! My oldest post that I needed to get out of the way. ;) I hope you all have a great favourite day of the week!



  1. i have the how to look flawless kit in medium.I dont think mush of the foundation but the concealers r pretty good.I love the eyeshadow palette.Go tropiCoral is such an adorable it.

    1. Oooh, I'm glad that you are able to get this product where you live! What did you think of the powder coverup because I love it...I use mine everyday...all the world's a stage, beige.

  2. Oh boy, I have to go get TropiCoral. I keep saying I will! It looks great.
    I've noticed that I actually get more samples when I go to SDM than Sephora.

    1. It's just so beautiful...I think I will wind up purchasing the full size blush! I'm trying to wear sparkles as much as I can before I'm too old. haha Like that will ever happen! SDM is the winner in my books!

  3. Hi Aleksandra, I love reading your blog,you take so many great pictures of the products.I just wanted to let you know we nominated you for the Liebster award on our blog and you can visit it for more info. Keep up the great posts :)

    1. Thank you so much Angela...for the award and for enjoying the's not perfect and it's definitely hard work! :)

  4. I love the Tarina Tarantino eyeshadows, I have the same duo and love it!

    Wow they are really stingy with the samples. Meih.

    1. Yes, I love it too...I just love the shimmer. Yeh, they are terrible with the samples..really all that money I spent and they just gave me the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume vial lol.

  5. wow - loving everything! :)

    Wish I could efford this type of haul.. summer is in 3 months Woop Woop .. can't wait to see this yrs summer haul from you.

    1. Oh boy...I haul everywhere I go. :( It's a sick addiction! I buy more than I can use and it's out of control! I need to calm down!

    2. Hehe - I know.. I love shopping too! :)

  6. Wow.. great haul!
    You got some really great items!
    The eye shadow duo from Tarina Tarintno looks amazing!
    I'm def scoping that out next time I'm at Sephora!

    1. Yes, I think I am now addicted! :o My problem is I see pretty; I want pretty. Oh boy... :)