Monday, April 16, 2012

BHCosmetics Order!

So, I somehow stumbled upon an online cosmetics retailer. bhcosmetics. Have you heard of them? Their stuff is *so* affordable. Page after page of glowing reviews, comparing their makeup to MAC. I wasn't sure, but I knew I liked the prices as there was a great sale! Even their non-sale prices are great. That said, everytime I have gone to their site they are having some kind of sale! Shipping to Canada was rather reasonable; I believe 9.05$. They have free shipping offers if you are in the States.

This is what my bundle of makeup looked like. The palettes were wrapped very well, even the inside was wrapped in bubble wrap!

I ordered these two brushes. The one on the left is a precision eyeliner brush. I've tried it and it's fabulous!!! I'm terrible at putting on eyeliner and this is a miracle for me, yah!!! The other brush is the angled definer brush. I got it with the intention of using it with eyeliner, but I'm not sure if that's what it's for. I'm not up on brushes. ;) I payed $2.67 for each of these brushes but they're on sale right now for $2.96.

This is a mini kabuki brush. They sent it to me free. It seems they have a little code pop up sometimes while you're shopping to get an item free. This brush is super duper tiny. It's about 2 inches tall. The bristles are not as soft as I would have liked, but of course I'm comparing that to the kabuki brush I got in my glossybox. That's not really a fair comparison. ;) This is on sale on their blog right now for $3.07.

If you read my first post ever, you saw that putting on lashes was one of those things I really wanted to learn. I love the look of false lashes. I got two different sets, one is more dramatic than the other. I thought at the price I would have them to play around with. The ones on top are flirt and the bottom set is baby doll. I payed $4.95 for each set. Both are on sale for $3.71.

Next, I picked up some gel liners. I'm not very good with a pencil, so when I first tried gel liners I was amazed at how much easier it was to apply. Up until now I only had black. So, I picked coffee (on the left) and storm (on the right). I'm sure you can see they are brown and purple. The consistency is very soft and creamy. Creamier than my regular loreal gel liner! I tried the purple with my new precision liner brush and it looked an went on a-maz-ing-ly! Very happy! I payed $4.65 for each colour. They are on sale right now for $5.17.

I tried my best to get a closeup, but by the time I took this it was getting dark and I was tired. (I also received a large e.l.f. order I photographed, which I'll blog about when I have time!)

My favouritest product in the world is lip gloss. You can call me a lip gloss hoarder. I have favourites that I use, but I also love to switch them up, on a whim. I got 5 colours of the lipgloss. They have 10. The colours I got are: office queen, plain jane, studious, 80's diva and classy gal. I tried 80's diva. One word: Amazing! The quality is top notch. It goes on beautifully, is highly pigmented, not sticky and lasts quite a bit...if you're not a lip licker. ;) I'm really impressed. I'll own all of their colours eventually. ;)

The other thing I have to say, is that the colour you see in the tube is the colour you'll see on your lips. As you know, a lot of lipglosses look really pretty in the bottle or when you swatch them on your hand but once you put it on, it's really sheer. Not so with these! At least not the colour I tried, but I am confident I'll be just as impressed with the others! I bought the glosses for $3.21 each and you can get them for $3.87 at the moment.

Next up...eyeshadow palettes! These are what drew me in to the site, because of the great sale! This is the 88 colour tropical shimmer eyeshadow palette. I bought it for $16.03 and it's currently available for $15.96.

Just look at these colours! Don't they look like candy! I tried the 6th one in the top row and it was gorgeous! I'm pretty conservative with my colours, so I tried a colour I didn't think would look good...but it's a tangerine type colour with a gold shimmer and I just can't wait to wear it out. I'll play with these on my weekends off. If I try it in the morning before heading to work, I know there will be some bad results. ;)

Finally, I got this 5th edition 120 colour palette. I chose this one becuase it has a lot of neutrals. It contains both matte and shimmer colours. I got mine for $22.02 and currently it's on sale for $24.47.

The top palette has all the colourful shadows. SO, pretty!

The bottom palette has lots of neutrals, yay! :)

The palettes come stacked inside the case, but I have them spread out here so you can get an idea of the colours! It's just so pretty!

Have you ever shopped at BH Cosmetics? What did you think?



  1. wow what a huge haul! I have never heard of this brand before- are you happy with the quality?

    1. I am *amazed* with the quality. If I was trying an unmarked product I would think it was high end. It's not anything like the discount makeup places (elf). I've already placed a 2nd order..shh! ;) It really does feel luxurious. If you do make an order, make sure to try a gloss!

  2. I just posted an entry today on how I have too many palettes, 3 of which are from BH Cosmetics! They are great though in terms of colour and quality. Their customer service is good too. They CALLED me from California to tell me one of items was backordered!

    1. Oh, their stuff is really good. I want to have everything they offer. :S Good thing they have a lot of sales. It's good if you can order with friends to save on shipping. That's awesome they called you!!

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