Friday, April 13, 2012

Nail Friday! Ciaté - Headliner

So one day, I was surfing trying to find online beauty stores in Canada and I came across ebeauty. They have 100s...1000s? of beauty products! A lot of high end names and a lot I've never heard of. That's how I came across Ciaté paint pots. First of cute is it that they call it paint pot??? Secondly...just LOOK:

Is this not super cute? I love that little bow. This colour above is Headliner. It's a teal blue creme. It's fairly matte, just a hint of gloss. Just gorgeous! They describe it:
Turquoise, an extraordinary cocktail of blue and green and a marriage made in fashion heaven! If you love to colour clash, this is a perfect mix to your colour scheme by adding a unique blue tone to your collection.

The product itself is made in France and it's distributed in London. I'm not sure if you would be able to find it in a store in Canada. Thank goodness for online shopping, right? The bottles contain 13.5ml which is the same amount as an essie nailpolish. However, the design of the pot makes it look a bit bigger. They retail for $14 on ebeauty.

This is what the colour looks like on my nails...sorry for the mess, it was late and I didn't tidy them up until the next day. ;) The bottom row of nails has a matte top coat on it. It's hard to tell the difference because the colour is not very glossy to begin with.

(click to enlarge picture)

This is another view and more true to the colour. The angle here has the matte topcoat on the top row of nails. I did finish the rest of the nails, I just wanted to capture the nails with the matte coat on them.

I've only tried an OPI matte topcoat before this essie one. The essie "Matte About You" is hands down the best. I wasn't able to find it in stores anywhere, so I had to get it on ebay. I did get a huge order from elf yesterday (I'll do a post) which included a matte topcoat. I figured it was only $2 so I have nothing to lose by trying it out!

What do you think? Do you like the colour? Too bold? Have you ever heard of Ciaté?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Ooh this nail polish is cute!
    I bought the ELF matte top coat, and it works! the only thing that caught me off guard was that the product in the bottle separates, so you have to shake it before use.. so don't be alarmed :P

    1. These nailpolishes are super cute!! But, really pricey! Good to know the elf works well and thanks for the info about shaking it up..I wouldn't have thought of it!!

  2. I am dying to try to Ciate Caviar nails! Have you heard of them/ did you see them with the Ciate Paint Pots online? I heard they are going to sell them at Sephora - but I don't know if that includes Canadian ones...

    1. You know, I did hear of them. I just don't know about seems awkward and bulky to me, no? However, you can get these little microbeads for a buck at the dollar store. I have tons of them from my scrapbooking days. AHH! Maybe I'll try to find them and add them to a giveaway! :)

    2. Hmmm yea that's a good idea! I was going to say maybe I'll try some of the Ciate ones and let you know how they are/make a blog post about them but I just looked up on Sephora and they're like 25/30$ a bottle though :O Eeep!

    3. Yeh, that's a little steep. Seriously, if you got to Michael's or Dollar store you'll find the exact same thing! It's just not the same name. :)