Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Julep Maven - April Add Ons

In April, Julep decided to allow us to purchase up to 2 add-ons for $5 each. There were SO many nice colours I just had to! I'm classic with a twist and if you scroll down a couple posts you'll see I got Susie and Mandy. The colours I chose were Annette from bombshell and Jessica from it girl. I had a really tough time deciding because I also really like Renee and Niecy. I decided against the renee because I already have Essie's Lilacism that I adore! It seemed kinda similar. I'm kicking myself for not getting Niecy though...because it's a gorgeous pink!

My add ons just came in on Tuesday, a week after I received my Julep Maven box. I really wish they would have shipped them together. If they plan on continuing with the add ons I hope they don't seal their boxes prior to shipping so they can just pop these in with. Less garbage. :)
This is Annette. I chose this because I've been really wanting a gray colour. Really, my plans were on getting Essie's chinchilly...but when I saw this colour I thought it was light and pretty. On Julep's site it's described as a subtle dove gray. I really didn't find it was and I'm bummed. I only swatched it on one nail but it looks greige. Pretty taupey. I guess it could depend on what kind of lighting you're in, so once I do all my nails we'll see. It's definitely what I was expecting.

This is Parker. It is actually lighter than it appears here. I've wanted a light blue forever as well. Again, super excited...but after I swatched it, I wasn't sure I loved it on my skin tone. I do like this colour more than Annette though. I'll give it a chance.

Did you get any of the add ons? What did you get?



  1. Do you mean Jessica for the baby blue polish? lol you said Parker.
    I got Jessica in my april it girl box, and I really like it! I have a post on my blog where I used it as an all over nail colour. It's actually really nice :)

    1. lol you're right! thank you! I did correct it and noticed I also put niecy to compare it to essies's lilacism! Oh it was late and my brain's fried! ;)