Sunday, April 29, 2012

Julep Order

A few weeks back, Julep had a promotion where if you buy a nail therapy you can get a free polish.  I did, I bought the nail therapy because I have peeling nails.  It's terrible.  I have used it about 3 times and my nails have gotten even worse.  Granted, I have stopped drinking milk and I'm not getting much other calcium.  My nutrition hasn't been the greatest since starting this job.  Basically, toast in the morning and then whatever my husband BBQ's in the evening with a green salad. NOT good.  So, I've completely trimmed my nails down and I'm focusing on getting more fruit, vegetables and calcium.  I'll continue using the nail therapy and we'll see where that goes.
As for my free polish, I chose Blake.  I love this colour.  It looks so buttery and summery.  However, it's a bit more sunshine yellow than I expected.  I was a bit bummed about that.  Nonetheless, I still like the colour and my daughter loves it.  I think I'm through a quarter of the bottle already.  It's a little bit thick and difficult to apply.
Since, I was already making an order I figured I would add a maven box to it.  I chose the It Girl Introductory box. It has changed since to different colours.  I chose the It Girl because it has 3 polishes instead of 2 polishes and a product. ;) The cost for the 3 was 19.99. The first colour is this beautiful Helena! It's not as bright as it appears here, it's a little darker.  I can't wait to try this one with a matte topcoat! Unfortunately, it looks like this colour may have been discontinued because I couldn't find it on their website! 
The 2nd polish is Melissa.  I'm neither here nor there with this colour.  I don't generally do colours that are used as a topcoat, which this would be best for.  I did try 2 coats and it gave me a nice sheen but it's pretty subtle. Stay tuned as I will have a "Melissa Giveaway" very soon.
 The last colour was Leah.  I was pretty excited about this colour, however it is quite a bit later and more of a sheer with sparkles.  Kind of the way Brooke is.  I haven't had a good chance to play with it, so we'll see.  It's still a very pretty colour.
Here are fairly true images of the colours I received. pretty. :)  You can see the sheen and shimmer in some of the colours.
This is what the colours look on my nails.  You can click to zoom.  Sorry about the poor job I did..obviously the first one I bumped my nail.  The 3rd one (Helena) is only one coat and the last one Blake...obviously I was drinking vodka while painting my nail. ;)

I also received a tiny 2ml sample of the SPF 30 hand cream.  It's a one time use and I always forget about those! :)  However, since a lot of their non polish products are good, I imagine this one will be great too!

I'm almost caught up with my Julep posts.  I still have the mystery box ones to do.  I apologize at my slow posting, I'm fairly busy..and blogging is time consuming.  But, I really enjoy doing it! :)

Have a wonderful day!! If you've tried any of these colours let me know what you think!



  1. thanks for the review! I had heard that Blake (and a few other Julep polishes) are very thick in formula. Some girls suggest adding nail polish thinner to them to make the formula easier to work with (not nail polish remover though!!).

    1. I actually had a picture with the samples on my nail and forgot to add it..I wonder if I can add it now, the new format is making me a bit crazy. ;)