Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beauty Box 5 - January Edition

So, it seemed that all the beauty boxes were so late in January! The ones that come from the US are a bit expected but the Canadian ones...what's going on?  Anyways, this is my Beauty Box 5 subscription.  It's $12 US a month and it's one of the better boxes for value.  This month, I wasn't overly happy with what I received.  Just ill suited products mainly. In general, boxes don't customize, but when they just don't make sense it's aggravating!

Pencil Me In Eye Pencil in "Pink Lady Sparks." Full size valued at $6.99

So, these are touted as "healthy eyeliner pencils" because they are infused with antioxidants and vitamins.  I was happy to get this, but have since tried it and was super disappointed.  Maybe, it would have been better in a different colour. There are 30 colours to choose from.  But, as it stands I'm so unimpressed that I doubt I would shop with this company. :(

WEBSITE: Pencil Me In Cosmetics

A nice feature is that it does come with a sharpener built into the lid.

This is the colour, and while it looks really pretty (and it has shimmer) I find it doesn't show. No matter how hard I try it will not show up. It was suggested by Crystal at Crystal Pistol Beauty to use it on  my water line as a highlighter as she's had great success. Buuut, I tried there too and nothing.  Not. A. Thing!! I don't have redness or anything like that and my water line is the same colour as my skin basically.  So, I went over and over hoping to get some brightness and in the end it left my eyes burning a bit.

Model Co Colourbox Lip Pencil in "Pomegranate." Full size valued at $18.00.

This is the third item that I am receiving in my beauty boxes from Model Co.  It's a brand I tried desperately to like because of the nice products.  The colours of lipstick I have received just have not worked for me.  Combined with the dull pigmentation in my lips it's made it a 90's brown shade! This liner...same thing! What's going on here! lol.  I know that not everyone has this problem and it's just me. It's always just me. ;)

WEBSITE: Model Co Cosmetics

This pencil has the nice feature of having a built in sharpener as well.

This is a closeup of the colour which is a darker pink on the brown side.

Here are the swatches. These swatches actually look better here than in person, you can see my skin was washed out by the flash.. ;) The top colour is the eyeliner and the bottom the lip liner. Definitely, doing justice to these things with the picture.  But, perhaps your experience has been better!

Ferro Cosmetics Blush X3 in "Desert Rose."  Full size retails for $17 however the website doesn't list a size, Sample has no size listed.

So, I've heard good things about this particular blush, so I'll give it a chance.  I'm just getting tired of the Ferro Cosmetics samples because the packaging is so terrible you lose half of it just by opening the package.  That's why this is still in the plastic.  This is a vegan product, so that is good news if that is something that is important to you!  The colour is supposed to last 15+ hours and you can also use it on your lips and eyes.

WEBSITE: Ferro Cosmetics

Back of the packaging.

There is very little product in this container.  It's probably 1/4 full if that.  This is a new colour for 2013, so it's nice to receive a current product.  It's pink in colour that has a hint of coppery warmth.  It's supposed to look great on any skin tone and work with any lipstick colour.

Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick in "Stardust." Full size retails for $7.00.

This is a neat little product.  It's a solid perfume.  It's ingredients are only 3; beeswax, coconut oil and fragrance oil.  If it wasn't for the beeswax this wouldn't hold up.  It's a bit softer than I think it should be as it can break off really easy.

The scent is really nice.  I originally was thinking citrus, so that's where I looked on their website.  I found it however under fruity. Each of the scents has a tagline and this one has: Unicorn manifestation highly possible. The scent description, "a luscious tropical fruit medley with peach, pineapple, lemon, lime, grapefruit, melon and fresh apple. So delicious it's from another universe."  I would be interested in trying other scents!

WEBSITE: Perfumies

The safety seal tab has, "smell pretty always" printed on it.  I thought that was a cute little touch I couldn't pass up on sharing.

My one dislike of the product, is that when you open it, it already has a huge chunk sticking out.  That's way more than I would open a semi solid..so you have to be super light handed at first so that piece doesn't break off.

Curls Curl Gel-Les'c (curl jealousy) - Curl gel/shine serum.  Full size is 8oz retailing for $25.00.  Sample size is 2 oz valued at $6.25.

The last item in the box was different for everyone.  They sent a "Surprise 2012 Favourite" in all the boxes. I was REALLY disappointed with this product.  I've been subbed since their second box and I've never seen this in any boxes AND I do NOT have curly hair?!  Why send something where a small percentage of people have curly hair. *siiigh*


This is the whole box.  I'm sorry if I sounded a bit negative about it.  It just wasn't my favourite box.  I'm sure part of the problem is I'm just overwhelmed with all the boxes and it's really time to start cutting back!  The value of this box was approximately $39, so the value is there...it's just a lot of stuff that doesn't work for me.  I will keep subbing with this box though because it is one of the better ones.

If you are interested in subbing, please feel free to use my referral link HERE. I just wanted to add the recurring payment comes out the same time every month, I believe on the month you signed up. I *love* that.

Tomorrow is Wednesday...so hooray for hump day, yes?!



  1. I received the same box. Most of it went to my daughter.
    I really like the curl gel but then I do have curly hair.

    1. It's a bit of a bummer box. :( I'm glad you were able to use the curl serum though.

  2. hehhe i am working on my BB5 post right now and i also took a close up of the perfume stick "smell pretty always" cause i thought it was funny :)it's too bad your eyeliner doesnt show! mine is a mint green so i don't even know if i should bother opening it since i dont think i will use it.
    and as for my "favorite" items, i got 2 foil packets :/

    1. Yeh, that perfumies part is cute! Too bad you got a colour you couldn't use either... when they give us stuff we can't use..it doesn't make us want to come back and shop with the company. Why not blacks/browns.. :S And boo on the foil packets.

  3. that is a super light eyeliner...too bad about that. My perfume stick was soft as well, though I like the scent so much so I'm just being very careful when applying so as not to smush the end too much. I really like layering that lipliner with the model co gloss we got a few boxes ago.

    1. It is a very nice sweet scent...makes me hungry though! lol. I could layer the liner with the lipgloss..but the lipgloss alone is too browny for me and so is the lipstick. Even when I put the lipgloss over the lipstick it STILL looks brown. :/ It kind of makes me wonder if the model co wasn't seconds because of wrong colour mixes.

  4. Hey girl!

    I'm nominating you for a Liebster Award! :)