Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ipsy - February Edition

Ipsy in the mail is always fun!  The difference with Ipsy compared to other subscriptions is that you get to see sneak peeks of what is in the bag.  Well, basically you see everything in the bag before you get it.  At first, I tried to ignore it...but it's so hard when there are spoilers posted all over the place!  Anyways, I knew what was in the bag this month...but was still surprised at how tiny and light it was!  This month was a black patent bag and actually a bit smaller than a Glymm bag. :o  I was kind of hoping for something more interesting...you know for Valentine's Day! Since I've been with this sub in October all the bags have been dark!

Well, I guess we get some of that love on the inside! The inside of the bag is lined in a red nylon fabric.

The theme of this month was "Red Carpet." I suppose because of the Grammy's?  I could be wrong because I don't really follow award shows. I don't find it interesting!  I like to see pics online later of who wore what!

 Lash Card - mascara shields. Full size: 10 cards - $6.99. Sample size: 4 cards - $2.80.

Holy smokes!!! This is the 3rd bag that I have received these in! I don't want ANY more! lol.  They are just too gimmicky for me! I keep thinking this must have been a product that was pitched on a show like Dragon's Den. Hahaha. I can just see O'Leary jumping at this deal. :P  Plus, the price on these little pieces of cardboard are outrageous! They're not thicker than cardstock. I could make 2 dozen of these for under $1 from a sheet of 12x12 bazzill cardstock. :P  Anyways, this is an "ipsy deluxe sample."  It actually has 4 cards and I think we only received 2 in the other boxes.  Doesn't wow me more. haha. Sorry - you have to laugh at the product! Oh, and you have to spend $25 on the website to get free shipping...really?!  You can stick this in a regular envelope for standard postage. As in, if you want this in Canada I can send it to you for .61 lol!

WEBSITE: Lash Card

This is what's inside the package:

A closeup.  There is a small curve and a large curve.  I suppose this is for the top and the bottom of your lash lines. Or maybe because you have bigger eyeballs. :P

Pop Beauty - Smoky Lash Kapow!!! in No.1 Smoky Black. Full size: .25oz - $20.50. Sample size: .17oz - $13.94.

This is a nice generous size of the mascara.  I've never heard of pop beauty until recently.  In my search to find how much a full size contained, of all places I found it on ebeauty.ca! It seems to have pretty good reviews.  Sadly, it will be a while before I get to open this puppy! I have a lot of mascaras to work my way through.  It's hard because I am overwhelmed with mascaras..and after probably 100 different types in my lifetime I have found Bad Gal Lash and it's my favourite! This one is however waterproof and I love waterproof mascaras!

WEBSITE: Pop Beauty

Pixi - Flawless & Poreless Primer. Full size: 1.01oz - $31. Sample size: 0.5oz -  $15.35.

My first thought on this product was - Wow! It's expensive!  Then I realized that Benefit The Porefessional is not really much cheaper!  It's what I'm currently using.  I probably have about a month left of it, so I will be definitely trying this one out to see how it compares.  I found that I can get it on ebeauty.ca as well. Have you tried this yet? Do you have a comparison to The Porefessional?

WEBSITE: Pixi Beauty

Mica Beauty - gel eyeliner in black. Full size: 5g - $35.

I'm making the consensus that this is indeed a full size product.  It looks full size and comparing it to others i my collection, I'm sure I'm right.  The only difference is that on the website, it comes with a built in brush on the lid which you can see HERE. I've heard really good things about this particular gel liner, so I'm really looking forward to trying it.  It's definitely a lot pricier than I would normally pay for this product but hey... when we get full sizes they last forever.

WEBSITE: Mica Beauty Cosmetics
 What the container looks like from the side:

An inside look..so pretty! :D

Coastal Scents - In the Spotlight eye shadow. Full size: 1 shadow (1.3g) - $1.99. Sample size: 4 mini shadows (2g) - $3.06.

This is such a cute wee little palette.  I'm really excited to try Coastal Scents because I've never purchased anything from them. I just wish this was a wee bit bigger! I find that a lot of the palettes they have on their site are the same as BHCosmetics so I've never bothered.  They do have a lot more product though.  It's just that I have an embarrassing amount of BH palettes. READ: all of them. *sigh*

The colours clockwise from top left: Dark Goldenrod (deep gleaming gold -satin shimmer), Sunbeam (pastel yellow- matte), Dark Golden Olive (deep green with iridescent gold sparks - shimmer), Golden Globe (glistening golden - satin shimmer).

WEBSITE: Coastal Scents

Here you can get an idea of how small the palette is. :o

I somehow managed to forget to take a pic of the whole lot together! ARGH!  Anyways, the total value of the bag is $70.15!  Wow, you would never guess that by looking at the products, right?!  I pay $15 for this subscription and so far it has been well worth it!  We get to try amazing brands that are harder to find in Canada.  I just hope that the shipping rates don't increase with the increase in the US postal rates.  I believe the bag is $10 and Canadians pay an addition $5 in shipping.  Still worth it!

What did you think of this months Ipsy bag?

I love long weekends, it's makes the weeks short!


  1. Wow that's a great bag I've been thinking about subbing

    1. It's definitely a fun one to receive and the price is right for what you get!

  2. I got the same bag as you - thought it was pretty good, but yeah, lash cards again?! Also thought for Feb we would get a fun pink or red bag, it is pretty plain.

    1. I totally thought we would get that cute bag they posted...would have rather it be a Valentines theme as well..but I see they're trying to be a really glamourous sub!

  3. Wow I didn't realize how tiny it was!!! I used to be so excited about all these bags, but the quality is so up and down now that I don't have the same reaction, as I once did.

    1. LOL...yes, it's definitely itty bitty! I actually wound up making an order and darn it I should have included these full sizes because I've fallen in love with the palette!

  4. I am in love with the Coastal Scents eye shadow right now. I love the colours the gold is beautiful!


    1. Yes...I ended up making an order after this palette lol. *sigh* I ended up with 3 to go palettes and a mystery box! :S The colours turned out amazing on my eyes...so impressed@!