Thursday, February 14, 2013

Glossybox - January Edition

Phew, finally the last box of January is up! I have to get cracking on February.  Thankfully, I've only received half of them so far!  This post is another one I'm not too enthused about.  Seriously, we pay $21 a month for this subscription and after last months fiasco you would think they would step it up!  This month the theme was apparently "World Beauty." A lot of girls got excited because they thought they were getting product from all over the world. simply meant we're Canadian so we're going to get a bunch of drugstore moisturizers. If it's not bad enough that we're covered in snow all year, we get a boring theme!  It makes no sense especially since we get soo much lotions/creams from Glossybox all year 'round!

They do have really pretty packaging, I will give Glossy that.

Wella Professionals - Brilliance Leave-In Mousse for Coloured Hair. Full size: 190g - $17.99.

This mousse actually smells really nice.  I actually like mousse.  It's perfect to help keep frizzies out of curly hair. However, we get a LOT of Wella in they're clearing out their shelves.  This one does expire in October of this year which seems awfully quick for a hair product.  On the plus side, I will use this happily.

WEBSITE: Wella Professionals

Burt's Bees - Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion. Full size: 170g - $12.99. Sample size: 25g - $1.91.

This is just a bigger sample of what we received in the Glymm bag.  I actually checked the website and people are really disappointed in the formula because apparently they have changed it. Oh well...another purse size lotion I guess. I lied..oh my goodness. I just opened it and it smells like a wet dog that someone splashed mint on. Wet dog smell?!??!!? The worst!!! *sigh*

WEBSITE: Burt's Bees

Nivea - Essential Lipbalm with Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter. Full size: 4.8g - $2.00.

I actually have a couple of these that I got in the SDM Teen Pack's they sell before the school year starts.  They are very moisturizing.  I have the cherry ones and I LOVE them.  So,yes I am happy to have this but it's so..generic!


Elizabeth Grant - Moisturizing Stick. Full size: 3.5g - $6.25.

I didn't really know what this was for at first.  I thought it was maybe a facial moisturizing stick or something. So silly.  I just assumed EG made only skin care products.  In any case this has a really nice cantaloupe or honey dew melon kind of smell. It's very smooth and helps the rough winter lips.  Upon my research to try and find a pricing I found that they are on sale on the EG website 4 for $25 one of which is tinted.  I'll have to look into more details on what the shipping is like.  I really like this product!

WEBSITE: Elizabeth Grant

The top and bottom labels.

This is what it looks like.  It's completely sheer, non glossy so it would make a perfect base for your favourite lipstick!

Too Faced - Lip Injection Extreme. Full size: .2oz - $28. Sample size: ?

This is a lip plumping gloss.  I'm always so terrified to try these because I know they tend to sting a bit.  Some more than others, but you never know.  They say it's a "tingle." It's supposed to make your lips look fuller.  I don't really need a product like this, thankfully.  I wish I could concentrate it just on the inner corners of my top lip because that's where it fades into the lower lip a bit. This thing is SOOO tiny. So itty bitty you almost can't see it.  The base (without the wand) is exactly 1 inch! It does have a really nice fruity smell.

WEBSITE: Too Faced

Beauty So Clean - Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes. Full size: 48 pack - $12.50. Sample size: 12 - $3.13.

Meh! I'm not excited. I think we received a strip of these in a past box.  I don't really see the need to sanitize my makeup.  The only thing you can really sanitize would be shadow/blush palettes and lipsticks...pencils? When I'm really sick I don't wear makeup.  I don't share my makeup and I clean my brushes often. I'm not sure when I would use these.

WEBSITE: Beauty So Clean

So this is the whole box.  As you can kind of looks like it was put together by Dollarama staff. The total value of this months box is $33.28.  I gave the Too Faced product $2.00 but that's just a guess. Glymm is being chopped and I think this box will be getting the chop as well.  It's really too bad as it used to be one of my favourites.  I don't know what's going on with them.  If you look at the Glossyboxes from around the world...they get some really nice high end products. Blah. Next month is their Anniversary box...let's hope for something good.

One more day and long weekend! Yay!



  1. Bad smelling lotion is definitely the worst! I'd expect a lot more from Burt's Bees :/.

    1. I know, right?! But, I think it's more of a Glossybox problem because they love to send us junk...expired products and such.

  2. haha i commented on the scent of the Burt's Bees when i got the Glymm sample.. and now i have a larger size... bah!!
    i am working on my Glossybox post but i am not excited so it has been dreading on forever. i see that you got the Elizabeth Grant lip balm thingy which is great! i keep trying to remember what i got instead but i cant recall... this has been happening a lot with such underwhelming boxes!

  3. Those Beauty So Clean wipes are so gimmicky -- you can sanitize your makeup with rubbing alcohol, which you can buy at Dollarama for a buck!

    I've been keeping up with the GB 'saga' through blogs and the BB spoilers group, and all I can say is: WOW. I'd think Glossy HQ in Germany would be pretty angry with the management in Canada. I've heard about customer service issues with the American box as well, though their products are way better than what they give Canadians. :/