Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glymm - January Edition

It seems like Glymm took forever getting to us for January.  I believe it came in the last few days of the month.  They were waiting on a product. *sigh* Why don't they plan these things months in advance so that things go smoothly?!  First, I'll try to get through the bag quickly and then I will rant at the end!

This months bag was probably my favourite.  It's a nice bronze colour.  I'm just so tired of these bags.  Maybe if they changed them up or something it would be fun. But, it's been about 7 or 8 months of the same bag in a different colour.

Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion. Full size: 170ml - $12.99. Sample size: 7ml - .53.

So, this product wasn't even listed on the product card.  I guess it's a bonus.  It's nothing really special.  I got this for free from the company directly.  I've also received this in other beauty boxes. I am so overwhelmed with lotion right now that I've never been so soft in my life! On a quest to find out what the full size version was of this cream I discovered that there's a TON of Burt's Bees products I had no idea existed - including shampoo!

WEBSITE: Burt's Bees

La Fresh - Facial Cleansing Wipes. box of 3 wipes - $2.49.  Sample: 2 wipes - $1.66.

First of all...WHAT?!?!?! $3.00 for one wipe?!  I would never pay that for a wipe! Seriously, you can buy a bottle of something amazing for the amount of wipes you would need.  I'm actually surprised at the price considering I bought 4 different types of LA fresh boxes of 48 at $9.99 a box! None of the stuff that I bought was even that good - total buyers remorse.  So, anything I get from LA Fresh I just can't get excited to try!

EDIT: Glymm has bogus pricing. I checked the website it's $2.49 for 3 wipes. NOWHERE near the $3 per wipe they claim on the Glymm insert. Are we surprised?


Lashem - Double Trouble Mascara. Full size: 6ml - $20.00. Sample size: .5ml (?) - $1.67.

So, we got lash/brow serum last month and people tried it and it wasn't even enough to use on one eyebrow! It was in a container the same size.  Glymm says that this mini mascara will last us up to 14 uses. Legit it will last all of one eyelash. :P The container (not including the brush/handle part) is all of 1.2 inches. I just can't get excited about something like this.


360 Skin Care - DMAE Firming Serum in Lavender Mint. Full size: 10oz - $34.00. Sample size: .20oz - .68.

I guess this is better than a foil packet.  It's still pretty small. I'm not really a fan of lavender. And again, I'm overwhelmed with creams/lotions etc.  I don't even have anything to say about this.  I'll try it...add it to the pile.  If it blows me away, great..I'd consider buying it...if they have a different scent.

WEBSITE: 360 Skin Care

This is how it looks inside.  It's a yellowy colour and it definitely smells like lavender.

Coolway - Boost Serum. Full size; 9oz - $40.00. Sample size: 1oz - $4.44.

I'm actually really happy to have this sample since I have purchased the Coolway system.  The boost serum is a lower concentration of their PRO FX serum that you have to get done at a salon.  But, since you do need to do the boost treatments in between (whether boost or the PRO FX) this is a great backup for me! No complaints here!  Unfortunately, if you don't have the Coolway system, you're not really getting the full benefit of the system with this product.

WEBSITE: Coolway

This is the whole bag. I payed $10 and newer subscribers pay $12. Plus taxes, it works out to $11.20. Total value of the January bag is $8.98!!!!! They want us to include the value of the bag as well each month $12. PFFT no. The thing I have noticed with Glymm is they basically give you just enough and rarely go over what you pay unlike other beauty subscriptions. This was not an exciting month. They were way under the amount we pay! There have been more disappointments than not with this subscription.

I'm cancelling Glymm. This is the 2nd sub that I am cancelling.  I will take up until March since it's my birthday month and I want to spoil myself. :P The following are the reasons I'm cancelling:

1. The bags are not worth the value. They've been going downhill.
2. Glymm has increased their minimum free shipping from $50 to $100.
3. The have eliminated their reward points of 1 point per $1 spent in their boutique, thus making it harder to collect points.  You will get points now only for referrals and for filling out surveys.

-Both of the above points they did slyly without notifying anyone. BOOOO-

4. They are increasing their prices to $15 a month!! WHAT?!  That's $16.80 a month with taxes! There is NO WAY that I am going to pay that much for a bag with the contents such as above! Ipsy costs me $15 a month and Starlooks $19 and I get amazing products.

So, that's it. 2 more Glymm bags for me and I am done after a year of subbing with them.  They lost me when I discovered they took away the loyalty rewards. 

There you have it.  What did you think if you got one?



  1. Glymm did away with the loyalty points? That was the best thing about them! I unsubbed a few motnhs ago and haven't regretted it. But I did like their store AND the loyalty points. Oh well...

  2. Dont be dissappointed.I think you got some great things this time.I wish we had some such programs. Do share experience on burt bee's,firming serum and lashe'm double.xoxo

  3. I'm done with Glymm and not looking back. Glossybox is next.

  4. i'm going to join the chant with you..