Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Glymm August Flash Sale

So, this post should have been made a long time ago! This order was made August 30...eek! I know that it took awhile to come in. Probably 3 weeks or longer.  Glymm is really slow with their shipping. I used up the last of my points On Feb.14 and cancelled. That order hasn't even shipped yet. :/  Anyways, on to this order. They were having bundle sales. The price may be a bit hard to believe, but the items are higher end.  The total value of all the stuff here is $325 without tax.  I payed $171 with tax.  **They charge tax on the total BEFORE discounts, which I think is SO wrong. But, apparently in Quebec they do that!!** Saying that number ($171) back to myself now...I'm actually surprised that I spent as much as I did on this stuff! :S  Ahh...a fool and their money. *sigh* I'll try and go through the products quickly as I just want to get this post out there! IE: I haven't used the products, because I haven't blogged about it! OCD much?

I purchased the Beauty Pack for Darker Hues which was $134 and the nail and makeup combo kit which was $64.

Cake Beauty Dry Shampoo & Body Powder. $18.00

I have a couple different dry shampoos, but I've always been scared to try them.  I don't know why but I just have such difficulty jumping in! Now, that I've blogged about it...I should try it, eh? :P I have visions of this smelling like vanilla and gingerbread for some reason. :P

Mai Couture - Blush Papier in Venice Beach. $19.00

These are basically sheets of paper that have blush on them. You can use them anywhere since you don't need a brush to apply.  I have heard from others that you can get away with 1/2 sheet and in some cases 1/4 sheet because they are highly pigmented.  I know we received samples of this in a box...but who knows where that has gone to.  I am actually looking forward to trying this out!

Mai Couture - Highlighter Papier in St. Barts. $28.00

This is similar to the above except that it's an illuminating shimmer powder.  I'm not quite sure why it costs so much more, but I'm sure I don't have to worry about replacing this product for a very long time! I love adding shimmer to my cheeks in the summer, so I'm hoping this is a really good product!

Scott Barnes - Body Bling in Original. $12.00

This is basically a liquid bronzer.  This is way too dark for me.  I chose the darker hues kit because of my dark hair (dyed black) but I probably should have focused a bit more on the skin care since the only product I would then really have to worry about was the Cake dry shampoo.  Glymm's site says that this product is good for all skin types, but I beg to differ.  Reading the back of the bottle  it appears that this can transfer to clothes, so boo to that.  I doubt I will get use out of this product.

Here is a big lump of it that came barreling out at me. :P You can see how crazy dark it is!

I tried to blend it as best as I could and all I ended up with was a fake orange looking suntan! lol I do like the shimmer though! ;)

Butter London - Lippy in Teddy Girl. $19.00

This colour is described as a pale retro bubblegum pink. I would agree with that.  This is my one and only Butter London Lippy so I cannot wait to try it out! :)  It's not that I *need* another gloss....I have an embarrassing amount of gloss.

Here is a nice view of the colour.

Anastasia - Tinted Brow Gel in Brunette. $27.00

I really like Anastasia, so I'm really happy to receive a few products from the brand.  I've never tried a brow gel, so I can't wait to see what the hype is all about!  This is my one and only.  It's a brunette colour but it does appear rather light.  I guess we shall see.  It's hard to decide whether you want to open a product or not. Something this expensive is a shame to waste if it doesn't work for you!

The colour is slightly darker than it appears here, but it is a strange sort of a brown. More of a caramel-y colour.

Anastasia - Eye Shadow Duo in On Set. $30.00

I have one of the Anastasia palettes and the eye shadows are fabulous, so I know this one will be great as well.  I love the sleek packaging of their product. Everything is a shiny metal finish and the mirror on the inside spans the whole lid.  It's just very well designed and classy.

A closer look at the colours:

Anastasia - Bronzer in Sun Bronzed. $38.00

This doesn't appear to be available on the Glymm site any longer.  It has the same sleek packaging as the above.  It also have the Illumin8 with youthful synergy complex they have trademarked.  I'm not really good with bronzers, so we'll see if I decided to keep this.  It might actually just be way too dark for me anyways. It has some great reviews on Sephora, though!

Here is a closer look at the colour:

Blinc - Mascara in Black. $30.00

This is just another mascara to add to the stash. This one is a little unique in that it's supposed to form tubes around your lashes.  I actually have a couple minis of this to try, so if I'm not happy with those, this can go into my trades pile.  What I do like about Blinc is the packaging.  You will see all their eye stuff is packaged in tubes and that's really neat.  Yes, it's wasteful so I feel a bit ashamed admitting to that!

Blinc - Eyeliner in Black. $30.00

This is a liquid eyeliner.  I am scared to try it because I don't think I will love anything more than my beloved Starlooks liquid eye pen.  :)  But, since this is such a pricey item, it's worth a shot.  We all know that just because something costs a lot doesn't always mean that it works best! This isn't like most eyeliner in that it's made from a different material that isn't supposed to fade, smudge, run of flake even if you rub your eyes or cry. It forms a water resistant layer of colour to contour your eyes.

Blinc - Heated Lash Curler. $30.00

I've always wanted to try a heated lash curler.  I did manage to try this one out and sadly I don't think it does too much. :(  I notice also, that they have been redesigned or perhaps it's the design that is crap.  When I have actual time to play with it, I will give it another chance.

This is what the heated wand looks like.  It has a switch on the side for on and off. Also there is a plastic thing that shifts from red to orange I believe when it is ready to be used.

This is what it looks like head on, you can see the metal spirals that heat up. It does get pretty hot, so you do have to be careful.

RGB - Nail Polish in Punch. $16.00

This wasn't a colour that I was really thrilled with. It looks much nicer on the website than in person.  I didn't get a chance to swatch and I had traded it out.  The person that got it made off like a bandit as I traded it for a Model's Own lacquer and a MUA lipgloss! lol.  Well, they're harder to get those brands in so it worked out. Especially, since the colour didn't really appeal to me. She really liked it!

RGB - Nail Polish in Camp. $16.00

This colour is a khaki colour and again, not sure that I really like it.  It hasn't even been swatched, so I may trade this one out as well.

RGB - Nail Polish in Minty. $16.00

This one looks WAY cooler on the website. It actually looks even better in my picture.  As of this's completely separated. There is swirls of green and the left side of the bottle it's completely white.  I've tried mixing it by shaking and twirling and it's not budging.  What a waste...really? $16?  None of these polishes have given me a good impression of RGB and as a matter of fact I think Glymm was trying to clear out there poor sellers and obviously defective colours. :/

So, there's the whole lot! Value of $325 and I payed $171!  I'm really interested in trying some of these products soon, so I will be sure to let you know!  It's nice having some higher end things in my stash. :)

Two more days until the weekend! YAH!


  1. That lash curler looks relly cool! And the other Anastasia products look amazing as well.

    1. It does seem really cool...but I'm not sure it works that great. :/

  2. The Anastasia duo looks beautiful!
    Don't worry, I have a basket of stuff from November still in its packaging because it hasn't been blogged about yet!

    1. It is beautiful! I'm glad to know I'm not the only crazy lady who doesn't use stuff until it's blogged about... what the heck is wrong with us?

  3. looks like a ton of goodies!! those Anastasia products look amazing! the BL Lippy looks like a really pretty color. i also have the Cake dry shampoo powder but haven't used it yet!
    i am the exact same as you... i have drawers of stuff i haven't touched because i haven't blogged about it so i completely understand!

    1. Anastasia is a great brand, so I'm always happy to have that brand! Haven't tried the lippy...but hoping it's good considering they are not cheap! You're so funny! Apparently, there are lots of who don't use products until they're blogged about..*sigh*