Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Review - Revlon Lipstick and Eye Shadow

Today, I want to finish up my final post on the Revlon Selects program.  I had this ready to go last week but the past couple weeks have been really busy for me.  Here is the look with the shadow and the lipstick.

On my eyes I used Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow in 501 Metropolitan.

The inside of the palette is really nicely laid out so you know what to use. The bottom left is the primer.  The bottom right is supposed to be a glitter topcoat. The rest of the eye shape is for the lid, crease and highlighter.

I haven't used this dark of a brown since my teen years, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked the colour.

Here is a really good example of how this product was difficult to work with. It was really hard to get a consistent shade of brown all over the lid.  I did use the crease colour in the crease, but it didn't do anything but leave a sparkly mess all over my face. I had a really difficult time blending it all out. I think the next time I try the palette I will use the crease colour on my lids and the lid colour in the crease.  It makes more sense that the crease would be a darker colour.

The colour that is supposed to be the glitter top coat (bottom right of the palette) I used as a liner.  I actually LOVE it as a liner and it stayed put! You can see how I used it as liner here in both the top of my lid and underneath.

The brow highlighter didn't really show much different than the primer.  The "primer" is basically an all over highlight colour in my opinion.  I'm not sure if the primer affected how long the shadow lasted but it did wear pretty good all day. I actually really like the colour of the primer and I plan on using it as a highlighter on my brow bone.

With the eye closed, it definitely looks somewhat messy.  It got worse as I tried to blend it and the crease colour sparkles flew all over.

With the eye open, I really liked the colour and how well it highlighted the colour of my eyes.

Here is a good picture of the loose glitter and powder.  It is all over my eye area and all over the side of my nose down to almost my nostrils, which makes it look like I have some serious blackheads!  Which brings us to my lips and the lip colour!

The lip colour is the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Backstage.  It's a long wear lipstick, so it does have a bit of a dryer feel to it than most lipsticks.  It did last all day and by the end of it it left a really nice pigment to my lips.  I applied a little bit of coconut oil to my lips prior so it wouldn't be as drying.

It's a really lovely colour that may look a bit overwhelming in the tube.

On the lips it is really nice berry red.  You can see the lipstick isn't very moisturizing but it definitely doesn't look dried out or cakey.

The verdict is that the lipstick is really pretty and I would probably try it in some different shades. I am however drawn to red and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really like this colour!

The last thing I did want to mention was the nail file.  I didn't use it up until this weekend.  I was hoping that I would use it with the polishes that I reviewed but you know how that happens. ;)  I hardly ever use a file like this but I was actually really impressed! I was able to square off my nails really fast with this and it was super easy to use.  It's way better than the Julep ones I've been receiving in my boxes!  I know these don't last very long...but I will definitely be picking up more of the Revlon files!

So, that's the end of my Revlon Selects Reviews! I hope that I have the opportunity to participate in this again as it was a lot of fun!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. You have really pretty lashes! And I agree the shadows didnt work well for me either, toooo much fallout.. but I like how you used the glitter topcoat as a liner good idea! Lipstick looks nice on you, it looked a lot darker on me but I def want to try the other colours too

  2. pretty! the shadows are not the best, but it looks like you've made it work!

  3. The eyeshadow and lipstick looks gorgeous on you besides the fallout of glitter really pretty =)

  4. That brown lid colour brings the green out in your eyes = pretty. To bad about the glitter fallout.

  5. the colors r so very pretty.Your eyes look so good.The lips and eyes complement each other so have done a great job on the eyes.I love all your picks.Lipstick is long lasting you say?I have added the lip color to my wishlist.